Saturday, December 12, 2009

Katzi VS Pizza

If you watch TV as much as I do, I'm sure you've seen those eating shows and you've probably come across Man VS Food on the Travel Channel. Not too long ago, I was able to catch the one in Atlanta. I was surprised to see that my most favourite of all foods - Pizza - would have an eating challenge here. New York or Chicago, I could totally see having pizza challenges with no question but Atlanta? An unlikely place to throwdown. When you think Atlanta, you think South. Southern food. Kevin Gillespie's beard, I mean, his awesomeness on this bizarro season of Top Chef.  But the last thing you would think was the Carnivore Challenge. If you love pizza as much as I do, you'd want to check it out for yourself but it's something you don't want to do alone.
I shared it with the only other people I knew who would appreciate it: W&B. They, too, wanted to experience the beast. They went on 3 separate occasions (since they're significantly closer to Big Pie in the Sky than I am) and when they came back from Thanksgiving in Hawaii (lucky!!), I finally was able to go.

There it was: the place that made the 30 inch pizza. But what toppings? I wanted to just have bacon. But B wasn't going to let me have that. He kept saying that if I was going to get bacon, I might as well get the Carnivore. Should I? Shouldn't I? I'm watching what I eat nowadays and bacon is a big enough indulgence for me but as I stood there, looking at the menu above the pick up window, it just made sense. Why just bacon? Why not go all out and just get the damn Carnivore slices? So, B had me and I gave in. We had it made into 8 (giant) slices: 2 Carnivore, 2 with jalapenos and pineapples, 2 with black olives, pepperoni and I can't remember, and 2 classic: pepperoni and cheese. It takes 40-45 minutes to make it but it's totally worth every minute.

It was beautiful. 30 inches of pizza madness! I barely made it through just one slice of the Carnivore - imagine taking the challenge. It was crazy! It tasted great and it was an awesome experience, especially if you love pizza and food as much as I do. And since it took me a bit to get through just one slice, you know I had to take some home.

Keep in mind that there are only 2 slices in that box but the box is big enough for a large pizza from other pizza places. That's a serious amount of pizza. There wasn't even room in the fridge, so I had to store it in the oven. I could've individually wrapped them in foil and found a way to put them in the fridge but I was tired - I always get carried away with W&B and since they were gone for 2 weeks, I was going crazy! So I just put the pizza in the oven and called it a night. But we would meet again in the morning...

It was so good! I have a bad habit of over-cooking things because I like cheese when it's burnt and bubbly but B&W gave me really good re-heating advice: don't heat it for longer than just a few minutes. I didn't heat it for too long and it was just enough. It was so good but like other foods, it's better fresh out of the oven.
I highly recommend going if you're in the area. It's definitely worth the drive.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Most Gleeful Dream In All The Land

So Glee is going on hiatus after tonight's episode (*sad face*). I guess my subconscious mind knew that and that's why I had the most Glee-ful dream ever last night!
I was sitting down for an interview with Chris Colfer because I was doing a piece about him for E! News (lol WTF?) and we were talking about singing (naturally) and acting and all that other good stuff and out of nowhere, we burst out into song. But because I was reading Cast Member Confidential most of the afternoon yesterday, they were Disney songs.
There were such great hits as Once Upon A Dream, Circle of Life, Under the Sea and others but the one that stuck out was Part of Your World - especially this part:
I wanna be where the people are
I wanna see, wanna see them dancin'
Walking around on those - what do you call 'em?
Oh - feet!
It was great! We had our "diva arms" and grand gestures and we danced around each other as if we had been rehearsing for months, when it was all improvised - like in musicals! The crew loved it, of course! I'm sure that would've been the best feature on E! News EVER!
But the best part was that right before I woke up, there was one more song left on our set...
We dramatically and enthusiastically sang the theme from Laverne and Shirley, making it the most grand finale of the whole set of songs we sang together and I woke up in the greatest mood ever!
And, of course, I had to @Reply him on Twitter while I tweeted about it!
I'm sure the Glee finale will be as grand as ever and I can't wait for it to come back as soon as possible!
Inspirational song for the day:

Love and kisses,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Short Update

It's been a busy, busy month! Well, a very busy couple of months.

*Went to NYC for Halloween and had an uh-mazing time! You can view the photos here and here. It was loads of fun with Vee and the girls and I'd love to do it again next year!

*Filming at work was crazy (as usual) but it was still lots of fun (as usual).

*Housewarming with some friends this past weekend - which was great. We were talking about the good old days at our old job together. Fun times...

*Spent some time with Nate's sister and friends this past Sunday - which was great fun. Found out Robert is engaged! Congrats!

*People around me are having babies: my friend/co-worker Jen is about to explode (her due date is 12/9), my friend Erica called me for my b-day and told me she was expecting and my other friend/co-worker Deb just announced she was preggers! Ack! So many babies! Let's just hope it's not in the water...

*I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year for the first time ever. Double-D convinced me to do it with him, so I did. It's hard work and I know I'm not going to finish but at least I finally did it and I can do it again next year! I'm not giving up, though. I might have a 10,905 word count (the goal is 50,000 by 11/30) but I'm going to keep going, dammit!

*The Body Politik site is up and running and ready for you!!!

So, that's pretty much it for now. I'll be back for detailed updates later.
Until then, lots of love and kisses!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Visit to Nate's Memorial

I had been trying to get to Nate's memorial for a few days now and I just couldn't. I would get halfway there and start crying and shaking and I'd have to turn around. I knew I had to go and do something...see where he took his last breath...see where it happened...see if maybe I could channel something. So I decided that I would visit yesterday.
On the way there I got nauseous, anxious, started crying, was happy all of a sudden, started to shake and felt dizzy. What if I didn't want to see the skid marks on the road? What if I wasn't ready to feel the energy that was there? I distracted myself with the Oldies station and kept going, stopping only to get multi - colour daisies.
Why multi - colour daisies? Because! Nate was a colourful person! I watched him evolve from super hardcore religious to Marylin Manson kid to rockabilly guy and everything else in between - including multiple colourful hairstyles. Also, I knew that if Nate had been watching me pick the flowers, he would have blushed over the colourfulness of them. They're not manly AT ALL. But they are a nice contrast to the black roses that Alysia placed there and I felt that they spoke to his vibrant personality.
I hope you like them, Nate!

I'd like to do something else for his memorial, though. Something...grand maybe? We'll see who else wants to do it with me.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Smell Blind!

Alysia's story reminded me of this one...
Last year in around June, I went to New York to attend the Baptism of my Goddaughter and her sister. When I came back, I was sick. It seems like I always get sick when I come back from New York... Anyway, it was a 2 week long sinus infection that was pretty bad and when I got over it, I hadn't realized that I had some form of Hyposmia or possibly Anosmia . I thought that my sinuses were still blocked but no. My nasal passages were clear, I just couldn't smell a thing! Freaked out, I looked up everything I could on Anosmia and got really, really scared. The dangers were crazy! What if there was a fire? What if there was a gas leak? What if my food was burning? What if I over season my food? What if...???? All these things that I had never really thought about, I was freaking out about!
My BF thought it was funny (at times) and I came to get used to it. Then, we watched Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and if you've seen that movie, you know that Dewey becomes smell blind! It was the most hilarious thing ever, so I started using that when I was describing my condition to my friends. After a while, I was tired of explaining that I got "smell blind" from Walk Hard because not everyone had seen it at the time, so I (sadly) dropped it.
Last year, I ran in to Nate and I ended up going over to his house after a night of partying with my friends. We started talking and he said something to the effect of "Sorry if it smells" or something like that and I said, "It's okay, I lost my sense of smell". His eyes lit up and he said, "You're smell blind?!" He had seen it! He had seen Walk Hard! He knew what I was talking about and I said, "Yes, I'm smell blind!" Then he started laughing like crazy and said, "You mean, I can fart and you can't smell it?!" and I said, "Yeah, I wouldn't be able to smell it at all" and he said, "Good because I just did and it's BAD" and we both laughed pretty hard.
I'll always remember that because Nate was the only other person (at the time) to know what I was talking about when I said I was "smell blind".

