Monday, December 27, 2010

Skins: Vol. 2 - WENT there.

I wrapped up Vol. 2 of Skins over the holiday break. Wow. Just wow. Here's a quick rundown...

Ep. 1: Tony and Maxxie:
Tony is recovering (see Vol. 1) and Maxxie wants to be a dancer. Maxxie also feels like he's being watched. By who? We don't know yet. That's pretty much all I can say without giving too much away - if you haven't seen Vol. 1.

Ep. 2: Sketch:

Maxxie's suspicions were right - he WAS being watched by this cute but very strange girl named Sketch. She desperately tries to get his attention but he won't even notice her. She stays in her apartment taking after her disabled Mom so she's kind of lacking in social skills. Poor girl. I started liking her but she's kind of WAY out there...
Meanwhile, "Osama: The Musical" is getting underway - yes, it's about 9/11 - and let's just say that Maxxie, Michelle and Sketch have a "run-in" of sorts....

Ep. 3: Sid:
We learn more about Sid's home life. His mother left him and his father - which was quite traumatic - and his father has these ridiculously high expectations for him and we never really understand why until his grandfather comes to visit, bringing Sid's uncle and two cousins. The cousins are a terror but no one really sees that except Sid and his father but there's one problem: Sid's dad is so scared of letting his own father down that he won't stand up for himself. This includes not telling him that he and his wife split up - which results in an outburst, and accident and Sid's dad finally standing up for himself. While you feel really happy that Sid's dad has finally stood up for himself and seems to ease up on Sid, the worst thing ever happens - of course...

Ep. 4: Michelle:
Michelle's having a birthday. And her new step-sister has invited herself. Yes, her mother has remarried AGAIN. It's starting to drive me crazy! Anyways, Michelle is having a hard time coping with Tony and Sid is having a hard time coping with his dilemma...will they seek comfort in each other's arms? I don't know, maybe. The whole gang (plus the step-sis) go to a beach on a camping trip for Michell's birthday and the whole time, I was wondering about Chris and Jal. What is going on with them? They're like the Liberty and JT of Skins. Would my Degrassi dreams come true on Skins???

Ep. 5: Chris:
Chris is expelled! What?! Why? Could it be his partying? His drugs? His adventurous outlook on life? Yes, yes and yes. What does that mean for Chris? Oh, you know, being kicked out on the street and looking for work. Luckily, he finds work and a place to stay with Cassie (who is back! and out on the streets) but not without some trouble.
But while all this is happening, Jal has struck up a sort of contest with Chris - his outlook on life can no longer be "Fuck it" but in return, Jal has to say "Yes" to a lot more things.

The result? The JT and Liberty of Skins! Finally! I just love these 2 together!!

Ep. 6: Tony:
He's lost. He's confused. He's not himself. And everyone is having a hard time with it. Tony embarks on a trip to check out another school - which tuns into a super awesome adventure of rediscovery (with the aid of a mysterious girl, of course)...

Ep. 7: Effy:
Poor Effy. She's so young and yet, here she is - taking care of her severely depressed mother. We get it, Stonem family, Tony had a horrible trauma and he's not the same but that doesn't mean Effy has to take care of everyone. She's having a hard time as it is going to raves and selling drugs and whatnot. Cut her a break. I sound like I'm being a jerk about Effy but I really do love her character. She might not say much but she can sure get the point across.

Ep. 8: Jal:
Jal and Chris? Jal and college? Jal and Chris and baby? ZOMG - JUST LIKE JT AND LIBERTY!!! Aaaaaanyways - Jal is trying to figure out how to tell Chris about the bun in the oven but just when you think she might - we all realize it may be too late. Cassie was going on and on about secrets and how people shouldn't have them but I wasn't quite sure where she was taking it - until Chris had to go to the hospital! WHAT?!!!! I've said too much...

The end of the season deals with what's up with Chris. I can't say too much except IT GOES THERE. Oh, and I shed some tears. Yes. Call me a sap but whatever. After this season, you really fall in love with these kids (especially since they may or may not remind you of certain Canadian kids...). I started watching Vol. 3 but I'm having a bit of a time with it. I've only gotten through the assembly where the kid reveals his tattoo to everyone but that's where I've stopped. Maybe I'll get back into it during my New Year's break.

Also - does wanting to see the MTV version make me a bad person? I'm kind of jazzed about it...

