Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo mash-ups!

Sorry for the lack of updates!  Work has got me really busy with last-minute video preps for our team building weekend starting tomorrow so...I've been stuck.

On another note - I've been making some pretty cool friends via Flickr and one of my favourite collaborators, No More Sideburn Bob, has invited me to do this awesome photo mash-up collab with him.  The idea is we each take a photo, label it with corresponding numbers, email them to each other and see how we mash them up!


Photo #1    PLUS     No More Sideburn Bob - Photo 1


No More Sideburn Bob mash-up #1
By No More Sideburn Bob

Photo mash-up #1
By me.  I took a cue from his and decided to run it through a few more apps so it wouldn't look like too much of the same thing - since we are using the same blender app.

I brought both photos in to Image Blender (which he told me about), ran the mash-up through Swanko Lab, Lo Mob and finally, through Pic Grunger.  With his street shot and my flowers, I thought it would make a nice post card looking photo so I messed with the colours in Swanko Lab, added the border with Lo Mob and the creases with Pic Grunger.  I think they both turned out really well!
He sent me his #2 & #3 photos (which are totally awesome shots btw) and now I have to think of something that will mash-up nicely with them...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Last week's adventures

I've never been but Sister Louisa's looks like a lot of fun
78/366: Sister Louisa's

I went to an Avid MC6 event last week and they had a sample timeline from a scene for the movie Kick Ass. I nerded out a little.  That timeline was CRAY-ZAY.
80/366: Editing Timeline

We held a surprise bridal shower for one of our staff members. Even though I get crazy anxiety during these surprise events (because I have to take photos, of course), I always end up having a little fun thanks to Heather.  She always reminds me that it's okay to put the camera down for a moment to eat some cake.
81/366: Surprise bridal shower

I did my makeup kinda sorta following this tutorial for my Effie Trinket look. I was very limited with my colours because I only had my travel makeup kit with me but I think I did a pretty good job. You can't tell but the colours were really vibrant and I swept the pinks and purples out to my temples.  It was awesome!
82/366: My Effie Trinket makeup for "The Hunger Games"
I really want the Paper Self lashes used in the movie to complete the look.  I have a feeling that Halloween will be very vibrant this year!  That is - if the Hunger Games hoopla stays strong.  I'll have time to perfect my Effie look for sure!  And I might even attempt wearing lipstick just for added effect (and because it's so pretty).

We went to one of my favourite pizza places in my neck of the woods
83/366: By the slice

And I finally spray painted my Rodarte-inspired star bursts into a unified gold/copper colour!
84/366: Spray painted gold
At first, I was a little upset that the gold colouring turned out more reddish and rusty but after I let it sit for a few more hours, it turned into a pretty golden colour.  Perfect to wear to a work event this coming Saturday since the dress I'll be wearing has a gold zipper down the back and my shoes will have gold accents.  I'm still trying to figure out how I'll add something red to it (one of the requirements).  Maybe a scarlet mani/pedi?  We'll see what I have time for this week.

I also learned a really awesome trick when I was at Lauren's on Thursday (for our Project Runway All Stars finale party).  If you freeze some cut up banana slices overnight and blend them steadily for a few minutes, they become the consistency of soft serve ice cream / yogurt!  WHAT!  I made some for my old man yesterday after we cleaned the house and it was a very much welcomed treat.  I'm definitely doing that again!

Did you have any fun adventures this past week?

Hunger Games weekend

Holy crap.  Josh Hutcherson.  Josh Hutcherson has stolen my heart as Peeta Mellark personified.  I loved Peeta from the first time he said his first words in The Hunger Games and finally being able to see him on-screen, I was transformed into a younger version of myself who was falling for this guy.  Ugh.

But I kept getting jarred back into reality by some very bratty and rude kids.

Yes, the theater my aunt and I went to was overrun with little tweens and teens alike for our Friday viewing of The Hunger Games.  No surprise.  But what was really surprising was their lack of manners.  During any and all of my Harry Potter viewings, the kids had the decency to shut the fuck up as soon as the opening credits started animating.  These kids were a different kind of brat.  They talked THE ENTIRE TIME.  My aunt threatened to get the manager quite a few times even though it would've taken her out of the theater to miss more of the movie and it would've taken even longer to get out of the middle of the row we were in.  There was no winning.  Not even the fucking parents of these asshole kids stepped in.  Why?  I don't know.  They tune it out, maybe?  Who knows.

The worst part about it was that Lauren and I had been talking about the cave scene since I read about it.  Then my aunt and I talked even more about how we were anxious to see it.  And once it started in the movie, I was ready to savor it.  Tears in my eyes, my heart glowing at the sight of Peeta and Katniss and the realization and then - LAUGHTER.  The entire theater erupts with laughter when Peeta starts stroking the knife wound on Katniss' forehead.  Ugh.  My favourite part of the first book ruined.

When we exited the theater, I practically ran to the parking lot as if I was trying to escape these...these fucking JERKS.  My aunt commented that she knew the kids were probably going to be bratty but this was unacceptable.  She was right.  I had expected some level of rudeness but not that.  And then I felt like I had lost something.  Yes, I felt like they had taken the enjoyment out of the movie.  Of course they did!  That's why I want a movie redo.  I want to wait a few weeks and see the movie again - on a better screen with louder sound.  I think it would've helped if the sound was louder.  I was expecting the vibrations to shake me when the gong went off in the arena but instead, it rang loudly enough to bring me back into the games - if only for a short time.

