Friday, January 27, 2012

366 Project Update

Here's another 366 project round-up. I think I'll *try* to do a weekly round-up to kind of help me stay on task and not get all discouraged. Help me keep my creativity flowing!
Since I've already done the first 15 days post, I'll start with the 16th until now...

16/366 January Birthday Day Cake 17/366: Abstract 18/366: The house at the top of the hill 19/366: Dessert 20/366: Tartan 21/366: Gum balls 22/366: Mugs 23/366: Two reasons to finally upgrade phones! 24/366: Church 25/366: Shoes are in! It's almost filming time 26/366: Flowers

While I'm aware you've seen some of these already, it doesn't hurt to re-post!

I'm trying to do little things like take different ways home for some different scenery or using other apps instead of just the Hipstamatic.  But when I do use the Hipstamatic, I've been shaking it to randomize the settings since I have a tendency to stay with one particular lens/film combo.  I've also been keeping an eye out for different camera apps to try out as well.  I'm really excited about the photos now that I've done my upgrade!  The last photo (of the Nike shoe boxes) is the first photo with my new phone and I think it looks great!  Especially after I ran it through the Cross Process app.  It's like night and day!  I love it!  I can't wait to share more photos!

Project Runway All-Stars: Good Taste Tastes Good : The Recap

Ugh.  Can I just say that last night's episode was bumming me out?  I mean, whose idea was it to have the designers get inspired by flavours of gelato for the 6 hour challenge?  Weird...

First of all - Jerell was talking shit about everyone and then he makes this Fruits of the Forest thing

Um okay Jerell.  If you had styled it differently, it would've looked better.  AND I'm so glad he gets a reality check next week because, seriously, why is he there if he hasn't been in the top or bottom yet?

Sticky McStinkface (AKA Mila) was in the TOP 3?  What?  Bizarro.  Her Milk and Sour Cherries (apropos) lazy t-shirt dress was in the top?  Yuck.

Why? The colours are all lame and this poor model looks terrible. The judges even told her the accessories were too heavy.

Austin's was so vanilla.  I mean, yes his flavour was Madagascar Vanilla Bean but this shit is seriously boring.

Rami's head was clearly not in the game because I don't know what to call this.

Lime-splosion works, I think.

Kenley, I've seen this dress a thousand times at the thrift store and at Target.

It's cute. It will always be cute. But for the sake of the competition DO SOMETHING NEW

April took a cute approach to her blueberry flavour but her execution in what hurt her in the end.

I don't care what anyone says - this dress is cute. Yes, the back is too short and yes, it's slightly unfinished but it's pretty. The purple tulle over the blueberry blue was beautiful! It definitely should NOT have gone home over this mess:

Kara must really want a baby since she keeps making maternity wear. How on Earth did this stay?! Honestly, I thought Sweet P was back in the workroom! What in the world?! Even Isaac said, "Is she all-stars material?" I'm with you Isaac. I guess the producers know about our drinking game rules (Drink when someone cries or looks like they're going to cry).

Anthony's Green Tea dress was cute but it was little too structured for this challenge.

I think it's great that he can construct clothes. Awesome. But you don't have to do it so much. And those angles don't really play well with the flowy skirt. I get the hard versus soft thing but since your inspiration was the gelato melting, you should've made the "cone" skirt a little sharper and the "gelato" top a little softer. Just sayin

Mondo's would've been drinking game worthy if we had said to take a drink evey time someone said "Caftan". If we did that, I don't think I could've gone into work. Ouch.

While it was a very literal translation of a cantaloupe, it works! I like it! It was cute and flowy and all the ladies loved it. Great job Mondo! Caftan caftan caftan caftan.

The winner two weeks in a row - Michael! While I'm glad he has won 2 challenges, this dress looked a little too easy.

Not hating on it or anything but it reminds me of that scene in Sleeping Beauty when the Fairy Godmothers are trying to make a dress for Briar Rose without using any magic.

Brush up on your Spanish!

I'm just saying.  It's a pretty dress, yes, but I think the colour was a weird choice - even for grapefruit.  Either way, good job Michael!

Next week, the All-Stars have to go around the city and find their Muse.  I can't wait!  That sounds like a very interesting challenge indeed!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars - The Live-Blog: Good Taste Tastes Good

Jean Paul Gaultier's Couture Spring 2012 Show

Giant, unkempt beehives. Larger than normal winged eyeliner. This was Jean Paul Gaultier's inspiration for his Couture Spring 2012 show.

