Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Resolution #1: Be Girly

I wasn't planning on having any New Year's Resolutions but I've been toying with the idea of getting more "girly" ever since I spent a weekend with co-workers during a massive work event.  I've never felt so un-girly in my entire life!  When I laid out my toiletries, I felt like such a tomboy.  First of all, I had them in a freaking plastic Target bag and I had the basics: toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant, basic soap, basic shampoo and conditioner, a hair brush and that's pretty much it.  My fabulous roommate had the cutest toiletries bag, perfumes, body sprays, and more girly things than you could shake a stick at.  I felt like such a punk.  But you know, my job is very physical and there's really no point in me getting all dolled up - especially on that particular weekend since there was a lot of eye-rubbing, camera time (behind the camera), virtually no sleep and lots and LOTS of running around.  I had to switch rooms on the last day to an even girlier set of girls and I just felt so...so...well let's just say I felt like even less of a girl - even though I had to get dolled up that day for the work-related after party.
I made a choice then.  I decided I would make the effort to be more girly.  Like, body spray girly.  Like, more glittery girly.  And you know what?  
I'm failing.  Well, I'm not failing too bad but I'm not doing as well as I had hoped.  

And that was in August.

I've been thinking all this time about what I could possibly do to be more girly.  I got a cute toiletries bag (which is girly but edgy, I guess) and today, I made a HUGE milestone.  

I decided that, for New Year's, I will wear as many cutesy, girly and sparkly items as I can to help catapult me into girly-ness.  Not for anyone else but myself.

The only reason I'm pushing this is because my style isn't defined.  Sometimes I like gothy things and sometimes I like girly things and most times (because of work) I like to be casual so I feel like my style tends to be disjointed and a little all over the place.  I'd like my styles to combine successfully but still be able to work.  Like, say, my co-worker friend.

With her in mind, I went on a mini shopping spree and acquired the following items:

Yes!  I've purchased some glittery heels!  The lift is 5 inches and I've been running around the house alternating between silver stilettos and pink wedges.

Mind you, I'm no stranger to heels but I usually take them off after about 20 minutes.  I've only been to one party where I've had to keep them on all night and it was terrible.  This time, I'm making myself keep them on for longer than just 20 minutes and I WILL be taking my sister's advice: if your feet hurt, keep drinking!  Don't mind if I do.
I even put together some potential outfits.
This first one is a potential outfit for my Dad's birthday dinner tomorrow night.

I might get rid of the H&M necklace for the final look...  Is it a little showy?  Yes.  But I want to wear the wedges as a "starter" before my New Year's Eve outfit:

This outfit actually has some meaning to it.  I want 2012 to be filled with love, light and prosperity so I wanted to showcase those things with the things I'm wearing - the "Love" t-shirt, the anchor necklace which symbolizes my gratitude for all the people who have been my "anchors" in my life and the silver sparkly shoes (and sparky toenail polish) for prosperity.  Why?  Why not?!  It will be an entry to my newfound girly-ness and the glitter reminds me of money and diamonds.  A stretch?  Mayyyyyybeeeee but why not have fun with it?!  (Not pictured: my pink glitter and animal print bracelet.)  

So there you have it.  My first, concrete New Year's Resolution for 2012.  Like I said before, I have zero regrets for this year and I'm hoping 2012 will be bigger and better than this year.

Love and light to you all!

What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2K12?


Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Horror Story - A (short) recap of the crazy

Can we please talk about the craziness that is American Horror Story?
Let's start with the beginning.
I was afraid that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk had lost their "crazy" after Nip/Tuck was over and Glee began.  There was no room on Glee for the level of crazy that was Nip/Tuck.  Enter: American Horror Story.

Thank goodness!  I was afraid that with all that pent up crazy they were holding in, Glee would have that one "very special episode" about a Columbine-esque murder and the entire cast would go down in flames - but no - they spared us and used all their saved up crazy for AHS.

**If you haven't seen the show, I urge you to stop right here!  Don't spoil it for yourself!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Have some holiday cheer with Glee!

