Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: Season 5

I'm a bad re-capper. A bad, bad re-capper. Why? We fucking FINISHED season 5. Finished it. And how does it end? Pretty much like season 2: WHITE LIGHT. Also, I really like how Jacob visited the kids at certain points in their lives:
  • Kate - when she stole (the first time perhaps?)
  • Sawyer - at his parents' funeral (Jacob gives him the pen to write Mr. Sawyer THE letter)
  • Sayid - when him and Nadia finally got reunited and Jacob caused her to get HIT BY A CAR
  • Ilana - after being beat up? (I don't really know who she is...)
  • Locke - AFTER he's thrown out the window by his shitty father
  • Jin & Sun - at their fucking wedding (twofer)
  • Jack - after his first surgery (count to 5 and try again) at the vending machine
  • Hurley - after he gets out of prison
So...there you have it. We see them time travel back to the mid-70's. We also see that John Locke - I mean Jeremy Bentham - is dead. But on the island, he's alive? But his dead body is dead? Yeah. I know why but my old man doesn't. So now, we wait. We wait for the damn DVDs to come out. It's bothering me because I just want to get it over with since we were able to knock them out fairly quickly.
Until then, we've been occupying our time with our Netflix intstant queue. What's in it, you ask? Californication, Skins, Spartacus: Blood and Sand and many, many more. It's pretty much the most awesomest thing we've done. And we've already queued up LOST SEASON 6. Damn right. Until then, here's some videos:


Charlie / My baby:

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