Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seaside Heights - My experience at the Jersey Shore

When you think of the Jersey Shore, I'm sure you automatically think of the MTV crew: Snooki, JWOWW, etc...Well, I was there, at Seaside Heights yesterday and let me tell you the Jersey Shore is actually quite pleasant! For people like me that live in a land-locked city like Atlanta, the Jersey Shore is unlike anything I've ever seen before! I kept thinking how it would be in ATL if we had a boardwalk with boardwalk food and games all within our reach. Would ATLiens be too cool for that?
I've been to a few boardwalks but this one is something else. I mean, I did see the quintessential Jersey pouf on one or two young ladies but everyone was quite...normal. I'm not trying to say that I was expecting clones of the Jersey Shore cast but a tiny piece of me was hoping to see a few - which I did but they didn't really stick out like the people on the show - which could be a good thing. The store where I got my hoodie (the epic sparkling unicorn) was filled with nice people working there. The lady at the register and the airbrush artist actually engaged with us and made jokes and were really sweet. I don't know if I'd find the same kind of attitude at Coney Island. BUT Coney Island is considerably smaller than Seaside Heights, so I would imagine people wouldn't really hang around for too long since you can pretty much do everything within a few hours.

Seaside Heights is sort of the same, though. The boardwalk is like an endless loop of games, food, rides, bars and shops. You really don't have to go too far on the boardwalk to do everything but the people watching is insane! There were so many different kinds of people just walking around and enjoying the shore that it was actually pretty great. But that still got me thinking: what if Atlanta had a shoreline with a boardwalk? What would it be like? I'm sure there would be a Karma-type club (which was packed on a Wednesday night!), there would probably be a Bamboo-type club but would there be an MJQ-type place just off the boardwalk? Would it be like East Atlanta by the shore? Would it be like Buckhead reborn? Who knows! The possibilities are endless. I guess you could say that maybe Underground was kind of supposed to be something like that but that just makes me think that a Boardwalk situation wouldn't really do well in Atlanta - unless maybe the Real housewives did stuff there? Maybe?? Something tells me that wouldn't really make a difference. But I'm sure that if I lived by a boardwalk, the novelty would wear off pretty quickly. Unless, maybe, a hit TV show made it popular...
They LOVE the Jersey Shore cast and what the show has done for Seaside Heights. I'm sure tourism has really gone up since the show started and you know what? I'm happy to contribute.
Viva la Jersey Shore!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mermaid Parade - the videos!

As promised, here are the videos of the Mermaid Parade!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here's an interesting ragtime (?) band we encountered on the boardwalk:

And here's the dance off! Sorry for the "Cloverfield"-type camera action. I had some pretty tall people to maneuver around...

I know I have some on my Canon PowerShot - I just have to look through my haul. Keep a look out for more!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's official - Project Runway is back!

Straight from Nina Garcia's Tumblr:

It's official! Let the liveblogging begin Thursday, July 28th at 9/8c!!

Love and kisses,

My New York trip - the photos

"The Path To Hell". A great way to start my flight.

BTW, this woman was clutching her barf bag during take off. I was a little worried...

Sunset is full of haters
In Sunset Park - my step-sister's neighbourhood

Tammany Hall
Great show at Tammany Hall! We were bar hopping around the East Village and stumbled into this really awesome place. Lots of fun! I definitely want to go back!
Check out a brief video from the show here.

Wall art
This piece was on Broadway in SoHo. We spotted it on my quest for a gold rope necklace.

Welcome to Historic Little Italy
It's not a trip to NYC unless you've been to Little Italy! (Yes, I had amazing pizza, as usual)

My step-sister and me in our mermaid outfits before the Mermaid Parade

Wonder Wheel
The iconic Wonder Wheel ferris wheel at Coney Island

Coney Island's parachute drop

We ran into Jesse and Courtney during our walk through the parade route!

I loved this girl's cute little necklace! I should've asked her about it but it seems easy enough to recreate with vinyl ^_^

Sheryl Yvette

Prometheus at Rockefeller Center
I had only passed by Rockefeller Center in the past and on Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day with my step-brother in-law by eating at the Rockefeller Center Cafe which is where you normally see ice skaters during the winter. This is the closest I've ever been to Prometheus!

NBC Studios in New York City
Mandatory photo of the iconic NBC Studios sign

Top o' the Rock
Top of the Rock view

Top of the Top of the Rock

My niece checking out the view

The always gorgeous Saint Patrick's Cathedral - which we spotted from the Top of the Rock. I didn't realize it was right there!