You can read this and other awesome Nate stories at Remember Nate.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wake Up!

A few months ago, I used to look forward to Monday mornings. I would wake up, check my phone and see at least 2 texts waiting for me. One was usually from around 5:30am and the other from around 6:15am - both saying the same message but it was written differently every time.
I would get "Wake up, sleepyhead!", "Good morning", "What's up?", "Good morning sunshine", "Hey!" or just "WAKE UP!" and that's how I would start my week.
We would text back and forth during my morning routine about random things: What we both did on the weekend, how work was for him the night before, what was on the agenda for the coming week and so on.
These conversations would continue well after I would get to work (at around 8am) and it would really impact my whole week. If I didn't get a morning text, especially during filming (the most stressful time of all for me), it would ruin my whole week!
After a while, the texts started backing off until they just weren't there anymore. I was going to start it back up again but I guess I waited too long. At least the old ones still live on my old phone...
I never got to tell you how much I appreciated that and how much it actually impacted my day. Thank you so much for that. It was a great way to start my week off right.

You can read this and other Nate stories at REMEMBER Nate as well.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Long and Good Night

I didn't know what to expect on Sunday evening at 6pm. I wasn't sure what I wanted to see. I know I wanted to see old friends and seek comfort in them - which I did very much so. I know I wanted to believe it wasn't real but he was right there. I was too scared and in shock to say a proper good bye right then and there but I managed to mumble a prayer before we sat down to pay our respects.
I held it together as best as I could in the presence of friends and loved ones but once I arrived at my Mom's house, I just couldn't hold back any longer. I knew it was my duty to go to the funeral service the next day.
So, on my way to see my Dad before he left I was looking for some music to ease my mind. I put in my favourite mixes but they just weren't good enough. I picked up a random CD I had made months ago and put it in, forgetting what was on it - the face was a sea of red sharpie cursive. It started okay but something compelled me to let track 4 play. I was glad I did. The melody was enough to comfort me but when I started hearing the lyrics, I got tears in my eyes.
With that song playing, I drove through the appropriate stormy weather to the funeral yesterday and got all caught up that I forgot my jacket and almost forgot my umbrella. To take my mid off of the actuality of it all, I pictured the Helena video in all its stylishness and beauty and pictured the choreography and I imagined my friends (who would be the pallbearers) walking through the rain while dancers followed them with the coffin to the hearse - a celebration of the life lived by the deceased.
But that didn't happen. The rain poured. And there we stood in it after the beautiful service.
So long and good night
Nate's sister told us, on Sunday, she wanted to get more of an investigation into his accident and it turns out that Fox 5 came to interview her after his funeral so maybe that's the first step into the on-going investigation. We'll see.
May you rest in peace, my friend.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At a loss for words

I can't get myself to write this on his wall: "To me, you were always a big guy with an even bigger heart. I'll miss you".
I refuse to believe that he's gone. I was going to surprise him at his job tomorrow as a post-birthday outing with my friends... I guess some things weren't meant to happen.
The news hasn't released his name as the fatality of the accident so there's some hope it's not him, right?
I can't do this.
He was supposed to take me for a motorcycle ride - my very first one. Ever.
We've been friends since 1995 - I've seen him evolve over time. I was even subjected to his damn Rockabilly phase - which happened right after his damn Marilyn Manson phase...
When a mutual friend sent me the news link, I cried. Hard. I'm at work. I can barely function right now. I'm a total wreck.
And I don't care that it's my birthday. I just don't want to believe it's true.
I can't bring myself to admit it. I just want to make sure. I've been watching the news clips over and over just to make it more real but it won't hit me until they release his name. I refuse to believe he was the 27 year old motorcyclist (even though I know full well that he lives in that area...).
If he really is gone, he can hear me. He can hear the sadness and disbelief we're all going through. I want some sort of sign. Something that just he and I will know - some sort of inside joke from high school or something...Something to let me know

Rest In Peace, Nate

Happy Birthday to the GROUND!

It's my birthday today and I've been getting non-stop birthday wishes from family, friends and co-workers! Thanks everybody!!!
To celebrate this joyous occasion, I would like to dedicate a birthday song for today:
SNL's Digital Short: On The Ground.

First: Double D made me this card:

And then my BF said it on my FB page. Super LOLZebras!

Now I can't get the song out of my head, so I'd like to share it with all of you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Body Politik's fashion shoot

Lots of stuff happening over the weekend!
I forgot to mention that Body Politik had a photo shoot at B&W's house on Saturday and let me tell you, it was...a photo shoot.
Okay, was most definitely a photo shoot but with many a hilarious (and painful) happenings. Let's just say that I documented it with behind the scenes stills AND video (5 tapes worth!).
The make up was beautiful - it complemented the clothing nicely and it really helped to pull the story together.
Lala was kicking ass as the Director of the shoot. She was very hands-on with everyone and knew exactly what photos she wanted out of it. That's always good to have on-set: a Director who knows what they want. Although it was a very stressful, busy and eventful day, Lala was graceful with everyone, including little ole me.
I was stationed upstairs on the landing with a bird's eye view of the set (and a stealth camera on the floor next to the backdrop - which made for interesting tape changes for B). The models didn't really notice me upstairs in their field of view but I got some nice shots of them waving for me before they turned the "fierce-ness" on for the camera.
I would like to mention that I hand-dyed the red and yellow skirt myself.

It was actually more of a happy accident, really. I was trying to dye the same style of the neck wrap (that I knit just for the collection)

but the colours came out all wrong...for the neck wrap but they came out so right for the skirt! I'd like to say that I am the Queen of Happy Accidents - they seem to happen with me and I LOVE it!
I probably can't share anymore until the photos are properly released here but I can share a photo of the set:

That's all for now! Stay tuned for the behind-the-scenes shots AND video coming for you soon!!


Halloween 2K9

In 2006, my niece/Goddaughter came for Halloween / her Grandma's birthday and she had never been trick-or-treating before. Of course, being 4 years old and living in Brooklyn doesn't really give much opportunity to go trick-or-treating just yet. But we took her around the friendly subdivision my Mom lives in for her first time.
Costumes (2k6):
The little one was Thomas the Tank Engine - her favourite character at the time
The Sisters: well, we were a mash of trashy dresses, make up and hairspray (see below)

Not only were we a sea of hairspray and neon make up, but we also had some cheesy music (courtesy of my old Samsung) and we...danced.
We danced our hearts out at the end of driveways while the Little One walked up and rang the doorbell to get candy. And let's not forget while we danced, Oni sprayed enough Aquanet to burn another hole in the ozone right above Georgia...
This year is a different story. A certain someone (me) is going to visit for Halloween this year and me and Vee had our costumes all planned out. We were going as the ladies of the SNL skit "Biker Chick Chat" (the one where the f-bomb was dropped causing all the hoopla that was unnecessary) but the Little One had other plans: our costumes were assigned to us by her.
Costumes (2k9):
Little One: A dragon, Vee: Fairy, Me: Witch, Little One's Dad: Knight, Cousin: Vampire (My ideal costume!!! LOLZ), Little One's Little Sis: Princess.
What were the rules? Basically, anyone who wants to join us has to be part of the theme.
Biker Chicks, out. But not entirely. Me and Vee will take our own creative lisence and apply the trashiness of the hair and make up (plus a few other things) and apply them directly to our costumes. Don't fairies have wacky make up? Yep, they certainly do. Can't witches be sparkly and glam? They surely can AND it's all part of the collective look! Nice!

