Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventures in Katzi-Land

Whoa!  These past few days have been crazy busy - which means I've been slacking on posts.  Sorry!
Here are some highlights...

It's all mine!! YES!!   And another!   Drunken Unicorn
Silent Drape Runners know how to party   Untitled   Cat faces revealed: Marley Magaziner, Chandler Rentz & Dr. Zachary   Space available   Grilling   Ice cream cake   Audio   Audio pow-wow   Hello

My Sharon Needles shirt finally came in! Huzzah!
I took an origami break during a very long export at work
The Drunken Unicorn got all fancy!  I never see that place during daylight hours...
I had the pleasure of hanging with some friends on Friday since Silent Drape Runners were in town.  I didn't get to see them perform (sad panda) but we had dinner and some drinks at Bookhouse.  These beers were from a SDR fan!  Super nice guy
Having fun with the Catwang app with a photo I took of Marley Magaziner, Chandler Rentz and Dr. Zachary at Bookhouse during everybody's rendition of The Californians.  Zachary and I had no idea what that skit was but luckily, Lauren and Chandler showed me.  Hilarious!
Cat faces revealed!
Pretty house in Gainesville
Grilling in Gainesville
Motocross ice cream cake FTW
Audio times with Michael
Michael and his intern, Eston.  Eston is also a dubstep artist under the name PsilocyberCheck him out!!!  His tracks are insane and there's more coming soon!
Mr. Skeleton at my doctor visit this morning.  The doctor says my knee is doing well but it's hard to determine my progress since I kind of overdid it yesterday during filming.  I was advised to take it easy for a few days and then work on more hip strengthening.  Geez.  I already feel like my legs are giant canons...Contrary to what people think, my legs are pretty strong but I guess they're not strong enough.  Oh well.  It's always something isn't it?!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Going (chroma key) green

Work is getting all kinds of hectic lately and it's everything all at once.  So - I have to find new ways to entertain myself or else I'll go crazy.

In the sauna

Going green

Tuesday was a VERY LONG day since we shot only half of our education pieces for our OCT12 release and there was some fun on-set like keeping the studio so hot that the wasp that had flown in fainted. And we experimented with lighting/shooting on chroma key green. What better guinea pig than Tiago, right? He's always up for anything!


Waiting to ice my knee

Had my second day of physical therapy and icing my knee is always the best part. I'm moving along pretty well since my injury isn't that bad. I have my final therapy session next week and I see the sports doctor after that. He will determine if I can get back to working out in the near future...

Cherry Fizz is growing up super fast!

After releasing Cherry Pop into the wild, I started another Hatchi - Cherry Fizz. I obviously thought it was going to be a girl but I got another boy. Oh well! Either way, it's growing up wicked fast! I thought the sun-looking one was the teenage phase but the actually the squid-looking one is the teenage phase! Now I know he's going to grow up to be a cute little octopus! Hooray!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Snaps

The Masquerade

The Queers!

Screeching Weasel

Bathroom heart



Spotted in the Higlands

Bye girl bye

Here's a progress shot of my bruise today.  It's feeling a lot better but it's still very sore.
That's no shadow, that's my bruise. Lookin' good! #nofilter

After seeing this cute lil photo on my fave Tumblr-er's Instagram feed:

I decided I'd download the app and see if I liked having a Tamagotchi now as much as I did when I was a kid.



They grow up so fast! ^_^

My little guy is all grown up! I have released him into the wild

After raising them for 7 days, you can release them into the Hatchi Forest Sanctuary and I did just that with my little boy Cherry Pop just last night. Aww. I was so devastated that he had grown up so fast that I started a new little brother - Cherry Fizz. You can tell by the names that I really want a female Hatchi but oh well. I have enough coins saved up to change genders but I think I'll keep them just the way they are. Aww!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have finally seen Screeching Weasel live. It might be time to grow up for real now

Remember that one time I was mad at Ben Weasel for hitting those two girls at SXSW last year?  Well...I kinda let that go in March when I bought my ticket for last night's Screeching Weasel show.
Don't get me wrong - I struggled with my desicion but I ultimately decided to go for three pretty good reasons:
1 - My friend Rory's band, Karbomb, was opening the damn show (kind of a big deal, wouldn't you say?)
2 - The Queers were playing. Obvs deal-maker
3 - When SW played their "farewell" back-to-back shows in Chicago in '99 or 2000, I couldn't go with my friends because of school and I was afraid that I'd never EVER get the chance to see them ever again...
Pretty valid reasons, I think.  And I knew that I'd be running into some old friends that I haven't seen in forever.  After I mulled it over, I decided I'd just go.  I mean, when would I get the chance to see SW again?  AND my friend's band was freaking OPENING for them. 
Karbomb Karbomb

After running into my awesome friends - including the handsome fella in the background of this photo:

I was ready for the night to really begin. Enter The Queers. I've never been to a bad Queers show. EVER. I think the last time I saw them was at the Echo Lounge when Philip Hill was playing with them. Seems like forever ago...
The Queers The Queers The Queers The Queers

Then something posessed me to rush up to the front of the stage for Screeching Weasel. Maybe it was nostalgia, maybe it was me trying not to feel so old, maybe I thought it might be the last time I'd be able to see them. Either way, I was front and center like a crazy person and the bruises on my knees and ribs can prove it. The giant bruise on my left hand can also prove it...

Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel

So - back to the bruise on my hand. A very outgoing crowd surfer decided to step down on my left hand with full force on the barricade when he was being reeled in by security and I thought my thumb was fractured but after wrapping it with an ace bandage and diverting my attention at The Avengers in IMAX 3D, the swelling has definitely gone down and the pain isn't as terrible as before.
Thumbs up

Check out the rest of my photos here. I wish I had more but I was having too much fun singing along and dodging random body parts pushing at me. I also wish I had taken more photos of my friends but hopefully we will se more of each other soon! It was great seeing everyone and I'm feeling really nostalgic now since I'm in a small bidding war (apparently) over some long lost tracks by The Number Ones...

Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures in Nail Art

After much debating, I finally decided I wanted to get my nails done. But the question was: who could do it? Who could do great nail art in Atlanta? I searched and searched but I couldn't think of anything - and living OTP (outside the Perimeter / aka: the suburbs) wasn't helping my case. Sure, I've done some pretty sweet nail art myself but there's nothing more glamorous than getting them done. But where?!
Then I remembered! The lovely DJ Speakerfoxxx always has awesome nail pics on her Instagram so I sent Oni on the case: where does Speakerfoxxx get her nails done?! I had to know!!
After a while, I got what I needed. She gets her nails done by a wonderful woman named Christian at Sugarcoat in the Highlands. I made my appointment for today and anxiously waited.
And while I waited this morning, I curled my hair two ways. First: with the most ancient hot roller set I picked up from my Mom's house last weekend:

And after I pulled the hot rollers out, I spruced them back up with my curling iron, pinned them and tied them all up under a pretty scarf (so I could run out and get some breakfast!)

And I did my makeup too! And while I let my curls heat set a little longer than I wanted, I scrounged the interwebz for nail art ideas.
I went to Wah Nails and The Illustrated Nail. I checked out the #nailart and #nailsdid tags on and I went directly to Speakerfoxxx's page for some direct inspiration.
I had a couple of photos saved on my phone already of pretty leopard print manis but I wasn't sure if that was what I really wanted...until I saw these!

LOVE! So after much debating at the very intimidating colour wall, I decided on three colours: a blue that resembled "Slushied" (from the Glee OPI collection), a neon hot pink and a pretty neon green.

I felt like a kid in a candy store: I didn't know what to tell Christian to do! I felt terrible but she was very sweet and we finally decided on a design I saw on Candy Paint:

Gah! So beautiful! But I didn't want an exact copy - hence the blue colour. And we even pulled from Speakerfoxxx's pretty 80's nails to create this lovely mani!

And I've been getting lots of love on Instagram since I posted it! It's making me so happy! But what's more - I got a notification that startled me and made me feel all giddy. I got a "Like" from ultra style maven Nicolette Mason!
WHAAAAAT??!!!! OMG! I had a total fangirl moment! I love her blog and her style and she liked one of my photos?! I'm freaking out!!

Christian did such an amazing job on my nails and I can't wait to see her for my next appointment! Since we chatted (more like I talked her ear off about nail art), she said I could come up with some wacky idea for next time but I'd have to call her to send her photos of what I'd like to experiment with next. I mentioned galaxy nails (again, I know) but she had never seen them. I didn't get a chance to show her my attempts at them but I know she'd come up with some killer galaxy designs! Maybe next time I'll incorporate some hardware since Lauren did hook me up with some studs...I'll keep my eyes open. Maybe we can go high fashion next time? Sounds like fun!

If you're in the Atlanta area and you want some awesome nail art, give Christian a shout at Sugarcoat in the Highlands! You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More photo shenanigans

This woman was big bumpin' at the Resurgens Orthopaedics office when I was getting my knee checked out
The higher the hair...

I felt like this was a good witch house album cover (maybe not)
Capes / Drapes / Gowns

I had some spare hearts leftover after I made Cassie's card so I made my old man a banner for when he came back!
Welcome home!
PS - he loved it!

I got this cute lil macaroon at Whole Foods on our way to Athens
Macaroon in the morning

The hospital where the old man's mom works
You inspire us!

Church on the way out of Athens

I kept imagining a front yard production of Phantom of the Opera happening at some point this weekend...
Looks like our neighbors are rehearsing for their front yard production of "Phantom of the Opera"
I hope they dry it off - it was rained on all weekend!

While I was in the longest line I've seen at Chipotle in a long time, there was this woman who held us all up by not only stopping her order to talk to the teenage umpire (pictured below) about some scary parents she had to call the cops on at some game they were all at but she also had, like, a billion orders she needed from the Chipotle crew. First world problems I know, but damn she was rude!
WPP about some weird parents VS teen refs at little league games SMH

I wouldn't have been so upset if she hadn't been so rude. Ugh. And the kid she was talking to was funny because he rolled his eyes every time she turned her back but he put on this cute, All-American smile when she faced him. Nicely done kid!