Skins (US) airs on MTV on Monday, January 17 at 10pm. I know I'll be tuned in...
Love and kisses,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Skins: British Degrassi with dubstep and more "It goes there" moments

I'd been seeing Skins screen shots floating on my Tumblr dash for, like, ever and I never knew what it was until a few months ago when I realized I could watch it via Netflix Instant.
Skins is very much like Degrassi: TNG - the tortured youth of today and all the problems they face. What kind of problems? Oh you know, the usual: eating disorders, homosexuality, homophobia, teen pregnancy, parental abandonment, parental loss, getting hit by trucks, RAVES, drugs, alcohol, obession...well, you get the point.
At first, it was a little rough getting into Vol. 1 since each episode introduced you to a specific character but towards the end, after you've been properly introduced and the story can move on, I was hooked.

The first episode introduces you to Tony.

Good-looking (I guess - he's not my type) and he's dating the popular girl (I guess Michelle is our equivalent to the popular girl). He parties and he's very open with his sexuality - which I think is great. The downside: he's kind of a douche (obvs). He calls his gal "Nips" and keeps telling her that one tit is bigger than the other, making her feel like crap. He also takes advantage of ALL of his friends - which is not cool. Arrogant prick.

Then there's Cassie.

She's flawed. She has an eating disorder, she attempts suicide (later on in the season) and she's one of my favourite characters. She's like a nymph. Everything is "cool" and dreamy to her. She always has a very breathy voice and she seems at ease but you can tell she's hurting all the time. You instantly want to hold her and make sure her world never crashes down on her.

Next up is Jal.

She's the Liberty of the group. She's in band, she's pretty straight laced and I would say she's the responsible one of the whole group. I like her but I like her more in Vol. 2...(can't give too much away)

Next is Chris.

He is, without a doubt, my favourite guy (next to Maxxie). He's so happy-go-lucky it's infectious. But - we meet him after he wakes up to find out that his mother has abandoned him. What does he do? He takes the money she's left him and goes on a bender, resulting in a gigantic party at his house. You gotta love him but he needs help...And you can't help but love him even more when he starts sleeping with his teacher (who reminds me of Katy Perry)!

Here we come to Sid.

Tony's best friend. And he's in love with Tony's gal, Michelle. But there's one small problem - Tony has been trying to hook Sid with with Cassie (who is in love with him) but he won't really give in so easily, right away. But Sid has other problems: Tony takes advantage of him a little too much (obvs) and he's failing in school. Not to mention his mother is leaving his father and his father has crazy high expectations of him. Sid is likeable with all his flaws and I like him even more in Vol. 2.

Up next the power duo of Maxxie and Anwar

Maxxie is one of my favourite guys on the show. He's cool, he dresses well and he's gay - which I guess would make him the Marco of the group. His best friend is Anwar (played by Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel). They're pretty inseperable - that is, until Anwar discovers Maxxie has a bit of a crush on him and he gets all weirded out because he's afraid Maxxie will "gay him". Through it all, they go through some pretty intense shit and they make it out in the end. Their situation gets kind of funnier in Vol. 2 when Maxxie's stalker starts sleeping with Anwar just have to watch.

And now, we're at Michelle.

She's kind of average looking - which is a good thing because that makes her more relatable. What can I say about her? She's a party girl, she's Tony's gal, Sid's in love with her and she's BFFs with Jal and Cassie. Her mother marries too quickly and that makes her home life a little too unstable. Tony treats her like crap, too. Tony and Maxxie get all touchy feely on a school trip to Russia with Michelle pretending to be asleep in the same room. She sees this as the last straw and breaks up with Tony. BUT like most girls in love, she's still not over him and in the finale, something happens between her and Tony that is totally tragic and beautiful at the same time - but it makes it hard on their relationship in Vol. 2 and Sid might have his dream come true with Michelle.

We can't forget about Effy, though!

Effy is Tony's younger sister. She barely says anything and yet, she's one of the best characters on the show. She parties HARD and in her episode, she parties so hard, she gets quite fucked up and if the guys had the chance, they probably would have left her for dead. Thank goodness Tony showed up when he did... Effy has it rough in Vol. 2 but she still maintains her secret party life - which I love because she dresses so well!