So, I was wondering what the Little One's dragon costume might look like and this is what she wants:

Pretty damn fierce if you ask me! This Halloween is going to ROCK!!


Morbid Monday: Death in dreams

"To sleep, perchance to dream", the famous line from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
That particular quote is from the even more famous "To be or not to be" soliloquy delivered by Hamlet himself: "For in that sleep of death what dreams may come / When we have shuffled off this mortal coil / Must give us pause". This quote is about death: suicide in particular, of course. Why is it so important to me? Because of its meaning of death.
Hamlet's speech haunted me after my nightmare the other night. I awoke on Saturday morning, crying hysterically. Why? I was eulogizing at my friends' funeral. A dream of a rather violent death of a friend with me powerless to stop it. What did it all mean?
Usually with dreams, you take the literal approach: death in a dream means death in real life. But not so. I told my Mom about this dream and she asked "Is there a wedding that you might be going to?" A wedding? How did she know I will be attending a wedding this weekend?
Here is one interpretation of death in a dream. This one eases my mind a little.
But why all the violence? I wanted to jump out of bed and call Double D right away to make sure he was all right but my BF stopped me since it was 4am PDT. Turns out he was awake at that time and when I called him later that day, I'm sure I spooked him with all the "death talk"...
But there was one reoccurring theme in the dream: I made sure everyone knew that I cared for Double D deeply in life (and death) and that our friendship ran deeper than friends - he was more like a family member.
So, does the intensity of the dream signify the intensity of the marriage I will witness? Or does it mean that the dream is not referencing the marriage I'm thinking of (between long-time cutest couple ever Jen & Nick) or is it referencing another marriage that was supposed to have taken place a few weeks ago but was terminated due to certain circumstances (hence the violence and the significance of the Hamlet quote)? I cannot be certain but you just never know...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Padma Preggers

It's bird! It's a plane! It' s a mock stab wound!
No it's Preggers Padma!
Not to be fooled for an instant by Padma's disturbing fashion sense, we as the fans are onto her! We all knew it was a matter of time before the Far East debutante would reveal herself to be the hot pot of spicy curry that she is. Mum's the word on the father - perhaps Padma herself needs time to recall the warm fuzzy nights of Salman Rushdie Satanic Maitai drinks. Or perhaps the old geezer just watched as she devoured the local boys. They are divorcees, afterall.
Perhaps the tiny package she is carrying is more threatening than a buttery piece of baking naan, with Padma's genetics it could very well be the anti-christ of Top Chef, or worse, Kojak emulating Tom Colicchio's spawn. Who knows? Apparently not Padma.
With so many knife-packing contestants, Padma certainly had her pick of the litter. Regardless, this occidental pregnancy is more than a panel of ravenous judges could bargain for - now there is an Xplanation for the remote moodiness that tainted Padma's already bitchy demeanor.
Stay tuned...

Guest Blogger W.Motta

Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Break: Jezebel Magazine

Body Politik clothing was featured in a beauty spread for Jezebel Magazine's September 2009 issue!

(Slightly larger)

(Slightly larger)

(Slightly larger)

Hooray for Body Politik!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ashley: Top Chef of My Heart

Although I agree with guest blogger W. Motta that this season of Top Chef is the genderless season, I will admit that I'm girl-crushing hardcore on Ashley.
She was in danger of going home a few episodes ago and she has totally redeemed herself to the Top Chef Gods and proved that there is a definite reason for her to be there and possibly end up in the coveted Final 3.
I don't know what it is about Ashley that is drawing me to her - she's not a party girl like my other Ashley, she likes the ladies, she got all upset when they did the Bachelor/Bachelorette party because gay marriage isn't legal in all states yet (cute!) and she looks a little like a boy (see wonder twins of androgyny) - but there's something about her that I adore and I don't care what you say, world! I love Ashley and I know she'll take it all the way to winning Top Chef: Las Vegas and if she doesn't, she'll always Top Chef of my heart. Awwww!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Dogme 95

Ever since my BF hung the poster for Julien Donkey-boy up, I always had a thing against Dogme 95. Why? Because featured on the poster were a list of "Confessions" about the making of the movie and a tiny logo of an eye inside of a pig's ass. What is that you might ask? Oh, just Dogme 95 - a film collective started by two Dutchmen: Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. As a fresh-out-of-video-production-school kid, I wondered what it would be like to shoot a movie Dogme 95 style - despite the pretentiousness of Harmony's confessions.
There are 10 simple rules for Dogme 95 (with 10 being the most dramatic):
  • 1. Filming must be done on location. Props and sets must not be brought in. If a particular prop is necessary for the story, a location must be chosen where this prop is to be found.
  • 2. The sound must never be produced apart from the images or vice versa. Music must not be used unless it occurs within the scene being filmed, i.e., diegetic.
  • 3. The camera must be a hand-held camera. Any movement or immobility attainable in the hand is permitted. The film must not take place where the camera is standing; filming must take place where the action takes place.
  • 4. The film must be in colour. Special lighting is not acceptable (if there is too little light for exposure the scene must be cut or a single lamp be attached to the camera).
  • 5. Optical work and filters are forbidden.
  • 6. The film must not contain superficial action (murders, weapons, etc. must not occur.)
  • 7. Temporal and geographical alienation are forbidden (that is to say that the film takes place here and now).
  • 8. Genre movies are not acceptable.
  • 9. The final picture must be transferred to the Academy 35mm film, with an aspect ratio of 4:3, that is, not widescreen. Originally, the requirement was that the film had to be filmed on Academy 35mm film, but the rule was relaxed to allow low-budget productions.
  • 10. The director must not be credited.
As I read through the rules at my old night job, I was horrified. No wonder Harmony had to confess to the fact that he couldn't get his then-girlfriend Chloe Sevigny pregnant. If he hadn't, he would have broken rule #1 in a major way. He confessed to using a pillow from the location to fake her pregnancy in the movie, apparently. I refuse to watch Julien Donkey-boy because my BF has told me a bunch of times that it's really, really depressing and I'm NOT a fan of depressing movies / content. And the last time I watched something that involved Harmony Korine (a little diddy he wrote called Kids), I was depressed to the extreme AND I hated life for a long time after that.
So, I wanted to take the rules of Dogme 95 and mock them because I felt that it was a mockery of the evolution of filmmaking. Sure, they called themselves purists but isn't art supposed to evolve with time and be an expression for the artist: in any way they want to convey their message? If Harmony Korine wants to write / direct movies that are depressing as hell, that's his choice and I do my part by not watching them because I know I'm not comfortable with his content. So making a genre of filmmaking (breaking rule #8 in itself) to get away from Michael Bay-esque filmmaking sounds a little childish to me. Like, when you were little and started your own club because the other kids wouldn't let you join their club. But of course, once Lars and Thomas realized that they, themselves, had started a "genre" of movie, they broke up in 2005.

