Friday, May 22, 2009

100 Push Ups with Ben Weasel

My bestest best friend in the entire universe (Double D) directed me to the 100 Push Ups challenge and was kind of urging me to do it with him (East Coast VS West Coast, sort of). Maybe I was being a little skeptical at the time or just lazy, either way, I wasn't going to do it since I'm a little top heavy, if you know what I mean and I do (some) push ups as part of my (almost) daily workout routine.
Anyways - I had forgotten all about it until today. I was looking through my Twitter feed and I saw this:

Ben Weasel (of Screeching Weasel / my punk rock idol from 10+ years ago) is participating in the 100 Push Up challenge? Good for you, Ben! Good on the Twitter updates as well. I'm going to look out for them now. That's awesome. I know I'm not that disciplined when it comes to working out but maybe I should be. I mean, I already work out 3-5 times a week but I think I need to step it up on those 3 times a week weeks, you know? And I should probably not just work out at work - I have to bring it back to the home front.
Thank you Double D and Ben Weasel - you have both been an inspiration for me today!


Gonna get some Friday Fun

Come to 5 Spot tonight and check out my friends, Crookhaven, and some other good music. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Here's the flyer:

Hopefully we'll have time to stop by Naked and Famous Friday at Graveyard as well. Always a good time!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I still love you, London

Okay - I haven't really been staying up on the Daisy of Love updates but I have a good reason. Actually, 2 good reasons: 1. Charm School with Ricki Lake and 2. London left Daisy of Love and I'm extremely distraught over it. Probably not as much as Daisy but still.
London (aka Joshua Lee) made a scene about Daisy and him connecting but not connecting and all that but it was with good reason. When they were on the tour bus going on their group date, London talked about how his Dad was addicted to pain pills and kicked him out of the house. He said it. BUT when they were playing Truth or Dare later, Daisy asked him why he was kicked out of his house. WTF? If you had been paying attention, Daisy, you would have already known that and not asked that because he also said it was something he didn't really like talking about. I think London was right in feeling bad since it was obvious Daisy wasn't paying attention at all and we all know she can be spacey - remember Sinister's VIP date? Yeah, neither does Daisy since she spaced on that, too.
London was right for walking out - it just felt like Daisy didn't care enough. I mean, it sounded like she wanted a Sid and Nancy type of romance but it just wasn't happening. Good job for walking out, Joshua. We still love you! I guess I'll be pulling for Sinister or Flex now.

One good thing about Charm School getting in my way is Ashley! She's back and she's more awesome than ever!! Welcome back Ashley! We've missed you!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Tumblin', tumblin', tumblin'...

I've been keeping my ear to the Tumblin' arena lately and since they started doing this "Popular Stuff" thing on their front page, I tripped on this little video and had to reblog it to share the love.
I made a CD of this today for my courier trip and it is simply beautiful. I could get lost in this all day. Thank you to Tuneage for posting it for us to share and thank you to Pogo for making it and letting us download it for free. ♥



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NPR and a Commentary About Twitter

I was listening to NPR this morning when I heard this commentary: Keep Your Tweets to Yourself by John Ridley. It made me think about the whole privacy thing for a moment but then I realized that Twitter is really just a way to spout out random things. It's like micro-blogging for the super ADD. You get 140 characters to do what? Share little snippets with people. Maybe a celebrity that will never @Reply you back. Maybe it's a cryptic message you're trying to send across. Maybe it's a way to locate your friend at the Masquerade. Or maybe it's a way to get things off your mind - whether they mean something or not.

Personally, I keep my Facebook status and Twitters separate because I use Twitter to say the things I don't really care to tell ALL my friends. And to send messages to celebrities that I know will NEVER @Reply me back. So, I agree and disagree with the commentary I heard this morning. It's like Twitter is the newest way to get "Internet Famous". Like, if you post something buzzworthy or something, everyone is talking about you. Whether it's a Twitter War or TwitPics or Twit-Whatevers, it's the newest way for "Common People" to have a voice to share with the world. So, if you don't agree with the newest internet fad where people are voluntarily giving random information about themselves/their current situations, don't fret! Another newer, better internet fad is on its way (I'm sure).