Vol. 1 ends in a big way - which I don't really want to reveal here if you haven't seen it but it will definitely leave you breathless for Vol. 2. One thing that I appreciate about Skins is that it's so raw. They cuss, they fight, they get naked, they have sex, they drink, they do drugs and it just feels a little more real than Degrassi ever did. There might not be a cocaine nosebleed in the style of Craig but there definitely are some blackouts - which kind of scared me. And one thing I really do appreciate is the music. The kids rave. They party with glowsticks, pills and tabs. Every time they go to a party, I wish I was there too! Parties made me so happy when I was their age (whoa - I'm old) and I want that to come back in a major way. It feels like it's on the cusp of fully returning to the good old rave days of the '90's but it's not quite there yet... I thought it would be close with the MTV version of Skins but I'm not really interested in seeing that so I'm not sure if that would generate any intrest in rave culture. It's all "scene" or "cyber" now. In any case, I'm having a lot of fun watching it and Vol. 2 has really stepped it up since Vol. 1. I'm officially hooked and I can't get enough!

Love and kisses,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta: WTPhaedra?!

What is up with people needing documentation on this show?!
I could understand it between Shereé and "Dr" Tiy-E Muhammad but what's all this between Kim and Phaedra?
Although I do appreciate Phaedra saying gems like, "Just because she strips in a nurse outfit doesn't make her a real nurse" but seriously Phaedra...what are you hiding?
You aren't fooling anyone. We all know your baby was full term even though you were saying you were only 7 months or whatever. Please. Stop. It. I know you're trying to keep your "Southern Belle" classy lady act intact but PLEASE girlfriend, your baby was NOT conceived in wedlock. And you know what, that's okay. Are any babies conceived that way in this day and age? Not really. Who's going to judge you? Nobody, honey. But you're making it worse by being on TV and saying you were knocked up after you were married when we all know you weren't. What are you playing at?
I didn't have a reason to judge you before - even though you say you're an entertainment lawyer and all that and you're married to a convict and whatever and you wear too much makeup but I can let that one slide BUT - the fact that you're trying to maintain the time frame you were knocked up is just silly. STOP. IT. That's not very lady-like.

What else isn't lady-like? Cynthia's Friend Contract with NeNe. Um...WHAT?!

Why was this necessary? Is she really that scared of losing friends? Is it because she doesn't really have any friends? Is it because she hasn't had "real" friends in so long she has forgotten how to be a friend? And when NeNe confessed to showing it to Kim, Cynthia was trying to play it off as a joke. Asking for notarization for friend termination - or whatever the rules were - is not a joke. That is some serious bullshit right there.
To be honest, I'm a little worried about Cynthia. How is her relationship? I mean, her husband was jealous of NeNe, Cynthia asked for a fucking Friend Contract, she seems like she struggles in group settings. What is wrong with her? Is she that socially awkward? I think so. I guess when people tell you you're amazing all the time and you get into a vapid bubble of nobody but yourself, you tend to forget what real interaction is. And then you get into weird relationships and you have people sign contracts. She seems like she's constantly doubting her decision to marry whatever his name is and she is so awkward in front of people. Is it the cameras? Would that be it? I don't know...I never really felt comfortable with her since the first time I saw her on the show. I felt kind of sorry for her. She has a kind of silent suffering going on and I don't like it. Maybe I'm wrong.

Until next time, catch more RHOA antics here.

Love and kisses,

Monday, December 6, 2010

FOUND! More photos from the VS 2010 Fashion Show!

I was able to find more luscious angles of Lily Donaldson in my favourite outfit:

AMAZING!! I'm even more envious of her now! I think the next best thing: a tattoo.

Yes! A tattoo! I need to get with the always awesome Matt Greenhalgh of Only You Tattoo and see if he can sketch me up a cute pin up girl version of Lily Donaldson's outfit from the show. That would be adorbs Xs infinity!!

I digress...on to the rest of the found outfits! (Some of them are repeats but from a different angle or a close up)

Yes, I found more from my *favourite* section: Country. Actually, it's not so bad anymore. Why? JESSICA STAM. Look at her. Just look at her.

She is working those weird wooden rose feather wings and her denim - I still hated this part. But now you get to see MeeMaw's table cloth I mentioned in the last post! Awesome!

More from the Tough Love portion (with bonus angles from ones you've seen before):

My dear, dear Adriana. You are fucking awesome! Look at how FIERCE you look:

You're such a badass!

Okay - moving the Jungle Safari

Loving the body paint and the wearability of most of these bra and panty sets.

And now, my little Goddess Angels

They really do look like Grecian Goddesses that fell from the sky. *Le sigh*...the stuff dreams are made of...

And last - but definitely NOT least - the Candy Raver Sleep Over!!!!