I think films can still submit for Dogme 95 status after they've taken the Vow of Chastity but I'm not sure. I don't think I can stand behind that. And I'm not the only one.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Top Chef Las Vegas: The Genderless Season

A few episodes into season 4 and this has to be the wierdest looking group of chefs in Top Chef history.
I could deal with Marcel's mad scientist and Ilan's pretentious hipster look but nothing compares to the Norse God that is Atlanta's own Kevin. And the wonder twins of androgyny Ashley and Preeti, who were finally separated this week.
Why the fuck is Padma extra bitchy this season? Maybe the Carl's Jr. stint didn't pay off? Maybe she's resenting the new Top Chef Masters host, Kelly Choi or maybe she's just a raving culinary betch...

Guest blogger

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fuck Yeah Kissing!

I never submit / contribute anything to sites because I feel like my contributions just aren't that good enough. But there is one site that I did submit a story to and I'm glad they blogged it.
On the tumblogs, there's a wonderful page called Fuck Yeah Kissing, a place to post stories and photos of your first kiss or your favourite kiss or whatever involves kissing. It's not vulgar at all and I love it because I think kissing is one of the best activities a couple can do. So, feeling all nostalgic, I decided I would submit (one of) my favourite kissing moments, hoping it would get posted and it did! I came across it today, as a matter of fact.
How exciting! I probably could have written it better but I got swept up in the moment, replaying it in my mind over and over just to get the details right. I remember it as if it were yesterday (when, in fact, it was 10 years ago). What makes it feel like a not too distant memory is that I drive by the area it took place on my way home from work as my back road / scenic route to avoid the highway. I can still remember all the little details because it was so cinematic (in my memory, at least) that of course I would remember every single thing. And it was a cinematic kiss with my first true love. Why not share that? Especially on such a great site.
Thanks for posting my kissing story, Fuck Yeah Kissing, and keep up the good work!


I'm eagerly awaiting the reunion special now...

Who didn't see that coming? I mean, honestly. How could you not know that Daisy would pick Jeremy Lee over Flex and 12 Pack? How?
I missed the first 15 minutes or so and started watching just in time to see 12 Pack get left at the airport (ice cold!). And then there was the battle of Flex VS London. I knew once 12 Pack was gone that it would be London in the end. I mean, who could refuse this:

All dreamy and coordinated. She had just spent time with him so his crazy spark of lust, love and mohawks was still lingering in her heart. And Natasha's words still echoed in her brain sending shock waves that couldn't be ignored any longer: "Sex addict". Who doesn't want that in a mate? She's struck gold, that there Daisy has! That lucky girl. I knew she'd be thinking with her va-jay-jay instead of her heart. But we all have priorities, right? And London is there; available, waiting, wanting, lusting, writing songs about her...Wait. What? Yeah, it's easy for a girl to get swept off her feet by someone writing songs about her. I definitely know (and miss it but hey...).
So, to no one's surprise, London won and (hopefully) they will live happily ever after. And even though I was rooting for them to end up together, this still made me sick:

Get a room, you two! You're making everybody sick with your rabid dry-humping. Good thing bronzed out Flex wasn't there to enjoy all that action. Oh well. I'm sure he'll be great comedy relief during the reunion show and he'll happily get back with his ex. Let's hope Daisy will bring him back to torment the new contestants on the inevitable Daisy of Love 2.
I still love you, London. Sex-crazed maniac and all. *Swoon*


PS - London was the 4th Dreamboat in the She Loves You tumble blog Dreamboat of the Day series. Too bad he can't be a repeat offender. Or can he???

Friday, July 24, 2009

My 14 year old self is squealing with glee!

With all the hype concerning Comic Con this year, I'm trying to stay on top of all the... *ahem* New Moon stuff. I know, I know, I'm a total Twi-hard, it's true. (It's all Oni's fault, btw.)
But anyways, I've been a little distracted at work as of late and the only thing that really eases me is tumbling through the internets and seeing what's happening. Thanks to some of the tumblrs I follow, I'm getting caught up in all the New Moon Comic Con stuff - which led me to the actual New Moon site today. Holy shit girl, hold my drink! This site rules! Enter the house of Cullen for this beautiful masterpiece:

(Larger version)
I fell in love with Jasper's face. I mean, everything about Alice, Jasper and Emmet is beautiful. And Edward's pain and disappointment. Even Carlise's calm but disturbed look is just so...wonderful to me. I always wondered about that scene when I was reading the book and now, here it is. And what's crazy is that the site spins you around this room over and over and over. You can't stop. It's great. And then you can take a trip to La Push where it spins you around there too. I ♥ it!!! It's just making me even more ravenous for the damn movie to come out. I can't wait! It's going to be awesome!
Okay, okay, that's enough fan-girl shit today. I just thought I'd share the birthday scene screen caps I did of the home page. BTW, the little Cullen crests next to everyone pulls up a little bio of their characters. It's cute. Check it out so we can squeal about it together! Tee hee!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

The State finally arrives on DVD and the world is right once more

The State finally came out on DVD on Tuesday and I got my hands on it last night. Joy! I don't think I've ever been this excited about a DVD coming out EVER. My 18 year old self would be so proud.
In the summer of 1999, one of my friends had this (I believe), and we used to watch it ALL the time - except for the Porcupine Races sketch musical thing that made our ears bleed (but I'll probs watch it on the DVD). It would get us all riled up for whatever we had planned for the night. If we saw my arch nemesis, we'd use the Inbred Brothers' What am I doin'? What am I doin'?! or if we went to get food, it would be Chicken sandwich, Caaaaarl!.
The State brings back some of the happiest memories from my (weird and awkward) teenage years so I'm really excited that MTV has FINALLY decided to put it out on DVD for future generations (and the loyal fans who have been waiting FOREVER). I mean, they're all familiar with the cast if they've seen Viva Variety, Stella, Reno 911, Wet Hot American Summer or many many other comedy gems. You know they'll start quoting Louis like crazy (and possibly Barry and LeVon too: "Awwwww yeah, $240 worth of pudding" ect, ect) but I hope they appreciate it as much as I did when I was their age.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And on the 6th day, there was Ewan McGregor

I've been managing to keep up with my Dreamboat of the Day thing at the Tumblr.
To honour a conversation Double D and I had yesterday about the movie Down With Love, I have decided to make the 6th day Dreamboat Ewan McGregor.
Those eyes, those lips, that voice!!! Mr. McGregor has made a shitload of movies and not all of them are great (sorry, Ewan!) BUT - most of them are pretty freaking awesome. I have listed my top 5 here. Of course, it was hard to pick my top 5 but I had to because he has done a lot of really good ones.
My favourite Ewan memory is when I learned that my aunt is BFFs with Charley Boorman. No big deal, right? WRONG!!! Charley Boorman participated in the Long Way Round series with Mr. McGregor himself as they rode their motorcycles across the world. It was a great show. And where was their last stop along the way? Why, NYC, of course. Who did Charley call when they arrived? My aunt of course! Craziness, pure craziness. I'm 1 degree away from Mr. McGregor. *le sigh*
But I digress. I should really be mentioning the movies where he *ahem* "exposes" himself. Those are probably his BEST roles. Just kidding! Although, some of my favourite McGregor moments are the ones where you can see his junk. Here are a few examples: Curt Wild's entrance into Brian Slade's world in Velvet Goldmine, the only watchable scenes in Young Adam are the ones where Ewan is sexing up the ladies (that IS one of the main reasons I bought that movie but I should really give it another watch because I only saw it once and once was enough when it came to Tilda Swinton - Sorry!) and, of course, the Pillow Book.
The Pillow Book came out in 1996. I was 16 or so when I found it at my house the next summer. You see, my Mom had a habit of renting foreign films from the local Blockbuster and it became very apparent to me that foreign meant pornographic / semi-pornographic after I accidentally (I swear it was accidental - it was one of those "Once you see it, you can't un-see it" movies) watched Paris, France. ANYWAYS - after that eye-burning experience when I was 14, I knew that foreign = dirty, dirty movies. So, I decided to take a look-see at The Pillow Book. And I think that's when my infatuation with Mr. McGregor began. Not only was he nude, he was also handsome and it was a beautiful story.
So to honour Mr. McGregor's acheivements (and our convo, Double D), Ewan McGregor is the Dreamboat of the Day today. I will leave you with one of my fave songs from Moulin Rouge! and the other song that makes me cry hysterically every time I watch/listen to it (because it speaks to me in a way that I can't really explain except with the initials DDM):

