Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Gif Party

It's Wednesday! You know what that means!

Kinda needed this here with what's going on with the announcement and all...

Really excited for this movie to come out!!

The cutest set EVER of Tom DeLonge and a fan. This would make my life complete. Yes, I'm a Tom DeLonge fan. Who wouldn't be?!
PS - it has NOTHING to do with the fact that he looks exactly like my friend from college who I also had a massive crush on...


Blood rain from Evil Dead!

Neon signage

Definitely a cute lil Sonic the Hedgehog WTF moment

Finn and pizza.  Cute overload

I'm definitely a fan of the Sherlock opener!  Oh - and the show, too ^__^

Love the look of water in ink.  So pretty and mesmerizing...

And because I love you all!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

The SMASH*Book Daily Journaling Adventures Continue

On Monday, I admitted I was doing a daily SMASH*Book journal thing and so far, it has been lots of fun!  At first, I had NO idea about what to post so I did what I see most blogger do: I took photos of my  outfit for that day and wrote a little about it and got stuck - what do I post next?  Well, I definitely saved some blank space so I could maybe glue in some True Blood screen caps the following morning.  And boy, was it hilarious!

Yes - I made a flame for the Eric screen caps I printed out.  WHAT.  Who am I??

So - for Tuesday and Wednesday, it was the same deal: outfit photos with whatever happened that day. But I had a hard time filling in the blanks for Tuesday since it was pretty uneventful.  As I was trying to find a way to fill it, I cut out the cutest folder template from the Wreck This Girl blog and made the design more of my own by laying a base of my cute Washi tape down on some construction paper.

Cute, right?!  I love the roses on the original template and I definitely plan on using it once I can print it onto some sturdy card stock.  So cute!!  Yes, I cut around the outside lines on the original because I wanted my folders to be slightly bigger - but not my much.  The extra bit helped out!

Anyway - it's getting a little tough to fill out pages for this daily journal thing but that's part of the challenge, right?!  Here are some pages from my first week:

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday


I still can't get over the silliness of the flame I made for the True Blood screen caps!
Tuesday was a little rough so I decided to fill it out with my footage experiment that I wrote about on Hello Avid and my new favorite blog: Bitchface: The Masterworks.  Check it out!
For Wednesday, as you can see, I dedicated a page to Pinkberry's Pinkberry!  The cherry flavor that's out right now is SO GOOD!!!
Thursday was a bit of a slow day as well but when my friend Carter emailed me that photo of him holding a bunny, I knew it had to go in the book.  That bunny is too cute!

One thing about my book is that when I picked it out, I didn't really pay attention to what the plastic cover had said.  The plastic cover said it was 365 journal - or something like that - but I didn't flip through it at the store - I just bought it.  Me and my impulsiveness, huh?  Once I opened it to start journaling was when I realized that it each page was themed for each month.  Thursday's pages are on a Groundhog Day theme.  Today's is cute because it's a Friday post on Valentine's Day themed pages.  Cute for Friday, right?!  So, to hide my goof, I'm trying to cover up the themes as much as I can.  Like the Tuesday post for National Opposite Day (on January 25th)...Kind of the double challenge of journaling daily AND covering up out-of-date stuff.  Silly me.  Hopefully there will be enough stuff for me to finish the book through the rest of the year and I can start another one on time next year!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wacky Wednesday: Gif Party!

I think I might *try* and stick to Wednesdays being my day to post the top ten of my favorite gifs!
Let's see how long this lasts...

To honour True Blood's (horrible) finale, here's Jessica (Debrah Ann Woll), Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) being adorbs

To honour Teen Wolf's crazy-ass Summer finale, here's Tyler Hoechlin being too handsome for words.  I was bummed to find out that season 3 filming happened in L.A. even though the first 2 seasons were filmed in Atlanta.  If I had been on the Teen Wolf train back then, I might've stalked Mr. Hoechlin at the club (since he's the closest to my age ha! LOLJK but seriously - how is he even real?)

To mourn the fact that Hulu Plus hasn't updated which episodes of Supernatural season 8 are online and the possibility that we might not be able to catch up before season 9 starts airing, here is a classic Dean / Sam exchange

Miss u, Winchester bros

Zachary Quinto posing for a photo shoot in water. DREAMBOAT!! (lololollll) But seriously - DAMN. IT.

The Great Gatsby will be coming out on DVD soon so here's some DiCaprio / Gatsby action. You KNOW I'm going to get the BluRay and watch ALL the director's commentary, right? Nerd alert!

