Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sharon Needles visits Atlanta

Last night!  Oh my lawd last night was so much fun!!  At first I wasn't sure what to expect with all the protest talk and all that but I didn't see a single protester.  I guess they must have showed up later since Sharon kept saying they were out there.  Either way - last night was AMAZING!  I love a good drag show and last night's did NOT disappoint.  I mean how could it?  Phoenix was there.  Nicole Paige Brooks was there.  Savannah Leigh was there.  One of my most FAVOURITE performers Envy Van Micheals was there (Love her so much!!!).  And, of course, Sharon fucking Needles was there.
I'll let my photos explain the rest but I'll also let my photos state my case for a new camera since I can't get it to behave EVER.  Ugh...

Pardon me while I get all glammed up...
Sharon Needles   Savannah

RHPS If I could turn back time Phoenix Envy Van Micheals Sharon Needles Sharon Needles Sharon Needles contest Somebody That I Used To Know Sharon Needles Sharon Needles and me

I was told to pose so this was the best I could come up with so excuse the crazy look on my face! Sharon was an absolute doll and I'm glad I stuck around to meet her! She was great! I couldn't think of anything clever to say so I said, "Sharon, you're so awesome" to which she said, "Well, that's debatable". I told her she was the best part of her season of Drag Race and that she was the future of drag. She was lovely and amazing up close and I'm so happy that I was able to experience her.  Thanks for a wonderful night, ladies!

Check out more photos here!  And if I find anymore, I'll be sure to post them or direct you to them.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sharon Needles TONIGHT!

Today is a pretty big day.  I bought my ticket yesterday (talk about procrastinating!) to see . . . SHARON NEEDLES!  Ack!  I'm so excited!  At first, I wasn't too keen on getting tickets to a drag show but then I remembered: Duh, she's the winner of Drag Race, the place will be PACKED!
As I was rummaging through my closet last night, I decided I'd do pinup girl realness since I don't need to get any extra supplies.  Well...maybe some new falsies and I also need to get a bright lip stain at some point.  The one I currently have is more plum and it's almost out!  What's a girl to do!  LOL We'll see how I am on time.
When I got to work, I was busy watching pinup hair tutorials (during a tape capture) and I decided I'd start the process early.  So far, I have my bang curl done and all I have left to do is curl the ends when I get home.

So excited about seeing @sharonneedlespgh tonight that I've started getting ready already

If I had thought about it earlier, I would've tried to enter the Sharon look-a-like contest.  You know, for shits and giggles - especially since I'm not a tall, super skinny white boy.  That would've been funny.  But I'll stick to the pinup stuff and keep it semi-light.
On the plus side: my undercut is growing out nicely and I was able (with the aide of lots of hairspray) to pin it back so that my hairdo is kind of even on both sides.  I really wish I had enough hair on my left side so that I could do victory rolls.  I mean, I've been letting my hair get super greasy for days and I was able to get the right side looking perfect but alas, there's not enough hair on the left side for that without it looking really strange.  Just a few more months (I hope!).
I'm so anxious I can't wait to get home and start my makeup!  I think I'll go heavy with some red eyeshadow and do a red and black smoky eye.  We'll see.  Hopefully I won't have to rearrange looks like I did on Saturday.  Maybe I'll ditch the pinup thing and go punk rock glam?  We'll see how the day holds up!

Who else is going?  Did you hear about the protest?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend, why you over already?

Bone Garden Typography Coffee time Mocha

Here was my first attempt at 70's style hair and makeup before I had to rework it for my dress.  Not too bad for a short hair style, eh?

Stephanie and me at the 70's party.  She used to work with me but she started another job closer to home. I miss her!!  I'm glad she came to celebrate!

Yay mayor bee Lazy Sunday

70s Party Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend! Let me start from the beginning. A few months ago, my boss, the big bosses and a few others in the office started planning a surprise party for the CEO of the company I work for. In preparation for it, we had a big time call to action from his family and all of our out of state / country agents for any and all kinds of materials to make a photo slideshow and a video montage with birthday wishes from the people who couldn't travel here. So - a bunch of planning and reworking and a few final touches later, we had the big night last night and it must be me in my old age but...I'm getting more and more anxious about the little things. I've always been a worrier but it's getting worse. Like last night, I was a huge ball of nerves until the video presentation was over because I wanted everyone to like it. And I kinda didn't want the computer I was playing it from to crash (again). After it was over, I was finally able to relax - even though I still had to "work" somewhat. Everyone loved the video, so no need to be anxious but I just can't help it. Blah. Anyways...
The party was a 70's theme since the CEO was turning the big Seven-Zero. Originally I wasn't going to dress up because I knew I was going to be running around with a camera and be messing with A/V stuff but I remembered I had bought this really great dress with Lauren at the magical thrift store in the Highlands. With that in mind, I watched a few 70's hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube and spent the rest of my Saturday afternoon getting ready. I was particularly fond of this tutorial so I made it work and messed with my hair a little. I tried to get my head chain to work and it looked great
My best interpretation of the theme of tonight's event
And even though I felt a little like Atreyu and the Childlike Empress in The Neverending Story, I felt that it was working...until I put my dress on. I felt like they just weren't going well together. Plan B - Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver hair. Or Clockwork Orange ladies hair. Or Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface hair. Wait - Scarface was '83. Oops.
I tried salvaging my soft waves but I couldn't so I just did what I always do and I pulled my hair back.
Here we go...
A good thing because I was running around as soon as I got to work. I was glad to be able to incorporate an authentic disco jewelry piece from my Mom. She had a huge bag that she let Oni and me pick our favourite pieces from. I tried to get my golds to work but I'm partial to silver and white gold, so I ended up mixing my metals.