Happy daydreaming with Mr. McGregor!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Daisy picks her final 3

So, Little Miss Daisy is taking 12 Pack, London and in a (scripted) twist, Flex to Hawaii for the finale. I knew London would end up in the final 2 / 3. I just knew it. And didn't our friend Natasha from Paris Hilton's first season look all...well, Natasha-y? I mean, camera ready? All I kept thinking was, "All Natasha wants is to be on TV. And of course she'd be friends with London. Of course she would!" That may take London down a notch for me. I was a Natasha fan on Paris' show but I'm a little over her appearances because it's looking a little fake to me.
ANYWAYS - how fucked up was what Daisy said about Sinister??!?!?!?!? I know Sinister has anger issues and whatnot but damn, she was stringing him along? DAMN. That's crazy. She freaking drove him and his best friend Chi Chi apart, she led him on and she let him down. Sinister was actually my main choice (after London left) to make it to the end and now - he's home, crying in the arms of Chi Chi. Imagine what he was thinking when he saw that episode air. I mean, after giving your all for someone and crying on camera and putting it all out there, imagine hearing the person you were fighting for saying that they basically took you that far because they felt sorry for you. *Frowny face*
Oh well. The finale is going to be awesome because Flex hates London and blah blah blah. And as much as I ♥ London, I'm a little over him because of his friendship with Natasha. It just proves that everyone is trying to get their 15 minutes and they'll do whatever it takes. *Sigh*. Remember when TV was good?


Friday, July 10, 2009

The origins of the "Dreamboat of the Day"

The other day, my BF and I were trying to find something to watch on TV when we stumbled upon Cartoon Network's new "Real" thing that they're doing. I stopped in the hopes that it would be Destroy Build Destroy so that I could check out Andrew W.K. and lo and behold, it was what we had stopped on but it was...a little boring. Well, at first. The best part would have to be (of course) when they're blowing shit up at the end! But the only reason I stayed on it was for one thing: Mr. Party Hard's smile.
I will admit, a few years back I HATED Andrew W.K. with a passion. My thought was, "Who the FUCK sings about partying ALL THE TIME??? Who?!" But someone showed me the then controversial I Get Wet album cover and I put aside the grossness of his always sweaty white jeans and tee and thought to myself, "Man, that guy is hot - even with a bloody nose". But I still didn't like his music.
So, I went on with my dilemma: being very attracted to Andrew W.K. but hating his music until one Warped Tour summer in 2002 or 2003. I was on my way to Tiger Army (I think) and I looked over to the main stage where Andrew W.K. was performing with none other than my friend Roury Miller on his shoulders. Something happened to me that day. Something awesome. I ditched my friends who were on their way to Tiger Army (I think) and went over to Andrew W.K.'s audience. Everyone was smiling and! It was the greatest thing I had ever seen! I forgot about hating his music and LOVED it. I loved all of it - the show, the crowd, the sweaty jeans and tee, the long, greasy, sweaty black hair, the partying - EVERYTHING. Like a moth to a flame, I bought "I Get Wet" and played the hell out of it. I still do, actually. But there is one song in particular by Mr. W.K. that gets me all riled up: Make Sex. Well, it's not really a song as much as it is the world's greatest anthem - next to Party Hard, of course!
A year later (I think), I went to see him at the Masquerade with my BF (one of the few shows he's accompanied me on). It was AWESOME. I didn't think they'd let people get on stage but when you get enough punks rushing it, you're not really going to dodge them. So, needless to say, I got up on stage and shared a mic with Mr. Andrew W.K. himself! We somehow got smushed together, sweat and all, on the drum set. It was painful but worth it - especially when he read my shirt ("Vincent Price is a Pimp"), smiled and said, "That's the raddest fucking thing I've ever seen!" I will always remember that because it was the greatest fun I had (at that point) at a show.
So, after reminiscing and being charmed by his smile, I decided that I would start a "Dreamboat of the Day" on the Tumblr with Andrew W.K. to kick it off. It was also an excuse to post that particular photo of A.W.K. Wowzers meowzers!

Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up.

Today's Dreamboat: Michael Pitt. He's a whole other story for another day :)


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grover Goes to School

Okay, I may or may not have written about this before but I love the book Grover Goes to School. I thought about it today when I was participating in Kind Over Matter's Giveaway Thursday. The task was to list your "Favorite Book the younger version of yourself loved to pieces". I racked my brain for everything that I had read in my childhood and "Grover Goes to School" stuck out like a sore thumb.
The story is classic: He tries to make friends on the first day of school but the kids are mean to him and it's basically the worst day ever. I'm tearing up just writing this! It's crazy! I thought of this book for the first episode of CSI: with Laurence Fishburne as a new cast member. He was totally like Grover! Halfway through the episode, I made the connection and started bawling! My BF ran into the room to make sure I was okay and when I tried to explain how Dr. Langston was just like Grover in "Grover Goes to School", I started crying even more! I love that book more than anything and I would give anything to find my old copy with the audio tape that came with it. (Honestly, I think it's in my brother's room. Prepare to be raided!)


Doe Deere + Unicorn = Best Birthday Theme EVER!!

My favourite beauty blogger had a birthday recently and in her truly fabulous style, she had a fairy tale theme where she was my favourite thing in the universe: a unicorn!
As much as I love reading her blog, I haven't been lately because I've been sidetracked by many things so today, I decided to check in after about 2 months and there she was, in her unicorned glory! She always has the best makeup tips and tutorials and her articles are always inspiring to me simply because it's wonderful to see another talented woman doing what she wants in the way of art, fashion and everything else! It seems like she never sleeps because she's either modeling, working on her cosmetic line: Lime Crime, traveling and everything else you can imagine!
Her makeup tutorials and tips are the BEST! (My favourite was the Becoming Fafi tutorial - which loosely inspired my red and black Valentine's Day look). I try to play with the styles she does every time, I just have a hard time blending because I have NO experience on my own - Oni and Lala always did it for me - and when I did it on my own, I would lose patience, hence all the monochromatic eyelids (if you've seen me out and about). Every once in awhile, I try to utilize the bright colours I have acquired but I keep the blending to a minimum. Doe Deere's tutorials are so helpful, they make me forget what a pain blending is and it makes the whole process fun for me - even though I'm still clumsy in the blending department. But in doing her tutorials, I've noticed that what I always knew was right: What I can do on one side, I can't do on the other. Examples: In knitting, I can't knit the same thing twice right away (sleeves, gloves, ears...), when doing cat eyes with liquid liner, I have to draw them on with pencil first to make a line to trace with liquid liner later or else I'm in the bathroom for hours trying to make it symmetrical, with eye shadow, I always end up uneven somehow (one side looks amazing and the other side looks sloppy or heavy), when I'm making notes / postcards, I can't make the same design twice - no matter how much I ♥ it, it will NEVER come out right.
So, when I'm doing Doe Deere's make up tutorials, I try to do each part at the same time on both eyes. It's hard and annoying and I usually end up starting over on one eye or putting my own spin on it. Either way, she is an inspiration to me in many ways and I hope that she can be an inspiration to you. (Maybe next, I'll take her fashion advice and stop being such a chicken and start dressing the way I want to again. But it was so much easier in high school...*le sigh*)


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

London's return!

