Friday, July 9, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: Season 4 - The Other Woman

We were only able to watch one episode last night as well. *frowny face* It happened to be a very Juliet-heavy episode too.

I still don't like her. Why? Because she's an "Other". Why would guys fawn over her? Is it because she's too trusting but she's tough enough to be driven to do whatever it takes to see her sister again? Does Ben like her because she's "fresh meat" on the island? I know Harper said, "You look just like her" but didn't elaborate at all as to who Juliet looks just like. Is it her doe eyes? Whatever it is, there's something about that weird side smile thing that makes me uncomfortable. I mean, Locke's crazy dictatorship of the barracks isn't half as creepy as Juliet. But it is disappointing.

  • Of course Juliet has an affair with Goodwin (Harper's husband) and Ben knows this and sends Goodwin to the slaughter as a fake castaway to the tail-end folks. All those "Tail-End" mo-fos weren't on the magical list.
  • Of course Ben would make a ridiculous statement concerning the ownership of Juliet: "You're mine!"
  • Jack and Juliet. Barf-o-rama.
  • Pretty much the whole episode. Sorry. It just didn't do a thing for me.

Highlights: (yes, there were some)
  • Girlfight! (between Juliet and equally annoying Charlotte)
  • Daniel Faraday saves the day?

Up next: Ji Yeon. Like I said before, I already know who that is because I saw the series finale. Sooooo...all the mystery is gone there. When will the mystery come back? Hopefully with Michael (!) during Meet Kevin Johnson. We'll see.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: If anything goes wrong...

ZOMG! I know now what it means!
It's all coming together! Gaaaahhhhhh!!!

Just kidding. It's still the same - with the addition of knowing what it means.
It's not Avatar's equivalent of "I see you". But it could be. Either way, Desmond and Penny are so cute they make me barf in the way Charlie and Claire never could. (Charlie and Claire just made me cry a lot)
So...the great big mystery of "_________ is my constant" is solved. Onto the bigger and weirder mysteries Lost holds for me.

Next up: The Other Woman. Oh yay, it's Juliet-heavy episode. Joy...
Unfortunately we only had time for one episode last night instead of our usual 2 (or sometimes 3). Hopefully today we'll get through The Other Woman and Ji Yeon (I already know who Ji Yeon is because I watch the series finale!)

I have to admit that sometimes knowing the ending is fun and sometimes it's not. It's fun in certain instances because I'm able to guess certain things and it does close up some holes. It's not fun because I'm not in deep, deep suspense over certain things like my old man is. But don't get me wrong - I am most certainly enjoying watching the show from start to finish in a few months. That part is awesome!!

PS - Just found out that Elizabeth Mitchell (aka Juliet Burke), Matthew Fox, Jack Bender (for Outstanding Directing), Outstanding Art Direction, Music, MOTHERFUCKING Terry O'Quinn for Outstanding Supporting Actor (!!!), Outstanding Drama, Special Class Programs: "ABC's LOST Presents: Mysteries of the Universe - the Dharma Initiative", Sound Editing, Writing, Editing...the list goes on (I'm sure). Congrats LOST Team!

Love and kisses,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: Season 4

We started season 4 last night and according to the season cheat sheet at Lostpedia, this season is only 14 episodes long. Lame and awesome at the same time.
Lame because it's so short and awesome because it's so short. We'll be able to get through it in a faster amount of time and get to season 5! Why season 5? Because I accidentally read a spoiler (!!!!) concerning the name Jeremy Bentham - which was the name on the newspaper clipping LumberJack was carrying around with him in the final episode of season 3 in a flash forward. Where does the link to the name Jeremy Bentham take you? Oh that's LOCKE'S page! Yeah, that makes a lot of sense seeing as though I don't know who he is yet!!!!
Oh well. I didn't read too far about Locke going under that name except...well...I guess I'll find out later.
We made it to Eggtown (episode 4) and there are a lot of crazy flash forwards happening.

  • The guy who plays Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) always seems to play that "kooky" character. I have mixed feelings about him...
  • I still don't trust Jack. Sorry, I just don't.
  • SAYID'S fingernails!!!! In the flash forward during The Economist, Sayid straightened out his curly locks (meeeowww!!!), wore something other than his trademark wife beater, was still a killing machine and kept saying he was one of the Oceanic 6. But what was one the of the main things he didn't do? Oh, that's right...cut his fucking nails! Aaaaaanyways....
  • Miles is annoying as FUCK but he's a ghostbuster (perhaps?)
  • Kate and Aaron in the flash forwards. WTF???? BABY STEALER!