The silver necklace was a present from my Mom and I wear it everyday, the square necklace was my Mom's disco piece and the nameplate necklace was a gift from my Dad. I was pretty proud of my jewelry assortment! I was trying to let my nameplate pass as my name tag because I didn't want my name tag to mess up my whole ensemble but I had no choice.
Either way, I think I did okay. Some outfits were crazier than others I'll admit but I'm not entirely sure I can post some of the photos I took because of the "whole photos at work" thing. Meh. Let's just say that there were two staff members - I won't say who (even though you don't know who they are anyway) - who wore their wives' pants. Hilarious.
So, I worked through my anxiety and made it through the night and since I had half a glass of wine and a Coke, I was pretty awake when I got home at around 1am-ish. So what's a girl to do??? Why, drink cotton candy vodka and watch Louis on F/X of course! Thrilling. Good thing we took it wasy on Sunday...

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 22, 2012

We'll miss you Hanun

Some sad news yesterday: my Mom had to put her little puppy down.  Well - Hanun wasn't technically a puppy.  She was 17 but she had the face of a little puppy.


She was a good dog even though she had originally come to us from a bad situation a little over 9 years ago.  Originally she was supposed to live with Oni but she couldn't keep her.  I can't remember why but that's how Hanun got passed to my Mom.  At first, my Mom was hesitant about having another pet because the last dog we lost was a very hard loss and she couldn't bear going through that again...but just look at that face!

Hanun the Wonder Pup

When my Mom told me she had to put Hanun down, I was sad but I knew it's what she would've wanted. She was getting older. Her eyes were glazed over with cataracts, she could barely hear and she had already fallen from my Mom's deck once before...As much as it hurts, I think it was the right thing to do.  She had lived a good life and we're lucky that she was a big part of our lives.

We'll miss you Hanun XOXO

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New music for Thursday: Savages

Remember that band I told you about? Of course you remember Savages. Naturally, you'll want to know about new tracks right? Well you're in luck. Here are some new tracks from Diamondz that I think you'll enjoy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy (belated) Birthday to Nathan Williams!


Last week, Nathan Williams celebrated his 26th birthday with the fine folks over at Spin.
Nathan streamed back into the front of my stream of consciousness via HereKitty's Instagram when she posted this lovely cover photo:

Because the photo was so small in my IG feed, I almost passed right over but I'd recognize those two anywhere.  How cute are they?!  I am now on a mission to retrieve this particular issue when it comes out!  I toyed with downloading it via the Spin app on my iPad but I'd much rather hold it in my hands (and tear out the photos). I mean, how perfect would it be to have this photo on my wall?

That would go perfectly with my Summer is Forever iPod playlist...And since I've been playing nothing but Wavves and Best Coast exclusively the last few days, it seems fitting.

I feel like Summer is passing me by at a rapid pace and even on the trip I'll be taking next month, I know I won't be able to really relax because I have to hit the ground running once I get back.  Ugh.  Maybe I can relax in the tail end of August.  Maybe get some West Coast air...

Adventures in Katzi-Land

Construction Slow news day Carrot cake Raspberry cake Made a new friend today! Taco Blooms! Rough afternoon? Pizza makin' Amicalola Falls

#DIY blooming envelope & card for someone very special And another! #diy
To make these cute blooming flower envelopes, I followed this tutorial by Mark Montano. So easy and so fun! I can't wait to send them!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hiking Adventure

For Father's Day, the old man and I ventured up to the North Georgia Mountains (Squidbilly country) to meet up with his Dad, sister and brother-in-law to hike up the 425 steps to the top of Amicalola Falls.  I had been there once before with Oni for some location scouting that didn't exactly work out but I got some great photos!
This time was no different except I knew we would be hiking so I dressed appropriately.  We started at the base of the falls where the reflecting pool was and walked up.  The view was amazing!  When Oni and I went, we started at the top and walked down the steps to the bridge over the falls but for some reason, the view was way better walking up and then back down again.  On the way down, I did get a case of jelly legs, so I kept moving in a very strange manner so that my legs wouldn't give out from under me.  I thought my legs were stronger than that but I guess I thought wrong!  Either way, it was a wonderful walk and even though some pre-planning had gone awry (or didn't happen at all at the hands of the day's organizer - not me) and nagging party member aside, it was a fun day.

Daisies #makebeautiful The falls The falls The falls The falls The falls More falls

This photo was taken on the way back down the steps so technically, we walked 850 steps (not including another trail we walked...)

Here's a very sinister looking photo I snapped of the old man at the top of the falls
Top of the falls

Check out the route I tracked with the Nike+ GPS app

I like how erratic the stair climbing makes the path look. The big loop on the right side is some mini trail we ended up walking because our organizer thought was an alternate way down to our cars...Meh. In all, we covered roughly 4.1 miles.  I say "roughly" because the green dot where I started my tracking was into the trail some and the finish was at the trunk of the car.  Either way it was a nice walk and I'd like to come back for another go at those steps!