Radio City Music Hall
Mandatory photo of the iconic Radio City Music Hall

Chandelier at Jacques Torres

I finally made it to Jacques Torres!
I finally made it to a Jacques Torres store! I have always been a huge fan of Jacques Torres from his Food Network show days but I could never make it to his store in Dumbo BUT there was a store at Rockefeller Center and I totally spent a ton of money on his high end chocolates. I regret nothing! Every piece is like heaven. I wish I could live on his chocolates forever...

More photos and videos to come, I promise!!

Love and kisses,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Mermaid Parade

I try to go to New York at least once a year to see my nieces and this year, I was able to work in the Mermaid Parade.  Aaaactually, I kinda scheduled this trip around the Mermaid Parade since I have never been before and I will say - it's the BEST thing ever, besides NYC for Halloween (which I HIGHLY recommend).  But this trip was very special for another reason: I have done the most things I've ever done in NYC in the shortest amount of time.  Like, as soon as I got off the plane, we were off and running!  And it included my first ever karaoke experience (as a singer and not just a spectator).

First things first - let's talk about the Mermaid Parade. New Yorkers are so creative.  I mean, who thinks of a freaking Mermaid Parade?!  Brilliant!  It's quite the sight to see.  The costumes are original, people get all kinds of creative (including us!) and you never know who you might run into...

But because it's the Mermaid Parade, you have to watch out for the pervs taking advantage of photographing scantily clad women.  I get it - it's summer and hot and Mermaid-y but be aware of the pervs!  Okay - PSA over.

Speaking of photos, the parade is a great opportunity to capture a lot of creative New Yorkers.  Check out the Flickr Pool my step-sister started.  LOTS of great images and energy.  The people around us were giving us our own commentary - which was hilarious - and I feel like our spot on the fence we ended up getting was pretty good considering we left the house a little late.

After the parade, we made our way to the boardwalk.  I will admit, the first time I had ever been to Coney Island was about 4 years ago in August and it was the most depressing train ride and depressing time ever (for me, anyway) but I did get a hot dog from Nathan's (which I've been wanting to do) but still - it was kind of a sad trip, so I was kind of meh about the whole boardwalk experience...until we were up there, walking around the mermaids, pirates and costumed parade goers.  It was great!  We were running around taking photos of people we missed or didn't get a clear shot of, we ran into Sheryl Yvette (Bitch Cakes blog)

And dodged breaking glass.   Yes, New Yorkers are still feisty at the Mermaid Parade...

Aaaaaaanyways, the REAL party wasn't on the boarwalk though. Oh no. It was tucked away on a patch of asphalt where they usually have flea markets set up (apparently). The real party was the always entertaining dance circle that seems to happen in clubs (thought not so much anymore because people are too cool to dance). Yes, the dance circle. Most of the dancers within the circle were AMAZING. People were throwing it down and doing it hard - which made us think they were a bunch of kids going to school for dance.  Not surprising.  But it was inspiring.  As I recorded footage with my trusty Flip Cam (which really belongs to my Dad but I've held onto it the entire time), I spotted him.  He was like a shining light on the other side of the dance circle.  It was the one and only Benny Ninja.  You might know him from a little show called America's Next Top Model and you might know him as THE Vogue Master. I couldn't resist. We had to talk to him! Normally, I'm extremely star struck (as I was with Sheryl Yvette a few hours earlier) and I was afraid I was going to do / say something totally stupid but I didn't!  I actually didn't!  AND I have the photo to prove that I met Benny Ninja in all his fabulous glory!

I must say that both Sheryl Yvette and Benny Ninja were totally awesome about letting us take their photos. Actually, everyone was great about letting us take their photos! And I'm so glad we got amazing feedback for our own mermaid costumes! We were a little worried about leaving the house in such a small amount of clothing but it was totally worth it because we looked freaking amazing!

I hope to be able to experience the Mermaid Parade again soon. It was a really great time. If you all get a chance to go, DO IT!! It's awesome! If you can't make the parade, there's always Halloween!

Check out the Flickr Pool (and add stuff if you were there!) and I hope to have videos up very soon!

Love and kisses,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Be still my beating heart: Tobey Maguire for Prada

After not seeing Tobey Maguire's face plastered all over the place for quite some time, I must say... DAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYMMMMMMMM.
Spotted on Tom and Lorenzo: Mr. Maguire for Prada.