  • This isn't really a highlight but it was definitely moving: When Hugo told Claire about Charlie and when he made it a point to remind everyone that Charlie died so they could get some kind of communication off the island.
  • Daniel Faraday being kooky
  • Miles is a ghostbuster!
  • The team from the freighter is on the hunt for Ben (getting closer to some answers!!)
  • LANCE REDDICK!!!! (Also known as Philip Broyles from my other favourite show, Fringe)
  • Charlie slapping Hugo at the mental hospital (this was kind of adorbs)

And that's about it. It's still early enough in the season to not really have a lot of highs/lows. There are many questions (of course) and I'm eagerly awaiting for The Constant (which I'm pretty sure we'll watch tonight because it's episode 5). I accidentally saw a spoiler photo from this episode and I've been hearing people say "I'm your constant" or "You're my constant" since this season aired. I'm guessing it's the equivalent to Avatar's "I see you", I suppose. Either way, it's a fucking catch phrase and I want to know why.

EDIT: Apparently, the whole Constant thing involves Desmond (and Penny probably)

Until next time...
Love and kisses,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: Not Penny's Boat!

Those were (technically) Charlie's last words. What led up to that? Desmond's visions!
Wait - what? Of course Desmond has visions of the future (ever since the hatch collapsed in a bright light of electromagnetic energy). And all of his visions include what? Charlie dying, of course. It all makes sense, doesn't it...
Doesn't it?

I have to admit, Season 3 was losing me (with the writer's strike and all) but it started pulling me back in at around Episode 10: Tricia Tanaka is Dead. Hurley's pick-me-up storyline of jumpstarting Roger (guess who this is!!!!) Work Man's car was pretty awesome. Sawyer drinking the old as fuck beer that had been in the car for ages, not so much. *BARF*

More highlights:
  • My two most favourite < / sarcasm > people died! And it was probably the best death, I thought. Nikki and Paolo (aka Bizarro Boone and Shannon amirite?!) were terrible. Blah blah blah, (terrible) acting, BILLY DEE WILLIAMS, spiders (who didn't see that coming, ARZT), diamonds aaaaaaaand being BURIED ALIVE! Yes!!! Goodbye, Bizarro Boone and Shannon! (Or should it be goodbye? It is J.J. Abrams, afterall...)
  • Juliet was a little obvious. My old man didn't see it right away because, like a fool, he trusts Jack. I, on the other hand, trust Sayid. Sayid forever!!! One request for Sayid: Cut your damn nails, please.
  • Naomi. Satellite phone. Not who she says she is (of course not...)
  • We learned about Ben's REAL entry to the island. Spoiler Alert (but not really): He wasn't born on the island! *gasp* How unsurprising. Sorry guys, it was kind of easy to tell.
  • FUN FACT: In Episode 20: The Man Behind the Curtain Ben's mom is played by Carrie Preston, Michael Emerson (Ben)'s IRL wife. (She also plays Arlene on True Blood).
  • LumberJack (get it?!) in the season ender. "We have to get back!" <--mindfuck
  • Possible Sideways World
  • JACOB - the man, the myth. We have our theories. My old man thinks it's Locke. I think it's the Smoke Monster...
  • Who's fucking funeral did Jack go to????

Episode 21: Greatest Hits had me crying like a baby. Remember, I had only seen Seasons 1 and 2 while they were actually airing on TV. Everything else (except the series finale) is new to me. Sooooo...Desmond telling Charlie that he HAD TO DIE in order for them to get rescued started the cry-fest. It all culminated in Charlie knocking Desmond out in the outrigger at the Looking Glass station. Charlie had written his top 5 "greatest hits" (I GET IT!!!!) of his memories and the number one? "The night I met you". I was crying so hard, my old man kept looking at me like I was crazy. I told him I knew Charlie wasn't going to die in this episode because the final 2 episodes left were called Through the Looking Glass: Part 1 and Through the Looking Glass: Part 2 but the fact that Charlie knew he had to die was what was making me a blubbering idiot.

Anyways...can't wait till the old man comes home with Season 4. Then we get to travel to Sideways World (I'm guessing), see what Charlie really died for and all the other fun stuff in between.

Love and kisses,

In loving memory of Charlie Pace
You all everybody...