Of course Kanye had to ALL CAPS BLOG about Twitter as well...

(photo via BuzzFeed)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dub Step, DnB and a Search and Rescue Mission via the Twitter Machine

I had been waiting for this event to happen ever since I saw that Eskmo was going to be on the bill. Then, I was informed by my good friend at rClique that he, too, would be taking part (Crookhaven). So, I had to go. I shrugged off the $25 cover (WTF?! I know, right) and made my way in early (9-ish) - just to make sure I didn't miss Eskmo.
When I got in, I was greeted by teenagers. Teenagers all fucked up on Ecstasy and whatever else they do now. And glowsticks. Lots and lots of glowsticks. And glowstick acrobatics - which I haven't seen in quite a while. And Captain Crunk.
Yes, Captain Crunk was in the midst of tearing up the decks for the kids to shake their asses to. Only one slight problem - Abelton happened to be a punk and crash on him towards the end of his set. No worries, though. He brought it back full force and the first pass out of the night happened! I'm not sure what caused it but when the Masquerade secruity crew finally picked the kid up, he looked like he was pretty fucked up.
Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out how to direct message on Twitter from my phone. Turns out, I can't so I had to @Reply my friend who I was suppposed to meet there. It was quite the ordeal since my Send/Receive for my email notifications (the only way I know I have a direct message on Twitter) is 30 minutes. I tried to find him but I gave up after walking around looking like a crazy person. So many teenagers to push out of my way. Joy!
To my surprise as I made it back upstairs, Eskmo was on. Since the place wasn't really all that crowded (yet), I was front and center for all of his set - which made me really happy since that's all I really wanted. For that moment, I forgot I was alone, I forgot about my friend location quest, I forgot about the $25 cover, forgot about the annoying teenagers that were bumping into me in their drug-induced comas and just let it happen. I went back to my 18 y/o self and remembered what it was like to go to a party. My legs were so sore after Eskmo's set but the quest was back on.
Up and down the stairs, legs burning, almost pushing people over for not moving fast enough, I was @Replying my location and my outfit to be better located but I didn't reach my friends' locations in time because of the 30 minute delay on my email notifications. I could have just kept Twitter on but my battery was dying. Fast. After my front and center adventure for Evol Intent, I kept my ears open for Crookhaven. Downstairs, in Hell at 1am (Twitter update).
Finally! The search was over! We exchanged all of maybe 4 sentences and then Crookhaven's set began. It was the perfect ending to the evening - even though I think there was someone else on in Heaven afterwards. The minimal crowd made it better for me since it was very chill and they slowed down the evening right. I waited for about 30 minutes after Crookhaven's set to possibly exchange more than 4 sentences with my friend but business had to be handled, so maybe next time.
All in all, Friday was amazing from start to finish. Good music, great DJs, no pretentious assholes standing in the back trying not to sweat out their hair and makeup. It was like the good old days - people dancing, having a good time. As the night wore on, the crowd, it seemed, got better and better (and bigger and bigger). It reminded me why I love drum and bass and dub step so much. Once the beat begins, you can't stop moving and that's what it's all about.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miss You, Colin

I'm not going to lie, I haven't been keeping up with Make Me A Super Model like I said I would. I keep forgetting when it's on, honestly. But I found out my boy Colin got eliminated right before the freaking nude shoot. WTF?! Although, I could see that Nicole was going to have a heart attack because I think she might like him more than I do. Oh, Colin. We still still love you. We miss you terribly. Tyson's advice was priceless. I hope you took it.
I'm just glad we got to see this:

Mmmmm...Jonathan FTW


Thursday, May 7, 2009

V.I.P. at Drunken Unicorn

I arrived at Drunken Unicorn, early as usual, to find that the doors were still locked so I invaded Richy and La Chansons at their pre-show dinner at Bookhouse to have a couple of drinks. I wasn't planning on staying too late since I had to be at work early today but El Ten Eleven's performance was insane.
La Chansons were great, as always. I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do because I'm starting to get all self-conscious about the pictures I take with my camera (like, they're not very good) and I didn't really feel like distracting them with my camera's triple flash attack.