We get a repeat Jessica Stam looking all cute in a see through raincoat with a GIANT rick rack belt. Adorbs!! You can't hate this part. Just look at the colours! You can't get mad at it!!! You just want to pinch their little cheeks, put their hair in pigtails and have them give each other manicures! CUTE!!!

I had the fun pleasure of checking out this collection and this one for more photos! These are amazing! And there's still more out there, I'm sure!! I'll keep my eyes peeled!
Until next time...

Love and kisses,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

This is one of my favourite nights because I love love LOVE the VS Fashion Show! Every year, they put the playfulness back into the runway not only with the fashions and the ridiculously crazy wings, but with great performances by their musical acts and the models themselves.
This year saw cute designs smashed against the WEIRDEST thing: a Country theme?
I know, right? WTF?! It was not cute AT ALL. I have a lot of respect for the designers, don't get me wrong, but I hate MOST country things.
I mean, WTF is this shit?!

Doily wings that looked like they were plucked off MeeMaw's table? MeeMaw's table cloth that she loved to literal pieces and turned into a quilt which turned into a jacket AND wings (wings not pictured but trust me, they exist). Oh, and let's not forget the straw/hay wings that were probably heavy as FUCK (but probably not as heavy as these). They were pretty neat BUT they blended into that poor model's hair and it was like, "Oh look, they made wings out of hair. Why would they make wings out of hair? In the country portion? Oh...wait. They're zooming in. Yes, camera person, those are boobs. Zooming...zooming...HAY? WTF?! Wings out of hay???"



The rest of the outfits were great! The "Tough Love" portion had a few obvious nods to McQueen that were FABS.

They all looked like little trampy vixens and I loved it! Especially Adriana.

I just can't get enough of her. It's almost like she's not even real. She's that beautiful to me

The Sports segment was a little weird. It had its hits and misses (ZING!) but it was well done. Definitely creative!

And I LOVE that guy's face in the middle pic on the bottom row. "No, I'm totes NOT checking out Alessandra's ass! Whatevs. Okay I am."

You're silly.

The Jungle segment was pretty. The peacock wings were to die for!!!

This was AMAZING!!!

Look at that headdress!!!

Then Akon came out and sang during what I dubbed the "Goddess" portion of the show. Goddesses, indeed! Look at these ladies!

And to think: these aren't even all the outfits! *gasp*

My most favourite outfit of the night was this one:

STUNNING!!!! There are no words that can describe how I feel about this outfit...Stunning doesn't even cut it.

On to the Candy Raver slumber party!!!!

I was loving the "Rainbow Brite come to life" aura of this:

Squee!!! Super cute!

Along with the model interviews and behind the scenes featurettes, there was also a Director's track. There were several people on headsets that were announcing who was walking next, which segment they were running and so on and so forth. I can appreciate that because that's always interesting to me but I couldn't help but think that they got some guy and some gal to come in during post and add in their "cues". Not even the real people directing the show, just some random voice over talents. You never saw who was talking during the director's track and you only saw fleeting moments of a person wearing headsets while they were pointing frantically or ushering the next model to the staging area or to her wardrobe station. And knowing how hectic it gets back there, if they had actually used the live director's track, there would have been a lot of censoring. I know I would be cussing up a storm. But once the dust settles, it's all hunky dory. It's the heat of the moment. I get it. Good job, voice over people!

Catch more VS shenanigans here and here. I want to try and find more outfits because these aren't ALL of the outfits from the runway! They were all so awesome (save for the country but I'll shut up about them now). Off to hunt for more!

Love and kisses,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta - I'm a Shereé fan!

I don't usually watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta but since it moved to Sundays at 10pm, I find myself watching it more than I usually do. What? No Walking Dead? No thanks...
Last night was the confrontation of Shereé and "Dr" Tiy-E Muhammad. All I want to know is why? Why did Shereé waste her time with that no-good, wannabe fame whore asshole? After last season, I wasn't really that big of a Shereé supporter but now, I feel bad for her because she wasted her precious time with that jerk off. Shereé can do a million times better, so why would she even bat an eyelash at this guy?!
He disgusted me when Shereé was walking up and asked him, "What are you looking at your watch for?" and he replied with a sleazy answer: "Because it's on my wrist and I can". Who the FUCK says that shit?! Then they have the lovely conversation about how he's all Sad Panda because he hasn't met her kids yet. Boo hoo. But he patronizes Shereé with, "Can I finish? You're not letting me finish". I've been there. Being interrupted. It happens ALL THE TIME. But - if you're sitting there talking shit and making up excuses, I'm going to interrupt you and so will anybody else. That's why I'm not even mad that Shereé was interrupting him.
Watch below:

After all that, thank God she cuts him loose because she doesn't need that. One of the things I appreciate about Shereé is that she's independent. She doesn't need a man to feel validated. She doesn't need a man to enjoy the simple things. And even though it's about the money...(come on, who are you kidding here?) I can respect Shereé for setting the bar super high - especially when it concerns her personal life and her family. favourite housewife of them all is still Kandi :D

Love and kisses,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Heidi + Mondo's dress = together at last!

