Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad - This is the end

It happened last night.  Breaking Bad came to a close.
And while I wanted it to end like this:


It ended more like...

You want spoilers?  They're under the cut, yo.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Glee-est Glee That Ever Glee-d

Okay, I'll admit - I had been falling out of love with Glee for some time now.  It's just not the same!  A lot of the characters we all know and love just aren't the same out of school as they were when they were still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed McKinley High students.  My Netflix is stuck on Season 2, Episode 6: Never Been Kissed.  Why?

Because that's where it all began!!  Where Kurt met Blaine!  I fast-forward right to this part.  Well, actually, I fast-forward to where Kurt first meets Blaine on the steps at Dalton.

And I cry EVERY TIME!  When they slow-motion run down the hall, hand in hand!  When Blaine sings "Teenage Dream" and he's singing right to Kurt!  Oh the love!!

Spoilers ahead - in case you missed it!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Gif Party!

Err...I mean, Beatle-mania on the season premiere of Glee!

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman terrorize Jimmy Fallon

See the gif set here

Our beautiful Earth from Space!

See the gif set here

Started from the bottom now we here

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2013

Can't wait!!!  American Horror Story: Coven!!!

Fight Club

What are you doing here?

Who else upgraded to iOS7?  I like it but there are some things I need to get used to...
 This post reads "Reblog if u remember"

Me when I'm making these posts ^__^


Monday, September 23, 2013

More *SMASH-ventures! are a few items I've added to my *SMASH Book...

After an intense dentist appointment a while back, I bought the extreme BluRay edition of The Great Gatsby (like I said I would) and wrote all day long while watching all of the behind the scenes stuff.  One thing I didn't do: watch the ending.  I was crying all day between the story, costumes, soundtrack and my writing materials.  Oh, and the jaw pain I was experiencing.  So why not put it in the book?!

Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy started with a bang.  *SPOILERS*  Why Opie?!  He was destined for greatness!  But he was also on a slippery slope as was a sad moment when we saw him *SPOILERS* getting his head bashed in.  It made me sad.  I loved Opie!  Ryan Hurst did such a great job with the character!  And the worst part was that Opie reminded me so much of Nate that it was kind of comforting to be able to watch Opie on-screen but once he was buried, it made me miss my friend even more.

On a happier note, season 8 DVDs for Supernatural have finally entered our disc queue and I'm so happy I can't stand it!  I know season 9 is starting or has started already and I don't think we'll catch up in time but I don't care!  I'm just glad these kids are back on my TV screen!!!

As far as the rest of the pages go, I'm actually trying to take it easy on some things and not do the daily journaling thing as much because I'm already into the August pages (already?!) which is good but I still have to make it through the end of the year with this book before I start another, right?!  Well, there are no rules in *SMASH Book-ing but...

Here are some more pages in no particular order...

Food Truck Thursdays with my Mom and her friend Raquel / Random funny images from Tumblr / The day L&C got engaged! (and bacon scented candles!!) / The circuit that I do on the weekends (most times) / I had a very bad anxiety and panic day and it helped to journal about it - yes, Breaking Bad added to my anxiety attacks that day / Spontaneous shoot with some friends with hilarious results!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Gif Party!

For this week's gif party, I'll start on what gave me severe panic attacks on Sunday:

That nod that Walt gives as the "okay" to shoot Jesse was terrible and Jesse's reaction was heartbreaking! UGH...



Here's a pug being cute

I think Tina might be my spirit animal...

For more Tina-isms, see the full gif set (and watch Bob's Burgers!)

The lovely model Barbra Palvin...

Hey Saturn!

Cool gif interpretation of the Milky Way

I wanted some gore so here's part of Peter's transformation from human to werewolf on Hemlock Grove

Since I got my Wavves tickets in the mail for the 10/8 Masquerade show (the day after my birthday, y'all!), here's Stephen

Watch the Afraid of Heights music video HERE

Secret book art!  Check it out!

And purely for fun, here's Nicolas Cage's face on Miley's body in the Wrecking Ball video

Nic Cage version  /  Miley Cyrus version

Monday, September 16, 2013

Last night's Breaking Bad = Heart Attack City

Yesterday was quite the day for anxiety and me.  I'll spare you the details (but you can read about it here if you want).  After a harrowing day filled with work stress, anxiety, panic and confusion, I *thought* I was ready for the conclusion of the events from last week's Breaking Bad.

Boy, was I wrong.

Breaking Bad spoilers after the jump!

In the mean time, enjoy these puppy photos

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday Gif Party!

Another Wednesday, another Gif Party!  I'm starting us off with the greatest gif that has ever gif'd.

Can you believe Hey Ya! is 10 years old?! Me either!

See the whole gif set here (because it's adorable)

Shirtless Zefron belongs in Fantasy Friday but since it is Hump Day after all...

Can't wait for the new season of Boardwalk Empire!!

Classic beauty Lucille Ball

Oil, paint and water

Check out the video this gif came from. It's beautiful!

Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal

The always lovely Dita von Teese

See the rest of the gif set to see what she's talking about ^__^

Aaaaand a double dose of Blaine Anderson in anticipation of the first episode of the new season of Glee that will have all Beatles songs!  Can't wait!!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I know this is being posted on Thursday but I drafted the whole post yesterday, I swear! Don't hurt me, blog police!!