♥ And all the guys in the audience had stars in their eyes for Carson ♥

**Thank you to Greg for the +1 and a drink ticket! You all made me feel like a VIP!**

When El Ten Eleven came on, I saw a bass and a drum set and thought of Death From Above 1979. You know, same set up. BUT these guys are amazing! Loops and layers upon layers of sounds and textures...great, great stuff. Krystyn let me know that they did a few songs for the documentary film Helvetica. I didn't know what to think at first but the more they played, the more energetic it became and the less it started feeling like I was listening to instrumentals. It felt like every layer had its own personality and style, causing it to evolve with every layer ontop of it, making it grow into this wild, out of control piece that flowed together in such a way that you didn't really want it to end. You can check out more of their skylarkings here and here. I wish I could have stayed long enough to pick up a CD but my bed was calling and now I'm definitely feeling the lack of sleep.
But I will say this: It was totally worth it and you should be very sad that you missed it.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DJ Ehyeh - the coolest house DJ you're NOT listening to (jerks!)

When I started working where I currently am now (I can't say where because we had a HUGE meeting about it), I met this wacky, loud-mouthed, dread-locked guy named Aaron. He was the in-house audio master: he recorded all the live audio for the DVDs we make and did the music editing and mixed all the pretty audio files for us to use in our final exports. *sigh* What a guy!
Last year, he told us all he was leaving for Florida to be with his family. By that time, we had become friends and I let him know about my love for techno - especially DnB. As a parting gift, he gave me a bunch of old CD mixes from him and his friends that have gotten pretty heavy play time on my iPod.
Well, he recently moved back to Georgia and he now is set up with our friends: the lovely Wendy and Brad. I go over there from time to time to shoot our interpretive art film that has yet to be named and I occasionally run into Aaron (usually while intoxicated).
I happened to be at Wendy and Brad's last Friday and Aaron bestowed upon me the greatest DVD ever: 17 hours of his own house mixes. 17 hours. Fucking AWESOME. Sadly, my poor little iPod had room for 4 hours only but these 4 hours are amazing and I can't wait to hear the others. It's perfect background music for what I do and it's awesome music to get hype to. I feel like my office has turned into Afterlife and Preston Craig has everyone sweating.
Get your hands on these MP3s (or ask me and I'll pick a random track to burn for you) and get your ass on the dance floor. STAT.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Daisy of Love Revelations

While the sky was falling on Atlanta this weekend, I had the pleasure of catching up to my new favourite show: Daisy of Love.

I immediately fell in love with London - who made Daisy say "It's Daisy of Love, not I love Liquor!" And I also went googoo for Sinister (even though I don't know much about him). But the one guy that had me swooning the most was Professor. He left early (for boring Daisy to death, apparently). Professor was cute, quiet, shy and just wacky enough (stretched ear holes) for the show, I think. He balanced the heavy dose of CRAZY out nicely. Too bad...
One guy I wish would go home is 12 Pack. Hmmm...let's see...where do you know him from? Oh that's right - I love New York and I Love Money. I think he's on Daisy of Love to be on TV, honestly. I mean, it's pretty freakin' obvious. But there was another familiar face on the show...Big Rig. The farmer / country boy. Why did he look familiar??? Then it hit me! Remember that VH1 show America's Most Smartest Model? Remember the crazy Russian, Andre? Big Rig totally reminded me of Andre.

I'm sure they're not the same person, but damn it, they do look similar.
Anyways - I had a few thoughts concerning the contestants on the show and here they are:

Brooklyn and 12 Pack have got to go, in my honest opinion. They lack personality and I don't think Flipper sucked all the crazy out of the house when he left, I think he injected more in.
poor Triplets, too. All they wanted was free füd, free booze and free air time (probably).
And yes, I AM missing someone because VH1 didn't have his profile up at all! Who could it be, you ask? Why, the only black guy of course! What's up with that?!