This week has been full of manic ups and downs and I think I need some cheering up.  What better thing to cheer me up than performances from this week's Glee!
I hope these make you as happy as they make me. 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Regrets - What are yours?

Twitter has an interesting trending topic at the moment: #2011regrets.

While I realize it's mostly for shits and giggles, I saw some RT'd by some of the people I follow on Twitter (through my personal account) that were really quite serious - which made me happy. It also made me wonder: Do I have any #2011regrets?

Personally, I think I'm regret-free this year.

I went on a bunch of great (and not-so-great) trips this year, I was able to see my nieces twice, I had experiences I never thought I would have, I met some great people and although this last half has been a bit hard for me, this year has been good overall.

Sure, I might set my expectations high at the beginning of the year but you know what?  That's all part of the process.  The Oscars will always inspire the filmmaker residing within and then my creative juices bubble over with ideas ranging from silk screening, hair dyeing, tattoos, skate videos, photography and everything in between, I've decided that my new motto for 2012 will be this:

After all my mortality reality checks this year, it is important, now more than ever, to live life to the fullest and express gratitude to all those around you.  Especially the ones closest to you because you never know when the time might come...

Do you have any regrets this year?  Will you promise to live your life to the fullest and express gratitude for everything in your life?  I hope you will because I find that to be the most rewarding.

Thank you, readers!  You're awesome! 


Monday, December 12, 2011

How a day around Atlanta turned into a newfound inspiration

In October my friend, and fellow Videographer, Jeremiah and I rode around Atlanta to gather some footage for a top secret music video project.  The results were quite amazing and we just so happened to shoot on the same day as the Little 5 Points Halloween parade and we took a chance at going to the Belt Line Skate Park.
We had never heard of the skate park and I had only heard it mentioned once by my old man's friend - who was visiting from Colorado.  So we thought, why not?
While there, there were quite a few people skating around - including some little kids.  We wanted to try and use the crane Jeremiah had acquired - which we did - but it was better to shoot most of this type of action all hand-held.
There was one guy who stood out of the crowd of skaters not only because he didn't really care that our lens was pointed at him but because he was good.  He asked us what we were shooting for and we told him it was going to be for a music video but I butted in and promised a skate video of just his footage - to go along with the photos I had already sent him.
A few months went by and I finally was able to get to his footage.  It all fell into place, really.  The first song I picked just happened to be a Wavves song (surprise, surprise) and it fit.  "So Bored" fit the lazy last days of Summer vibe I was trying to channel.  I was afraid our talent would get offended at the song choice but I think he liked it.  Every other song I tried didn't quite fit...

Anyways - here is the video in all its glory:

Let me tell you, it was crazy fun to edit and I hope that we all get together soon to collab on some sweet footage because I have discovered that our skater friend has other talents that I would LOVE to get footage of. No, I won't tell you what they are because I want them to be a surprise!  I think I might have found my newest inspiration to get me out of my rut and start start creating again!
Thank you my dear friend!


PS - check out the photos from that day here!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fun Times with Tim

To honour Tim, I have decided to post this video I made of him beatboxing into my iPad.  It was right when I first downloaded the Garage Band app and I discovered the sample recorder.  While we were transferring work-related files, we recorded some tracks.  Technically, I didn't do anything except record Tim having fun with my iPad and it was hilarious!

I kept all the tracks with the hope that one day we might've finished them but I guess they'll stay the way they are...

I miss you Tim.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Hangover

Post Thanksgiving trip to NYC breakdown:

  • Drunken shenanigans
  • Breaking Dawn Part 1
  • Bar hopping...with my Moms
  • Bad news - no - the WORST news
  • No sleep
  • Friendly arguments
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Tantrums
Let's start with the trip.  Mom and I had to get up at 4am to be at the airport by 6 to make our 7am flight.  The flight was short - which is good - but I felt like a zombie the whole time.  That is, until I got some food and booze in me.
Thanksgiving was a total riot!  I loved it!  I had so much fun with the New York crew and I would love to do it again!  One of the (many) highlights was the photo booth my step-sister did!  I wish I had posed with her and my Mom and my aunt and uncle but it was really hectic and I'm surprised everyone made it up there for a photo in the first place!
As the night wore on, I got into what I thought was a friendly argument with one of the cousins about movie directors.  He took it seriously.  I took it drunkenly.  And I liked it because he was SO upset.  The argument started rooted in the truth: I'm not a Von Trier or Aronofsky fan and my love for the industry came from short form music video and experimental videos.  One of the (many) music video directors I rattled off happened to be McG, which brought up the topic of the Charlie's Angles movie franchise.  How on Earth could I use this to my advantage?  Of course!  Say that McG can get better performances from his actors than, say, another least favorite director of mine: Quentin Tarantino.  So he's not my fave director.  SUE ME.
ANYWAYS - the argument got so heated, even though it was obviously (or so I thought) a joke that we had to call it a night.  At 2am-ish.
No sleep night number 1.
Friday was fun.  No hangover, more leftovers than you could shake a stick at and plans for Breaking Dawn Part 1.  I almost said I didn't want to do it because we'd be bar hopping with some of the kids from the night before but after an attempt at a disco nap, I decided "What the hell.  Why not".  After the movie, we asked the Moms if they wanted to join us - to which they said YES.
We headed over to the Stonewall Inn for some gay pride action but all we saw were some hot bodied dancers and people gettin' sleazy in every dark corner of the club.  AWKWARD.  Especially when you're with your MOM.  Next, we went to Fat Cats - which was the hipsteriest of all the hipster places I've been to and you know what?  I liked it!  It was HUGE!  There were ping pong tables, couches, chess tables, beer pong tables (I think) and there was live music!  It was a great place!  The only downside is that they don't serve liquor.  We had to ask for more sake (wtf) in our cocktails to feel the buzz but it didn't matter.  That place was really great!  I highly recommend it!  It was at Fat Cats that I discovered my Moms enjoy PBR and Miller High Life.  WTF?!  Bizarro!!
After that, we hit up this piano bar that started out wack but the drinks were really strong and after a shot of Patron, everything was pretty cool.
After last call (which is 3:30am in New York), we decided to hit up this Cuban diner for some greasy food.  They were playing techno and there was this guy in the booth next to us who started freestyling over the beat with things like "Put your hands up", "Everybody say 'Yeah'" and such and what do the Moms do?  They do it.  They started dancing and moving to what the dude was saying.  It was pretty freaking hilarious.
After that, we cabbed it home and walked in the door at 5am.  Yes, we partied with the Moms until 5am.  Hilarious!  Not so hilarious was the phone call, voicemail and text I got at 7:30am.
No sleep night number 2.
At 7:30am, my co-worker called me to tell me that we had lost a friend and fellow co-worker the night before.  Our buddy Tim, who had been in Memphis to do a photo shoot, had passed away on Friday.  At first, I was still a little drunk and didn't really know how to process it.  As Michael told me the details he knew about what happened, I scooped up my little niece (who happened to be awake and wanted to know what I was doing in the studio) and started crying.  After a tearful conversation, I crawled back into bed with my other niece ans started crying some more.  She kept asking me what was wrong and I couldn't really bring myself to tell her - even though she's old enough to know.  Needless to say I didn't sleep after that and I was a zombie all day.  To keep my mind off of things, I went with the family to the High Line - which was beautiful but I was in such a daze that I didn't stop to take too many photos.  My aunt called and we talked a little but I didn't tell her about Tim because I didn't want to get upset.  Then we went to our favourite Puerto Rican restaurant: La Taza de Oro.  We also made a quick trip over to the Chelsea Market - which was awesome!  I had only ever seen it on TV so it was nice to see in person.  After that, we came home and packed for the two day road trip back.

It was a whirlwind of a trip!  It was a great time, as always, I just hate what happened to Tim.  I mean, what the fuck...I'll post more on that later.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and please be sure to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.  You never know what may happen


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gonna go back in tiiiiime - Music Edition!