While I agree with T&L that he is a little Sour Puss in the rest of the shots, the shot above made me all flustered. Like, fanning myself kinda flustered. I mean, wow.
Normally, I'm not a fan of the Tobes (only because he kinda reminds me of an ex that I'm not particularly fond of) but I do enjoy his movies.
Maybe it's the "dead behind the eyes" look of this photo that has me swooning OR maybe it's because it's something different for Mr. Maguire. I'm not sure. Either way - DAMN. Makes me wanna chase after more prep school boys *cough*Darren Criss as Blaine*cough*
Love and kisses,

Monday, June 13, 2011

ICE ATL - My artist mystery is solved!

A few months back, I accompanied Lauren and her friend Cynthia to Young Blood Gallery and Boutique for the first time. I had been interested in it since I had heard about the the Young Blood gals a few years back during my first two I.C.E. shows.  While I was there, I was looking for an interesting piece to take home to my old man but I couldn't really find anything that caught my fancy - until I started checking out the sale bin.
After going through a few pieces and thinking about giving up, I saw the piece that made my jaw drop.

I instantly fell in love with the piece but I didn't know who the artist was. I didn't think I would ever find out who the artist was...until I was walking around yesterday's Indie Craft Experience with my Dad.
My Dad's gf is really into local artists and handmade items and my Dad likes to indulge us by going with us to both I.C.E. shows almost every year, so it was only natural that he joined us yesterday.  While my Dad and I walked around, I noticed a very small booth with great looking artwork.  I stopped to check them out and get some post cards - and then I SAW IT.  I saw the painting above (it's called "Cocquette" and you can buy it here).  I flipped out!  And there she was - Kelly McKernan - sitting in the middle of all her amazing artwork!  Of course I had a total fan girl moment and told her that I fell in love with "Cocquette" and I felt bad that I didn't know who the artist was and how I was so happy to finally know who it was AND that I got to meet her!  She was so sweet!  And her other artwork was AMAZING.  Needless to say, I bought 5 postcards (including the postcard version of "Cocquette" to give to my step-sister) so that I could frame them in my house.

This one took my breath away:


But it was this one that I absolutely fell in love with:


AND I was so happy to see that it was woman painting all these lovely prints! But that got me thinking...

...What if I commissioned a piece from Kelly herself and had Only You Tattoo's Matt Greenhalgh tattoo it on me?! That would be the best artist combination EVER!!! I'm so inspired!  We'll see... I'll have to come up with an idea first...or maybe I'll get the print that started it all?  Or maybe the lovely lady from the "Coy" print?  There's so many lovely ladies to choose from, I'll have to think on that for a moment...

Until then, please check out Kelly's work on her website, be sure to buy a few prints and, if you're in the ATL area, be sure to catch her at one of her upcoming shows.
Also, don't forget to check out Matt Greenhalgh and the Only You Tattoo Crew here!
These artists will totally get your creative juices flowing for some DIY goodness this summer

Love and kisses,

Friday, June 10, 2011

MTV's Skins Revamp Gets Canceled

Yes folks, it's true - the MTV revamp of Skins has been canceled. I didn't think the US was ready for a show like that. The UK version works better for me because the cast is way more believable. Like I compared before, the US version looks like a bunch of kids that look old and busted way before they're supposed to be and I know it wasn't supposed to be a direct copy of the UK show - but still.

The UK show was such a hit (for me) because I could totally relate to ALL the characters. Yes, I'm way older than them BUT I could still relate my own experiences to those on the show because I had very similar experiences growing up. Skins gen 2 is a little bit different BUT the characters are extremely likeable - especially Cook. I love him!

But that goes to show that the MTV version was a little less relatable. To me, it kind of emphasized America's view on society: kids are looking older and older than the age they actually are. I could go more in depth but I won't because then it turns into a race issue (and that is trouble all on its own) and a size issue (and I'm not ready to tackle that one right now). But I will say that they would change the gay character from male to female - even though Tea is cute but Maxxie was precious beyond all get out and he was such a wonderful character!  I hate to admit it but the US still isn't ready to see male-on-male action. Personally, I love it but some people just aren't ready.

It pains me to say this but I think America's speed, right now, is only at Teen Mom. We'll catch up sooner or later...(I hope)

Love and kisses,