I knew this day would come - I just didn't know when, but when 12 Pack said that Sinister's real name was Jeremy Lee, I knew London would return. It was so obvious! And once I saw his leather jacketed self, I squealed like a little schoolgirl. My BF did not enjoy that at all. He thinks London is an asshole and rightfully so. But aren't those "dangerous", punk rock guys the stuff dreams are made of? I say that from experience. My first love was a punk rock guy like London: scrawny, big mouth, bigger attitude, ego, in a band and difficult. We had our many ups and downs throughout the 2 years we dated but all in all, our relationship was fun. Fun like trashing venues, movie moments, stealing things only teenagers would steal, experiencing firsts that I won't mention and a bunch of other stuff that true love evokes. London brings all that back to me. The way he looks at Daisy is the way my ex-BF used to look at me and it makes me swoon every time. And it makes Daisy fall on her ass - which was hilarious. But, I know how Daisy feels. She's charmed by London and so am I. Guys like him are jerks, sure, but it's a love that is timeless. and aren't we all jerks at some point? It's hard to explain but I can say that I totally understand Daisy and London.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Vegan Subway Bacon Adventure!

For those of you who know me, you know that my BF is Vegan. This poses many problems when we are trying to decide what to eat and that also means that we never really eat the same things - especially when we're cooking at home (obviously). But we know, for sure, that my BF can totally eat at Subway. Score for everyone! Well...almost.
Yesterday was our first full day of no air conditioning at our house (outside temp was 95 degrees!). I cooked some things requiring the use of the oven and the house, obviously, heated up like a damn furnace so I decided for dinner, there would be no use of the oven or stove. That meant Subway sandwiches! Huzzah! Even though I usually order a hot sandwich (meatball sub or cheese steak sammy YUM!), I decided to ditch it for a nice, cool BLT. Ahhhhhh. Chilled lettuce, cheese, slightly warm bacon, tomatoes and pickles. Sweet! Usually I let my BF go first so that the meat products I get don't contaminate his sweet Vegan sandwich and the girls who we usually deal with know that but there was one fatal flaw yesterday: both of our sandwiches were made at the same time.
Everything was going fine until our sandwich tech grabbed the uncooked bacon, put it in the microwave and then TOUCHED my BF's lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and all the other items he normally gets. He cringed but not too much. Then - the ultimate Vegan nightmare - the bacon was done, I was about to say don't worry about my sandwich just yet and giving my BF the side-eye to see if he was going to say something but neither of us did in time. Our sandwich tech had her gloved hands full of cooked bacon and was laying it on my sandwich. Then her bacony hands molested my BF's Vegan sandwich to which we both winced and my poor BF yelled out. I asked "What's wrong" in the hopes that he would explain his Veganism to get his sandwich made over again but he didn't say a thing. I paid for our bacon feast and we left.
When we got home, I got my plate out and put my sandwich on it, ready to eat. My BF went outside, checked the mail, started pulling weeds and surveyed our leaning mailbox obviously avoiding his bacon-affected sandwich. I kept telling him he could throw it away or give it away but he didn't answer. He just sat down, staring at it with the saddest frown on his face. After about 10 minutes of him picking at his chips and me mauling my sandwich (I was starved), he declared he couldn't eat it. I said, "You should have fucking said that in the first place!" He looked like I just murdered a puppy. I knew he couldn't eat it and that was the declaration I was looking for. He said he felt awful for throwing it away after I had just paid for it but we both decided that he needs to be more assertive when we go to Subway next time. I bet our sandwich tech would have gladly made him another sandwich if he had explained his situation to her but we'll never know.
Part of me wishes he took a tiny bite. You know, for hilarity's sake.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Operation: Ghost Ship

All right - with the unmentionable success of Operation: On a Boat, me and my fellow N.A.P. friends decided to take FULL advantage of Tom leaving early yesterday by making another desktop masterpiece dubbed "Operation: Ghost Ship". We weren't sure what route we were going to take it because the enthusiastic gentlemen that graced the boat last time weren't really received well by Tom. What's a girl to do??? Unicorns maybe? Nah - too "Jonathan".
So we gazed long and hard (about 30 seconds) at the other desktop scene from Tom's trip to wine country in CA and decided to have an epic pirate battle. Okay, maybe not epic but we wanted to keep with the boat theme. I originally wanted a T-Rex popping out of the water for no reason at all, right? Awesome! But I didn't feel like cutting out a T-Rex because I knew I had one back at my office. So, I thought about that jumping shark from Planet Earth and wondered if I could Google a breaching shark. Like a gift from the Gods, there it was, in all its glory! So, Larry said to put a ship somewhere in the picture. Immediately, I thought of a pirate ship. Of course! And then Larry sent me another ship to which we decided they were going to have an epic battle! But I didn't feel like Photoshopping that much stuff. So I said shark, pirate ship, ghost pirate ship and what else???? Thank the lord for Marior (aka Cupcake, from now on) because Marior said, "Hey, why don't you put a unicorn bucking on that cliff?" FUCKING GENIUS. So, I found the most retarded one (and the one that would take the least amount of work) and made it happen.
But in the early stages of me Photoshopping this masterpiece, I recieved a text from Tom that said (I kid you NOT): "Stop fucking with my computer!" I assured him we were nowhere near his computer, which fueled the masterpiece even more. The goal was to be subtle but awesome. And I think it worked out nicely.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paris hosts a bachelor party and is surprised some of the girls act like sloots...

I just want to get this out there since it's been bothering me since I watched the episode last night...
I was watching My New BFF last night and was barfing up my dinner most of the episode because of that nasty shot Paris made and the bachelor party hilariousness that was happening. First - let me just say that Monica's eyebrows are crazy and her little lap dance stunt was disgusting. I know the groom-to-be requested a lap dance, so he freakin' got one. So what? It was a little trashy but that's what he wanted. Sure, Monica was acting like a fool but what did you expect? Then, the groom-to-be starts asking for one final, great kiss and Arika was the first person (it seemed), to grab and make out with. Boo on Paris for making her talk the Walk of Shame and kicking her off the show. I know, I know, she kissed another woman's man and that shouldn't have happened but she recognized that it was out of character and they were told to do whatever it took to make the groom-to-be happy and have a great time. You know that guy makes out with other women when he goes out. You just know he does. Also, he probably does because he's an actor and his bride-to-be is an actress and it was all a staged plot for the show. Who knows. All I know is that Kaitlin should have gone home instead of Arika and Monica because of her little hot tub outburst. She contradicted herself so much, I lost track of the conversation. And I would really like to see Kaitin go so that they stop showing/filming her extreme closeup solo interviews. They really freak me out. I'm glad Stephen stood up and put Kaitlin in her place. Thank you Stephen! Hopefully you'll be next week's pet.