While I was looking for some music from my past to load up on my iPod (because I like to drive myself crazy), I found some other music from my past that I was really stoked about finding!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspiration in an unlikely place

A few months back I bought some canvases to try and make something like this for my "home office"

Full tutorial for these here
It wasn't working for me because I still had to stencil out the FCP logo and all that fun stuff but my heart just wasn't in it.  Thinking I could get it back in the game, I kept the canvases stashed away until I felt like making AE and FCP related art.  Sadly, I couldn't get myself to so the project was abandoned.  I liked the idea of having blank canvases, though.  My old man likes to create too.  I was hoping that seeing them around would give him a much needed boost to start creating again...

Feeling down and lonely on Friday night, I stayed up and watched some movies on Netflix Instant hoping the sadness would creep its way out of my mind but instead, it burrowed its way into my heart.  I didn't sleep much and we spent much of Saturday out of the house - which was a good thing since I needed to escape.  All day I found myself humming my new favourite song: "Poor Lenore" off of Wavves' "Life Sux" EP.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Preview before the big show!

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show happened on the 9th and I've been seeing photos from EVERYWHERE on the internets.  I was going to wait to post them until AFTER the fashion show aired on CBS (November 29th at 10pm) but I can't wait, so here they are!

I'm loving these Victorian-inspired looks.  The boots, the cameos, the lace - GORGEOUS


Miranda Kerr rockin' the $2.5Million+ Bra!  Gorgeous!


The Swarvoski Elements wings are AMAZING!!!  I cannot wait to see them walk down the runway along with these beautiful feather wings!


Adorbs super hero / comic book gals!  I'm sure there's more and I can't wait to see them all!!

ZOMG!  How Heatherette are these Pink looks?!  I'm in LOVE with the neon wings!  So cute!!


This post is a clusterfuck of photos, I know, but I guess I won't have screen caps until the fashion show airs on 11/29.  Mark your calendars!  I know I did!  It comes on CBS at 10pm!  Don't forget!  Nicki Minaj, Jay Z,  Kanye West and Maroon 5 all perform as well, so you won't want to miss it!


(photo source)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rebeling for the sake of my lost youth spent in the background

Okay - call me a hypocrite.  I don't care.

In 2009, I wrote a little blurb about Cassie and her undercut.

I had some very Mom things to say about it too - including such greatest hits as:
*Comb-overs are awesome?
*It's going to take FOREVER to grow back
*It's not going to grow back pretty

Well, guess who was going through an existential crisis last Friday and decided she would "cut the crazy out" of her hair?

Yeah.  And what?   I ain't even mad.

Honestly, I had a little one inch piece already shaved in and Malcom (the stylist at Toni and Guy) said, "If you're going to have an undercut, you need to go all the way.  Are you ready to go all the way?"  Um...hell yes.  Why not?!  I can't dye my hair until all the damaged parts are cut out (Thanks PA...) so cutting my hair is the next thing.  Besides, I always seem to cut my hair when I'm suffering so I guess you can say that I'm suffering pretty hard since I had to shave half of it off...true story.

Apparently Hayley Williams had the same idea:

photo source 
Does that make us besties?  Yes, yes it does...LOLZ.  Hayley, you rock!

I guess you can say that I'm trying to catch up to my younger days.  Do I smell a mid-life crisis coming on?  Maybe.  But I feel like I was such a fucking square when I was younger - this realization has become very clear to me now on more than one occasion - and I think I'm trying to rebel.  To a certain degree, that is.  It's just hair.  It grows back.  Just like the pink hair, this will pass.  I don't want to call it a phase but whatever it is, it's temporary.  And I'm pretty sure the pink hair will return, just maybe not so all-over.  I can't take that much maintenance.  And because mortality has been on my mind since I decided to make this trip, I feel like my motto will now be: You only live once. I've also been living by No Regrets since my Mom and I had an in depth conversation about that a few years back...I guess I'm a late bloomer but you know what?  I'm embracing it.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Klaine Kisses and Doin' It

Last night's Glee was quite possibly the cutest episode of this season so far!  Although new Warbler Sebastian came on a little TOO strong to Blaine (who wouldn't?!), I thought he was totally adorable.  Blaine was totally swoon-worthy throughout the entire episode - yes, even the drunk parts - and Kurt was just as precious as ever.

