Friday, June 25, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: Season 3

Season 3 so far:
In the last post, I expressed my love for Locke's vision quest (involving sweet, sweet Boone), jears and Ben's creepiness. Ben is still creepy as hell, the jears haven't stopped and no more Boone - this time, it was Mr. Eko who had the vision quest (which was also pretty bad ass).
I'm upset because when Sawyer and Kate were leaving the island, with the help of "some girl" named Alex, I blurted out "Haven't they figured out that she is Rousseau's daughter?!" and my old man turns to me and says, "Holy shit, I didn't even put two and two together". Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!! Come on! It's so obvious. Just like it was obvs that Ben was dying and that Kate and Sawyer were gonna get it on (AKA: CAGE RAGE!!!!)
Anyways - I still can't put my finger on why I can't stand Juliet. There's something about her that irritates me. Even after I got to know her flashback story, she still bothers me...
We were only able to get to episode 8 (Flashes Before Your Eyes) which happens to be when the time traveling / jumping begins (so it seems). And we also learn that Charlie is supposed to die. No!!! I like making Mordor jokes when he's around! And who's gonna help Claire raise Aaron (besides Desmond, who was giving her the eye but probs because he's weird).
So far I'm not dazzled by season 3, which is sad to admit but I'm sure it will get better. I know it will, dammit!

Love & kisses

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Re-Watching "LOST" Recap: Seasons 1 and 2

Guess what? Remember when the Lost finale happened and it was all "An end to an era" or whatever and I said that me and my old man wanted to start rewatching the entire series?
And we're on Season 3 already. Say what?! I know, I know, I should've been bloggin' it but I've been all wrapped up in it! Personally, I think this is the best way to watch any show (Dexter, True Blood, Big Love and all the other shows on channels I don't have).

Rewatching Season 1 went pretty much like this:
  • Hey, I remember when they did that
  • The next episode will be about such and such
  • Oh yeah, remember the season ending like this?
Boom. Done. More like: Boone, done. Wokka wokka. (Still sad that he was a "sacrifice that the island demanded" per Locke).

Season 2 went pretty much like this:
  • Oh yeah, I remember this one but I don't think I watched the next one.
  • This was the one where I couldn't watch the season finale at work and you called me to tell me it was a doozy and when I asked you to tell me the ending, you wouldn't because it was crazy so I waited until 7:30am when it was posted to to watch the last 15 minutes and there was a white light and Jack, Kate and Sawyer were tied up and the whole island shook. Remember? <-- TRUE STORY

How we got to Season 3 pretty much went like this:
Sunday I woke up early after the super awesome OMFG party the night before (be on the lookout for photos!!!). I had only had 5 hours of sleep and I wasn't interested in watching Rome (yet another show I'm catching up on). So my old man suggests we watch a few episodes of season 2 till it got cool enough for him to mow the lawn. After every episode, he check the temperature on his iPod touch (NOTE: NOT a reliable weather predictor but it worked out perfectly for us). The temp was steady at 95˚F. "Wanna watch another one?" "Sure!" Temp check. 95˚. Another episode. 95˚. Another and another and another until it was 7:30pm. Made dinner, watched another one. Watched some more until about 11:30pm. We only had 3 episodes left till the end of season 2 at the end of Sunday. I think it was about 8+ straight hours of Lost. We finished out season 2 on Monday and my old man brought home season 3 yesterday and we were able to squeeze in the first 3 episodes. I'm pretty sure we're both in a blind spot now because I think we both dropped our love affair with Lost at the end of season 2 with the white light magnetic field thing. But I have the ultimate advantage: I've seen the series finale, so I know about Juliet (who annoys me for some reason) and various little things that my old man doesn't know. I gave away Ben when he got captured in season 2 (under the name of Henry Gale) because I blurted out, "Hey! They captured Ben!" My old man gave me the side eye, "Who the fuck is Ben?" Oops.

Highlights of Season 3 so far:
  • Locke's vision quest with Boone as his spirit guide (BONUS Boone!) - Ep 3
  • Jears within the first episode. I should've bet my old man because he didn't think Jack would cry. WRONG. Jack always cries.
  • Ben is still creepy.

So - maybe I'll keep better track of my Lost adventure. It's actually quite fun.

Love and Kisses,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Road tripping (Part 1)

This past weekend, my old man and I went to Jacksonville, FL for Nicole's high school graduation. On the way there, I had some strange thoughts.
  • My goddaughter will be graduating high school in about 10 years. *gasp!* They really do grow up fast!
  • Possible Glee story lines: Will they perform at the local theatres in musical productions outside of school? What will happen with Finn and Rachel? Will Shelby let Quinn see Beth? What's up with Sue? How will they introduce John Stamos - will he be doing a dental procedure on Emma? What will the song in the sing-off between John Stamos and Matthew Morrison be (because you KNOW there will be a sing-off for Emma's love)? Will there be another Diva-off between Kurt and Rachel (for fun this time)? Is it going to go the way of Degrassi: TNG - like, will they admit any new students or will it be the current kids only?
  • I get really happy when I see other ethnicities in South Georgia. Sounds silly, I know, but South Georgia (and North Florida for that matter, oh - and don't forget North Georgia too) make me nervous. If I see people of other ethnicities, I feel better.
  • I missed out on a bunch of photo opportunities in Lumber City, Ga because I was navigating
  • Why is my iPhone maps feature better than my actual Tom-Tom GPS system?
  • What do people do for work in the middle of nowhere (AKA South Georgia)?
These are the things I think about when I can't quiet my mind - which happens to be all the time.

Also while we were at the beach, I made myself Mayor of the Beach via fake FourSquare (AKA my Twitter feed). If you want to check out pics from the Florida trip, check them out at my Flickr!

Love and kisses,