Side note: Why can't I stop watching this show???!!!? I hate it and love it at the same time.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Operation: On a Boat

So, we all know and love I'm On a Boat by Lonely Island, right? Yes, of course we do. I know someone else who likes boats, too. He even owns one. And he's always telling me stories about how him and his family were on Lake Burton for [insert some holiday weekend here].
Well, this friend who likes boats, likes them so much he made one his desktop - making this (awesome) one go away. So, during my media drop off adventure at N.A.P yesterday, I was in Tom's office (while he was with other clients) with Marior and Uncle Larry and we were admiring his boat background when someone (I'm NOT naming names but it WAS NOT me, I swear) said, "Hey! We should Photoshop a naked guy on the back of that boat!" AWESOME. So, I dusted off the ole Photoshopping skills and made the most awesomest boat background photo EVER (starring these guys). Granted, it was all phoned in but it still looked half way decent enough. Tom didn't know about it until this morning and apparently, it was better than Operation: Cornification! Awesome. Awesome to the max.
I feel like I should be afraid of when he's got in store for me, though. Good thing I'm not a full-time employee/client.


Farewell, "On the Fence" Guys

Cage and 6 Gauge are gone. 6 Gauge was one of the few that didn't kick himself off like some other people did (read: like most of the other guys did).
So, all my "On the Fence" guys are gone. Hooray! But - Flex is starting to work my nerves in the worst way and I'm a little tired of Chi Chi and his unrequited love for Sinister. And it's looking like Fox's little stunt is going to come back and bite him in his hair dresser ass. And I was wondering...why didn't Daisy call Fox out for claiming 6 Gauge's roses? Punk.
I don't even know who to root for anymore - besides Riki. Okay, okay, you got me. I think Sinister is tops and He could very well be in the final 2 (possibly with his BF Chi Chi). Oh well. Maybe I'll stop pining over the loss of London and catch back up with the other fellas.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New BFF Season 2 - Golden Girls

I tuned in to Paris Hilton's new season of My New BFF and it was...weird. The cast of 20-somethings looked more like 40-somethings. Well, not all of them but most of them. One girl's foundation didn't even match her skin tone, making her look like a weird, bikini dancing ghost-face. It concerns me that all these young girls look all Leatherface wearing so much caked on make up.

Anyways - the "Hungry Tiger" challenge was hilarious and the "Show and Tell" challenge was even funnier but the pole dancing was only funny because it was so awkward. Most of the girls seemed to be working the pole better than Paris herself. But I'm not pole dancing critic or pro. And I felt really bad for the contestant I'm on the fence about: Stephen. I felt horrible for him when paris called him out to pole dance because you knew all those brohams would be all "Gross, dude. I don't wanna see some dude shake his ass". And when Stephen did a little side interview revealing that he heard a comment like that, I was so sad. But what I didn't understand was Stephen declared he wanted to use Paris as a vehicle for jump-starting his animal resort-thing. Isn't that why she dumped last season's winner, Brittnay? For being a hungry tiger? Whatever. I liked Brittnay. I thought she was cute and well put together and the least fake out of the first cast. Well, except for Onch. There were a lot of memorable people on season 1. Let's hope that season 2 cast members won't be as forgettable as I think they will be.
I'm not trying to be catty or anything - I was talking with my BF, who was half watching-half trying to sleep, and I kept bugging him about how old all the girls looked and he agreed that they looked much, much older than their supposed ages. And he could tell that Katie's makeup was all wrong. (You'll see when they're all in the limo...) And Paris wasn't fooling anyone as her Brooklyn alter ego Gina. Sorry! But I kinda dig Paris with black hair.
I'll try to keep up with these kids because I like the challenges that Paris has. BUT I won't abandon my girl Ashley for Paris!!! No way!!


Friday, May 22, 2009

100 Push Ups with Ben Weasel

My bestest best friend in the entire universe (Double D) directed me to the 100 Push Ups challenge and was kind of urging me to do it with him (East Coast VS West Coast, sort of). Maybe I was being a little skeptical at the time or just lazy, either way, I wasn't going to do it since I'm a little top heavy, if you know what I mean and I do (some) push ups as part of my (almost) daily workout routine.
Anyways - I had forgotten all about it until today. I was looking through my Twitter feed and I saw this:

Ben Weasel (of Screeching Weasel / my punk rock idol from 10+ years ago) is participating in the 100 Push Up challenge? Good for you, Ben! Good on the Twitter updates as well. I'm going to look out for them now. That's awesome. I know I'm not that disciplined when it comes to working out but maybe I should be. I mean, I already work out 3-5 times a week but I think I need to step it up on those 3 times a week weeks, you know? And I should probably not just work out at work - I have to bring it back to the home front.
Thank you Double D and Ben Weasel - you have both been an inspiration for me today!


Gonna get some Friday Fun

Come to 5 Spot tonight and check out my friends, Crookhaven, and some other good music. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Here's the flyer:

Hopefully we'll have time to stop by Naked and Famous Friday at Graveyard as well. Always a good time!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I still love you, London

Okay - I haven't really been staying up on the Daisy of Love updates but I have a good reason. Actually, 2 good reasons: 1. Charm School with Ricki Lake and 2. London left Daisy of Love and I'm extremely distraught over it. Probably not as much as Daisy but still.
London (aka Joshua Lee) made a scene about Daisy and him connecting but not connecting and all that but it was with good reason. When they were on the tour bus going on their group date, London talked about how his Dad was addicted to pain pills and kicked him out of the house. He said it. BUT when they were playing Truth or Dare later, Daisy asked him why he was kicked out of his house. WTF? If you had been paying attention, Daisy, you would have already known that and not asked that because he also said it was something he didn't really like talking about. I think London was right in feeling bad since it was obvious Daisy wasn't paying attention at all and we all know she can be spacey - remember Sinister's VIP date? Yeah, neither does Daisy since she spaced on that, too.
London was right for walking out - it just felt like Daisy didn't care enough. I mean, it sounded like she wanted a Sid and Nancy type of romance but it just wasn't happening. Good job for walking out, Joshua. We still love you! I guess I'll be pulling for Sinister or Flex now.

One good thing about Charm School getting in my way is Ashley! She's back and she's more awesome than ever!! Welcome back Ashley! We've missed you!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Tumblin', tumblin', tumblin'...

I've been keeping my ear to the Tumblin' arena lately and since they started doing this "Popular Stuff" thing on their front page, I tripped on this little video and had to reblog it to share the love.
I made a CD of this today for my courier trip and it is simply beautiful. I could get lost in this all day. Thank you to Tuneage for posting it for us to share and thank you to Pogo for making it and letting us download it for free. ♥



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NPR and a Commentary About Twitter

I was listening to NPR this morning when I heard this commentary: Keep Your Tweets to Yourself by John Ridley. It made me think about the whole privacy thing for a moment but then I realized that Twitter is really just a way to spout out random things. It's like micro-blogging for the super ADD. You get 140 characters to do what? Share little snippets with people. Maybe a celebrity that will never @Reply you back. Maybe it's a cryptic message you're trying to send across. Maybe it's a way to locate your friend at the Masquerade. Or maybe it's a way to get things off your mind - whether they mean something or not.

Personally, I keep my Facebook status and Twitters separate because I use Twitter to say the things I don't really care to tell ALL my friends. And to send messages to celebrities that I know will NEVER @Reply me back. So, I agree and disagree with the commentary I heard this morning. It's like Twitter is the newest way to get "Internet Famous". Like, if you post something buzzworthy or something, everyone is talking about you. Whether it's a Twitter War or TwitPics or Twit-Whatevers, it's the newest way for "Common People" to have a voice to share with the world. So, if you don't agree with the newest internet fad where people are voluntarily giving random information about themselves/their current situations, don't fret! Another newer, better internet fad is on its way (I'm sure).


Of course Kanye had to ALL CAPS BLOG about Twitter as well...