I couldn't help but think of my first time.  I felt like Tina while she was talking about hers.  My first time wasn't as perfect as hers but it was definitely memorable and makes a great story!

I'll admit I could've done without Rachel and Finn's story and I LOVED that Coach Bieste got some action last night!  And I was wondering if Damian McGinty's brief cameo in last night's episode counted as one of his 7 that he won from The Glee Project.  It better not because I heart him too much for him to just be in the background...

I was also wondering why Atlanta doesn't have a club called Scandals!  I would love it!  Geoff said that we should open one and we could offer 1/2 off drink specials for Project Runway viewing parties - which would elevate from live-blogging to UStream video blogging (YESSS!) - and we could have Drag Race viewing parties and themed drag nights.  That would be my ultimate drag fantasy come true!!  I would LOVE IT!  Universe, it's in your hands to help me make this a reality!  I want this!!!  I need this!!!

Aaaaaaanyways...the She Loves You Tumblr is joining in on "The Morning After" gif posts from last night's episode so, I'll duck out of here and continue the reblogging of the cutest gifs from last night.  And just so you all know, I haven't been this giddy about an episode of Glee since Kurt and Blaine's first kiss!  Memories!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Runway: The Finale Part 2 - The Recap

No words can describe my feelings about last night's episode so I will just leave these photos

Project Runway Season 9 Finale Trophy

Project Runway Season 9 Finale Party Trophy

Joshua and Viktor were totally robbed.  There's no way Viktor should've been third.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Runway: The Finale Part 2

Friday, October 21, 2011

Project Runway - the Finale Part 1 Recap

It was the Fashion Week showdown last night and I can't help but be upset.  Yes, even though Joshua was the first one picked to show at Fashion Week (congrats Joshua!!!), I'm still upset.  Why?  Hmmm...let me wonder...oh yeah - because Anya got a shitty critique and she still gets to go.
Yes folks, the "twist" was that all four of them will get to show at Fashion Week.  Ugh...
The designers were given $9,000 and 5 weeks to make a 10 piece collection.  Out of those 10 pieces, they had to pick 3 looks to show the judges to determine who would make it to Fashion Week.  About half way through the episode it was clear they were all going so it was pretty much pointless watching the rest of it.

Onto the looks:

Here are Joshua's looks - which were an insane 180˚ from what he had shown Tim when Tim popped in for his l'il visit.

I'm not crazy about the goggles/glasses things but I do like the jacket.  And I like the mesh over the print on the tank top 

MK was hating on the "Modesty Tab" but you know what, some people need that Modesty Tab, MK.  I think it's a cute little hint of bondage (since I know Joshua likes to add those elements to his looks)

This look is one of those "great from the front but nightmare in the back" pieces.  MK almost let out his signature yelp at the sight of the back of this catsuit thing but thank goodness he spared us.  I will say that if Joshua tweaks this just enough for Fashion Week, it could actually look pretty great.

Onto Viktor

The judges weren't fond of the zippered leather pieces on the skirt but I LOVED it.  I thought the print was great on its own, sure, but I really liked that leather detail.  I felt like it added a little edge to the softness of the print

This top was great with all the mirror pieces.  Great attention to detail.  The jacket fit well and the pants had an interesting look that wasn't too distracting, I thought

Oh honeychild!  That jacket!  Even Joshua said: "That jacket is everything".  We all love that damn jacket!  Even Heidi had to try it on!  It was a bit much over that pretty dress but DAMMIT that jacket is TIGHT AND RIGHT.

Up next: Kimberly

Kimberly took her styling tips from Lady Sovereign but at least Lady Sovereign looks good.  Sorry Kimberly but this is not a good styling choice for you.  You wanted Urban Chic but this missed the mark.

This skirt was KILLING me.  The shape was all weird in the front and I HATED the back.  This poor girl's ass looked worse than Joshua's catsuit ass.  Yeah, I said it.  And MK liked it.  I can see why but, really, MK?  Really?