That fierce German wonder woman finally wore THE dress!!!

LOVE IT!!! She looks lovely! Without the sleeves, it looks better! It doesn't look so Dee Lite-ish - which is good. And, although I really wanted her to run off the runway, rip it off the model and come sashaying out to show M Kors that Mondo is fucking fabs during the finale, she waited for a red carpet event. I love you, Heidi! Heidi and Mondo forever!!

Love and kisses,

Photo from The Non-Blonde

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Walking Dead - Welcome to my nightmare

I feasted my eyes on a lovely show called The Walking Dead. No, I did NOT watch it on Halloween night. No, I did not watch it the day after or even the week after. I just watched the first episode on Sunday. Morning. At 9am. After sunrise. Why did I put it off for so long? Oh, you know...because a zombie apocalypse is what fuels my nightmares and keeps me awake at night.
It's true. I had a dream about 12 years ago that was almost too real. And what did it involve? Zombies. It was fucked up. I worked at a day care at the time and the kinds kept trying to show me their new talent: biting people. But it was wrong! Biting was wrong! There wasn't a song yet but we all knew biting was wrong! Except for that day. Biting was okay that day. Why? They were undead! They wanted brains. My brains! And this one kid showed me his cool talent: he tilted his head and his brain fell out. And he laughed. When I got to work, I was swarmed by children - just like in my dream! But the only cool tricks they showed me were tying their shoes or how they learned to draw robots. Phew.
After that, I was never the same. It could come at any moment - some super secret government thing gone awry. Something along the lines of Cabin Fever but instead of a flesh eating virus - the hunger...for brains! 28 Days Later! Dead Alive! 28 Weeks Later! Zombieland! They're all nightmare fuel - plus many, many more. And my old man should know - he should be considered an "expert" in the ways of the zombie. But he can't answer this simple question: Why do they want brains?
There have been many times my friend and I have tried to figure it out. My old man joined in on the debate and it seems as though they want our brains for the electrical impulses. At least, that's what we came up with. But why? They're the walking dead. What do they care about the electrical impulses in our brains? If they need them, does that give them some kind of expiration date/time? Like, if they don't have brains after a certain amount of time, do they die (again)? Do they need the electrical impulses to feed their dead bodies? Would that even matter at that point? Why the brains? Why the flesh? Because it scares us? To shock us? Who knows. So, we turned to more research and ended up reading up on zombie powder. It's Voodoo related, so I had to stop. That's where I draw the line. But that's also how you know it's possible. The research has been made. The evidence is there. And it's fucking scary.
So why would i be so amped to watch The Walking Dead? Well............not only does it take place in Atlanta (w00t!) but I had my 4th "is it real or fake when I wake up" zombie dream. They don't happen often but when they do, it's scary as shit. So I figured why not face my fear and watch a show about the things I dream of? Why not, right? Face my fear. So, we watched it. My old man was so happy that I was watching it, btw. And guess what? I was still scared. With as awesome as the show is and how the safest place (kinda) was Atlanta, I was still scared out of my mind. Could I handle the graphic novel? NO WAY. The whole time I was watching the show, I kept bracing myself for the worst. Zombified kids? Check. Zombies coming out of nowhere? It didn't happen as often as I kept thinking it would but still. Check. Swarms of zombies? HOLY MOTHER OF GOD CHECK TIMES INFINITY. And that was enough for me. Good thing that was the end of episode 1. I don't think I could've handled more than that. My soul feels heavy and dirty. I'd love to watch the show - especially since our lead character is on the hunt for his wife and child and we end up knowing where they are and it's a FUCKED UP situation. But my soul can't take that kind of beating on a weekly basis. I can't watch my nightmare come to life in the city I live in on a weekly basis. I'm not strong enough. Who in their right mind would still ride their horse into a city when it looks all fucked up? Who???

I know it's typical Atlanta traffic and all but still - it's going AWAY from the city... (bad joke)
Anyways - it's a great show. Too bad I can't watch it. One day, I won't be so scared of zombies. I hope that day will be before the zombie apocalypse and I'll be prepared (hopefully). Until then, I'll do more research...