(photo via BuzzFeed)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dub Step, DnB and a Search and Rescue Mission via the Twitter Machine

I had been waiting for this event to happen ever since I saw that Eskmo was going to be on the bill. Then, I was informed by my good friend at rClique that he, too, would be taking part (Crookhaven). So, I had to go. I shrugged off the $25 cover (WTF?! I know, right) and made my way in early (9-ish) - just to make sure I didn't miss Eskmo.
When I got in, I was greeted by teenagers. Teenagers all fucked up on Ecstasy and whatever else they do now. And glowsticks. Lots and lots of glowsticks. And glowstick acrobatics - which I haven't seen in quite a while. And Captain Crunk.
Yes, Captain Crunk was in the midst of tearing up the decks for the kids to shake their asses to. Only one slight problem - Abelton happened to be a punk and crash on him towards the end of his set. No worries, though. He brought it back full force and the first pass out of the night happened! I'm not sure what caused it but when the Masquerade secruity crew finally picked the kid up, he looked like he was pretty fucked up.
Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out how to direct message on Twitter from my phone. Turns out, I can't so I had to @Reply my friend who I was suppposed to meet there. It was quite the ordeal since my Send/Receive for my email notifications (the only way I know I have a direct message on Twitter) is 30 minutes. I tried to find him but I gave up after walking around looking like a crazy person. So many teenagers to push out of my way. Joy!
To my surprise as I made it back upstairs, Eskmo was on. Since the place wasn't really all that crowded (yet), I was front and center for all of his set - which made me really happy since that's all I really wanted. For that moment, I forgot I was alone, I forgot about my friend location quest, I forgot about the $25 cover, forgot about the annoying teenagers that were bumping into me in their drug-induced comas and just let it happen. I went back to my 18 y/o self and remembered what it was like to go to a party. My legs were so sore after Eskmo's set but the quest was back on.
Up and down the stairs, legs burning, almost pushing people over for not moving fast enough, I was @Replying my location and my outfit to be better located but I didn't reach my friends' locations in time because of the 30 minute delay on my email notifications. I could have just kept Twitter on but my battery was dying. Fast. After my front and center adventure for Evol Intent, I kept my ears open for Crookhaven. Downstairs, in Hell at 1am (Twitter update).
Finally! The search was over! We exchanged all of maybe 4 sentences and then Crookhaven's set began. It was the perfect ending to the evening - even though I think there was someone else on in Heaven afterwards. The minimal crowd made it better for me since it was very chill and they slowed down the evening right. I waited for about 30 minutes after Crookhaven's set to possibly exchange more than 4 sentences with my friend but business had to be handled, so maybe next time.
All in all, Friday was amazing from start to finish. Good music, great DJs, no pretentious assholes standing in the back trying not to sweat out their hair and makeup. It was like the good old days - people dancing, having a good time. As the night wore on, the crowd, it seemed, got better and better (and bigger and bigger). It reminded me why I love drum and bass and dub step so much. Once the beat begins, you can't stop moving and that's what it's all about.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miss You, Colin

I'm not going to lie, I haven't been keeping up with Make Me A Super Model like I said I would. I keep forgetting when it's on, honestly. But I found out my boy Colin got eliminated right before the freaking nude shoot. WTF?! Although, I could see that Nicole was going to have a heart attack because I think she might like him more than I do. Oh, Colin. We still still love you. We miss you terribly. Tyson's advice was priceless. I hope you took it.
I'm just glad we got to see this:

Mmmmm...Jonathan FTW


Thursday, May 7, 2009

V.I.P. at Drunken Unicorn

I arrived at Drunken Unicorn, early as usual, to find that the doors were still locked so I invaded Richy and La Chansons at their pre-show dinner at Bookhouse to have a couple of drinks. I wasn't planning on staying too late since I had to be at work early today but El Ten Eleven's performance was insane.
La Chansons were great, as always. I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do because I'm starting to get all self-conscious about the pictures I take with my camera (like, they're not very good) and I didn't really feel like distracting them with my camera's triple flash attack.

♥ And all the guys in the audience had stars in their eyes for Carson ♥

**Thank you to Greg for the +1 and a drink ticket! You all made me feel like a VIP!**

When El Ten Eleven came on, I saw a bass and a drum set and thought of Death From Above 1979. You know, same set up. BUT these guys are amazing! Loops and layers upon layers of sounds and textures...great, great stuff. Krystyn let me know that they did a few songs for the documentary film Helvetica. I didn't know what to think at first but the more they played, the more energetic it became and the less it started feeling like I was listening to instrumentals. It felt like every layer had its own personality and style, causing it to evolve with every layer ontop of it, making it grow into this wild, out of control piece that flowed together in such a way that you didn't really want it to end. You can check out more of their skylarkings here and here. I wish I could have stayed long enough to pick up a CD but my bed was calling and now I'm definitely feeling the lack of sleep.
But I will say this: It was totally worth it and you should be very sad that you missed it.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DJ Ehyeh - the coolest house DJ you're NOT listening to (jerks!)

When I started working where I currently am now (I can't say where because we had a HUGE meeting about it), I met this wacky, loud-mouthed, dread-locked guy named Aaron. He was the in-house audio master: he recorded all the live audio for the DVDs we make and did the music editing and mixed all the pretty audio files for us to use in our final exports. *sigh* What a guy!
Last year, he told us all he was leaving for Florida to be with his family. By that time, we had become friends and I let him know about my love for techno - especially DnB. As a parting gift, he gave me a bunch of old CD mixes from him and his friends that have gotten pretty heavy play time on my iPod.
Well, he recently moved back to Georgia and he now is set up with our friends: the lovely Wendy and Brad. I go over there from time to time to shoot our interpretive art film that has yet to be named and I occasionally run into Aaron (usually while intoxicated).
I happened to be at Wendy and Brad's last Friday and Aaron bestowed upon me the greatest DVD ever: 17 hours of his own house mixes. 17 hours. Fucking AWESOME. Sadly, my poor little iPod had room for 4 hours only but these 4 hours are amazing and I can't wait to hear the others. It's perfect background music for what I do and it's awesome music to get hype to. I feel like my office has turned into Afterlife and Preston Craig has everyone sweating.
Get your hands on these MP3s (or ask me and I'll pick a random track to burn for you) and get your ass on the dance floor. STAT.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Daisy of Love Revelations

While the sky was falling on Atlanta this weekend, I had the pleasure of catching up to my new favourite show: Daisy of Love.

I immediately fell in love with London - who made Daisy say "It's Daisy of Love, not I love Liquor!" And I also went googoo for Sinister (even though I don't know much about him). But the one guy that had me swooning the most was Professor. He left early (for boring Daisy to death, apparently). Professor was cute, quiet, shy and just wacky enough (stretched ear holes) for the show, I think. He balanced the heavy dose of CRAZY out nicely. Too bad...
One guy I wish would go home is 12 Pack. Hmmm...let's see...where do you know him from? Oh that's right - I love New York and I Love Money. I think he's on Daisy of Love to be on TV, honestly. I mean, it's pretty freakin' obvious. But there was another familiar face on the show...Big Rig. The farmer / country boy. Why did he look familiar??? Then it hit me! Remember that VH1 show America's Most Smartest Model? Remember the crazy Russian, Andre? Big Rig totally reminded me of Andre.

I'm sure they're not the same person, but damn it, they do look similar.
Anyways - I had a few thoughts concerning the contestants on the show and here they are:

Brooklyn and 12 Pack have got to go, in my honest opinion. They lack personality and I don't think Flipper sucked all the crazy out of the house when he left, I think he injected more in.
poor Triplets, too. All they wanted was free füd, free booze and free air time (probably).
And yes, I AM missing someone because VH1 didn't have his profile up at all! Who could it be, you ask? Why, the only black guy of course! What's up with that?!