This is definitely not working for me.  I like the dress but the Lady Sovereign styling is NOT right for this.  It's just not complimentary at all.  The gown was great but that side pony braid is not appropriate.

Finally, Anya's

The easy-breezy deep v that Anya is known for.  Give me some fabric and I can make this damn dress too.  Mine would need a Modesty Tab, though.

My beautiful season-long model crush was horrifyingly put into this ill-fitting bathing suit (which was reminiscent of Wretched's granny panties last season) and even the judges pointed out that this poor girl looked terrible.  Makes me sad.  But on the plus side - she looks gorgeous with her hair pulled back.  WERK

Ahhh - the gold dress.  This golden disaster of a garment.  If Anya's lack of sewing skills weren't apparent before, THIS is the garment that will show just how unskilled she is.  It's gathered all wrong.  There's puckers where there shouldn't be.  It's a mess.  And the judges HATED it.

Yes, the judges gave Anya the night's WORST critique but she still gets to show at Fashion Week.  Ugh.  Why?! I guess because she's pretty and Heidi isn't ready to move on yet.  I don't know!  Last night snapped me right of my great mood and put me right back into the terrible state of mind I've been trying to avoid all week.  Oh well.  Hopefully next week's finale party will bring back my faith in Project Runway but we'll have to wait until then!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project Runway: The Live-Blog - Finale Part 1!

Star Slinger in ATL!

I didn't realize last night was going to be so cold so I didn't dress accordingly.  As I stood outside and shivered, I listed to conversations being had by kids who were at Drunken Unicorn for the first time ever - which made me wonder: What was my first ever Drunken Unicorn show?  I can't remember but I can say that I've seen almost everything there and the excitement that the kids were feeling about seeing Star Slinger was so great that I was getting all giddy too.

Star Slinger was one of my first ever Tumblr friends.  I'm always happy to get reblogs from him and even happier when he posts tracks.  I had this idea in the back of my mind that he might remember me from Tumblr, so I decided I'd use that as my intro - at the complete risk of sounding like a fangirl (which I totally am).  Not gonna lie, I was expecting to be a little star struck when I sat down with Star Slinger last night at Drunken Unicorn but instead, I felt like I was talking to an old friend (and yes, I was completely star struck too).  I called him by his real name and said, "I don't know if you know me but we blog together on Tumblr" to which he said, "I know!  You're Katzi!  Thank you so much!"  I was beyond ecstatic that he remembered me even though I haven't been on Tumblr that much lately.  I was totally fangirling but I had to reel it in.  He was saying that I have been there from almost the beginning and I said it was amazing to have seen his progress so quickly.  He's the coolest, mot chill guy and it was great talking with him.  It was even cooler when kids came up to him while we were talking to tell him how awesome he was.  Crazy!

After the initial shock of "OMG I'm talking to Star Slinger", the show was really great!  I didn't realize Time Wharp was from Atlanta.  I need to check that kid out more!  His set was the perfect start to an amazing show.  Time Wharp

I have to say, I only knew Shlohmo from the Friends of Friends comp and Star Slinger, so I wasn't expecting the awesomeness that was Time Wharp and Shigeto.  Shigeto blew me away!  That kid played live drums over his loops!  Crazy!!

His set was pretty chill too and I started getting more and more into it.

I got a little bold and decided to try and make it front and center for Shlohmo.  Done and done.  He opened up with Aaliyah - which was fucking amazing - but as I scanned the crowd, I saw more blank stares than I thought I would - which made me sing out even louder! Shlohmo
His set was the perfect lead in to Star Slinger. Star Slinger
I maintained my place at the front of the stage and jumped up during the last song. That shit was crazy! He got the whole place going NUTS!!  It was the most fun I've had at a smaller venue in a long time and I was so happy that Star Slinger was FINALLY in town and getting his music out there for more people to experience.  It renewed my faith in Atlanta's music scene.  I saw so many smiles in the crowd when I was on stage and it made me so happy that there's at least one genre of Atlanta music fans that can get over themselves and just enjoy the fucking music.  It was amazing!  I want Star Slinger to come through again!  Maybe next time he'll let me buy him a shot or two...