Sweet dreams

PS - I've also thought about possibly looking into being an extra for season 2 (if it's still in Atlanta). Maybe I could face my fear that way? Or maybe that would be the worst day ever since I'll be in the middle of my nightmare. Still a possibility. I could look into it...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Project Runway Season 8 Finale: Um...did I hear you correctly about who won? Are you on drugs?!

Because I've been really busy at work, I haven't been able to talk about the DISASTER that was the Project Runway season 8 finale.





We all thought Mondo had it in the bag, hands down. His runway show was downright fashion current AND fashion forward. So what the hell, Michael Kors? What the hell is wrong with you? This was the first time wearability has been an issue during Fashion Week and as far as I'm concerned, Mondo's was the MOST wearable. Andy's was second. Gretchen will not even be considered. Why? Take a look...

I see Gretchen ovbs thinks granny panties are fashion forward...especially since she used them not once, twice but THREE TIMES

I guess Gretchen was also appealing to Michael Kors' inner Iceman using Aviators in her styling...

These models look like they're about to go on a safari with the rest of the models...

This poor model looks like she's wet herself...

This poor model looks like she's wearing a pair of sparkly diaper shorts...

Not for nothing, I think the jewelry was wonderful. I had a sneaking suspicion that her Mom had made it (since she said her mom made jewelry a few episodes back) but all she said was that she sketched it out and had it forged for her. Remember that sentence

Andy's was such a HUGE departure from what he had been doing all season. It was kind of awesome to see him outside of his comfort zone but it was a little hard to watch because he was outside of his comfort zone. It felt like Andy's collection was damned if you do, damned if you don't. He was damned if he made his signature "Donimatrix" look and he ended up being damned because he didn't make it. I thought it was well thought out but so far away from all his other looks...

I'm not sure how I feel about this look but I do know this: I'm probably the only person who LOVES his headpieces.

This one was a little matronly for my tastes...

Okay - together, this look is blah but could you imagine the top and cropped jacket with some jeans? Adorbs!

I wasn't a big fan of this outfit but this was my favourite headpiece

Okay - we said this outfit looked like a hair tree was growing out of her crotch (we were hoping Kors would say something about the crazy crotch for drinking game reasons but he didn't. And that wasn't the first time Kors let us down that night...) but I guess he minimized the hair tree with a cover up in the same fabric???

Loved it. Simple but still a statement piece

I loved the top here but I could've gone without the pants

Loved it. Very Gossip Girl-ish. Also, my second most favourite headpiece

I liked the weaving on the top but I'm not a fan of that green

Again, not a fan of the green BUT this dress was pretty and I would love to see it in other colours. To me, that would be a fabs little black dress

And last, but certainly not least, Mondo's collection. A lot of his clothing was also very Gossip Girl-ish but I love it all as complete outfits and as separates. I also really like his headpieces. One thing that he made sure to mention was that he made, hand-beaded and screenprinted ALL of his looks himself. To me (as a crafter), that means the world to know that he did all of that himself. It just adds a little something extra knowing that he put in the time and effort for every piece.

This is very Gossip Girl and I would LOVE to see it on the show

Can I just say that I LOVE his painted leather technique?

For my body type, I think I would make a total mess out of this outfit. BUT - if I wore it as separates, total WIN. And I would get more than 1 outfit. Double WIN.

LOVE THIS. Total Gossip Girl

LOVE THIS! If I had the money, I'd commission Mondo to make this dress for me (in my size)

Same thing: If I had the money, I'd commission Mondo to make this dress for me (in my size)

Love the pants. For me, these would be great separates

Again - Loving the painted leather technique AND I really like the "groove is in the heart" polka dot pattern as a shirt

This would look great paired with pants. I'm not daring enough to be able to begin to pull this off as a dress. I love the colours and colour blocking on this little number

Okay - the Lady Miss Kier dress...what can I say about this? I'm not the biggest fan of it but it was very clear that Heidi loved it. In fact, her case for this dress was so strong that we were expecting her to run backstage, rip it off the model and come back to rub it in Kors' and Nina's faces!! I'm half expecting her to go to a red carpet even wearing it sometime soon. If she does, she's my shero

There you have it. The weirdest Project Runway finale I've experienced in a while. I'm not quite sure what else you can say about it - it's one of those things you have to see for yourself...

Until next season!
Love and kisses,