In sweet anticipation for Glee and for purely selfish reasons, here's Darren Criss being adorbs.  I need more Darren Criss in my life.

Because it's a goal of mine to see the Aurora Borealis some time soon in my life...

A magnificent gif of a volcano erupting on Jupiter's moon, Io. Isn't space beautiful?

Infomercials, amirite?

And here's some serious cute overload!

I'm glad today's installment was less gory than last week. I was getting worried about posting more bloody stuff since I have a few favorite Evil Dead gifs waiting to be posted but I'll space them out :)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

More SMASH*Book Adventures!

Not gonna lie - I've kinda turned my SMASH*Book-ing adventures into a bit of a joke on the ol' Tumblr.  Here's a sample of my latest pages:

The first one was an experiment with ribbon, found construction paper (I had it in my bookcase upstairs all along!) and Elmer's glue (because the attached glue stick to the pen wouldn't cut it).  I based my bunting experiment on the English flag tutorial at the Wreck This Girl blog here.  So cute and so easy!

The second page was my realization that I didn't have anything from when we all saw "Despicable Me 2".  I think I gave the girls back their ticket stubs for their books and I guess I had thrown mine out or lost it.  Enter more paper crafting!  Since this past weekend was a much-needed chill one, I decided to turn on Ancient Aliens and get to craftin'.  Not bad, eh?

And because I got a comment shout-out from Shaunte over at the Crafts Unleashed post that sold me on SMASH*Books, I decided I'd jump ahead to using a newly purchased SMASH*Book as a daily journal!  In my header page, I called it the "original blog" LOLOLOLLL.  I'm still deciding how it will look and what will be in it but I'm doing it, dammit!  I still can't wait for her daily tutorial, though!  Maybe that will help me feel a little more inspired...

I'm sure I'll be posting a lot of SMASH adventures here!  You have been warned...  :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Smash*Booking with the kids!

Phew!!  What a crazy couple of days!!  Or I should say: What a crazy couple of weeks!
Sadly, my nieces left yesterday.  Yes, I was able to hold back the tears until I got home.  I blamed it on the most recent episode of True Blood  while we were catching up but seriously, I was missing them so much!
We had a BLAST while they were here and I picked up a couple of Smash*Books for them to make of their time here because I read a GREAT review on them here.  In my hunt for the original blog post that sold me on the books, I found two other great examples of Smash*Books here: the Wreck This Girl Blog and this Memory Works post.
Keeping the Smash*Books in mind, we tried to keep EVERYTHING we could think of to put in their books.  Originally, I had wanted them to start on them the day they arrived and add to the books nightly but we ended up not getting to them until it was closer to the day they left - which actually turned out a bit better since we could reminisce about the earlier things we had all done together.  There were some pockets of downtime since Georgia has been having crazy rain all Summer!  :(  Kind of a downer but it made Smash*Book time more fun.

Here's Amaya's book that she made herself - including a few memorable stories.

Smash*Book-ing fun!

Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun! Smash*Book-ing fun!

The cover with the super-awesome pen+glue / The very first page with a hilarious story about macaroni and cheese. The girls LOVE accents and this one was about them hearing a very Southern accent / The day we went to the movies / The day the grandmas took them to Sky Zone (I wish I had gone!!) / Cotton candy at the fresh.iam pop-up shop with my sister / Adventures at North Point Mall / Adventures at Mall of Georgia / A great story about Amaya's intro to Disney Vinylmations.  Tess at the Disney Store at Mall of Georgia is WONDERFUL and she is the one Amaya is talking about in her story / Photobooth fun and bungee jumping / Medieval Times!!  That was so much fun! / The girls at their fort / Pancakes at IHOP plus some cute images from our Captain Underpants-themed birthday party / It wouldn't be Amaya's book without some Skylanders stuff included (she LOVES them) / Oni got Amaya the coolest 3D puzzle of a swan / We took the kids to Bone Garden, the Cartoon Network store (which will be in another post) and we TRIED to get a ride on the newest addition to ATL: the Sky View ferris wheel but the weather rained us out / Pool time (there was A LOT of it) and our fun night at Ru San's for sushi!

So much fun!!  I highly recommend these books if you're looking to document special events - especially with kids.  I mean, the kits are a little pricey but since they come with tabs, mini journals, a pen / glue stick, tape and a bunch of other things, it's DEFINITELY worth the money because they'll have something they'll remember forever and it's all self-contained!  You don't need to buy anything extra - unless you really want to.  I'm thinking about starting my own to document my time with the girls this Summer so I can not only share with the fun but to experiment for the next time we get to make these!