While "Amy Winehouse" and "Couture" don't seem like they would go together, they actually made a great pair. I love Jean Paul Gaultier and I think this was a wonderful show - including having everyone's favorite male model: Andrej Pejic

Beautiful show!
Read the full review here
See the show here

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I finally get my Wavves Starter cap!

I was one of the unfortunate few that missed out on the white Mishka x Wavves Starter caps. It was a very sad moment for me as a Wavves fan. Lucky for me, I'm tracking the "Wavves" tag on my tumblr (not creepy at all) and I saw this post - promting me to search the interwebs.

BOOM! Here's the link!
I will be the proud owner of this beauty soon

Get yours before they're sold out!

GPOYW --> Getting girly!

I found a way to incorporate my Oxfords and my glitter collar today!  I'm so happy the way my outfit turned out!  I've been getting non-stop compliments from everyone on my ensemble - especially the collar!

I was also able to upgrade my phone last night so I could rock my sweet sweet Jolie Petite case!

It's also getting lots of compliments!

I'm feeling extra girly today!  Too bad I can't dress like this all the time.  Maybe before each filming, I should pick a day to be extra girly at work.  No one ever expects that out of me since I'm always in casual clothes.  Sounds like a plan!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More collars? Yes, please!

This post had me thinking about collars. Since I have a new glittery collars in my jewelry arsenal, I got to thinking...What kind other glittery things could I *try* to replicate? Hmmm...

One article pointed me to this lovely beauty

My version would be without the tie-thing that resembles something else...
And that necklace got me thinking about another collar piece that I've been in love with FOREVER: The Satine.

Though The Satine is based more in filigree and bigger diamond pieces, I think I'd like to attempt this in vinyl first and then see if I can try it with stiff felt for the neck piece and incorporate some wire work for the open work on the chest part - or vice versa: stiff felt first then vinyl?  Or I could keep with the stiff felt and use a dressmakers pencil to trace out my shapes and then glue rhinestones in the filigree open work?

That is a BIG project!  It's also a project I've been talking about doing FOREVER.  A few years ago, I bought some wires and cheap plastic beads for my mock up and I didn't get too far.  I even thought about taking a metalsmithing class just so I could recreate this in silver.  Oy. 
This necklace haunts me.  I love it more than any other jewelry piece I've ever seen in my entire life.  It comes to me in my dreams (I swear), it pops up randomly in my head, I even reference it for when I'm talking about extravagant pieces.  I mean, how could I not?

Let's see if my collar-making skills are up for the task this year.  If not, there's always next year!

Jolie Petite - The Most Kawaii Cases EVER

I forgot how I stumbled upon these cases (probably Tumblr.........) but I absolutely fell in LOVE with these custom phone cases from Etsy seller Jolie Petite! At first, it started with a small FB request to my old man since he was hounding me about what I wanted for Christmas. I sent him the FB page pointing him to the query about custom cases. I told him if he wanted to get me anything, he should get me a custom Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case.  Mind you, I don't have the iPhone 4 just yet but I was hoping to get one for Christmas.  I still don't have one since I can't stop long enough to actually go to the store and upgrade my damn phone but I will now because guess what two beauties showed up in the mail?
23/366: Two reasons to finally upgrade phones!
That's right! My super kawaii Hello Kitty phone cases!  He did it!  He actually ordered them!  I honestly didn't think he would because they are very over the top but just look how adorable they are!!

Now I HAVE to upgrade phones so I can get these on as soon as possible!! Too cute! And you know what else she makes?

iPad cases!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  I'd LOVE to slap this baby on my iPad 2!!  It would definitely stick out at meetings, that's for sure...
I'm so excited!  I can't wait to run to my local Apple store and finally upgrade my phone!  Sure, the upgrade will benefit my 366 project with better photo quality but it's the cases I'm more excited about!! (Is that bad?)

To get your very own custom cases, click here
To "Like" Jolie Petite on FB, click here

Monday, January 23, 2012

Some photos from over the weekend...

Early morning   20/366: Tartan

21/366: Gum balls  Kriek Lambic + Inception on Blu-Ray + DIY pegboard thingamajig 
Pretty in pink Shizz just got real 
My shirt from Threadless came in! I'm in love with this design! Buy it on sale here

22/366: Mugs   It has been a very sparkly weekend...