That fueled me to read the books faster.  I was halfway through book two, so I knew the fate of the characters for the second movie and I was excited for it but I promised to NEVER AGAIN go to that theater.  I might even attempt a midnight showing somewhere else.  Maybe in a part of town with no overprivileged kids to ruin my experience.  Opening nights for the first 2 Twilight movies were fun, but they were at another theater.  Maybe the opening for Catching Fire will be better at that theater...oh well.
I hate to sound like an old person with the whole "You crazy kids" thing but COME ON!!

My thoughts about the third book after the ol' jumperoo

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

I hate to admit it but I'm really late to this Hunger Games party.  Why it took me so long to read, I'll never know but what I do know is that I'm super excited about seeing the movie tonight with my aunt!
I didn't really have a desire to start the books until Lauren and Heather both told me they were pretty great.  I decided I'd go ahead and buy them (making them my first official Kindle for iPad purchase) and I couldn't stop!  I got through the first book in about a day and half.  That's crazy fast for me!  Breaking Dawn took me 4 days and The Deathly Hallows took me 4 1/2 (lots of crying breaks) - which I thought was pretty good but a day and half?!!  I'm not the best reader.  Something has to really grab my attention and not a lot of stuff does, unfortunately.  But these books are great!  I'm partway through the second one I think.  It's hard to tell with the percentage instead of a page number...
All I kept thinking was "I can't wait to see the costumes and makeup and Josh Huthcerson as Peeta!!"  Seriously.  I can't wait to see Peeta.  It's like the Edward / Jacob thing all over again.  And what really got me jazzed up about it is all the articles about the Capitol makeup and costumes!
I first read this article by Kandee Johnson and I was glad to see that Ve Neill worked on it seeing as how I saw her as a judge on Face Off and all...She made Elizabeth Banks almost unrecognizable as Effie Trinket.  And her makeup is STUNNING.  I want to try this tutorial for my look tonight but I don't have enough pink colours with me to do it.

LOVE!  And I'd definitely wear the lipstick if I wasn't so allergic.  Aww :(
You know I'd like to see do this look?  Doe Deere.  Her Lime Crime makeups are perfect for this with all their crazy colours!  I'm kinda wishing I had a Lime Crime stock pile of shadow dusts to try out this look but oh well.  I just wasn't as prepared as I would've liked to be.  Luckily I found a pink and purple I might be able to work with in my travel makeup kit but if that doesn't work, I have my trusty nude and golds palate so I can do a "girl on fire" smoldering eye look.  So many things!!  I just really want to do the pink though!  Ugh.  Anyways...

Is anyone else seeing The Hunger Games tonight?  Lauren and I contemplated going at midnight last night but we both have separate tickets for tonight and I think I would've been a zombie at work today.  I did think about it very hard though.  In the end, we're being patient and waiting.  Ugh!  The waiting is killing me!  I just want to hurry up and see the chariot ride and the cave scene (so many tears!!!) and everything else in between.  And I'll admit that I'm a little jealous of Heather because she's also going to see it tonight.  ON IMAX.  WHAT.  So jealous.  Maybe I can talk the old man into seeing it on Imax with me...We'll see!

Happy Hunger Games everyone!

Project Runway All-Stars: The Finale Part 2 - The Recap

Last night's finale was CRAZY!  I felt like it was Heidi and guest judge Jessica Simpson fighting with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia over Mondo and Gretchen - only replace Gretchen with Michael C and you have the fight between Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and Mr. Giggles Ken Downing vs Not-Heidi host and Tommy Hillfiger.  Tommy and Not-Heidi were really stating Michael C's case but Georgina, Heidi and Ken had a point about Mondo: he's ahead of the trends, he's more youthful and he has really great ideas.  But we already knew that, didn't we?
On to the runway show!  I'll start with Austin.

I think when he came out and gave his inspiration and description of his collection by saying it was "Hasidic Jew meets Victorian vampire meets Williamsburg hipster dandy friend", I could see how Ken Downing was laughing.  All I kept thinking was that that sounded like what the costumes would be if Interview with a Vampire had been filmed now instead of the 90's.  That shit cray and you know it, Austin.  Either way, he stepped out a fairly nice collection. 

I wasn't too crazy about his model choice for the 4th look because she didn't carry the dress well and I think that ruined the look for me.  As far as the styling goes, that hybrid pageant Victorian curls thing is killing the first look.  Like, murdering it.  It's not doing that look any favours and neither are those pants.  Eww.  Tommy Hilfiger wanted to have babies with look 5.  I think he was more crazy about the "rock 'n' roll" catsuit than Austin was!  And I thought it was smart for Austin to have done the wedding dress (with Anthony's touches of black accessories from the Opera challenge) but I expected a little more.  The petals were nice and the black accents were pretty with the different white textiles but I wanted a little more of the vampire element brought in to this particular look.  But, unfortunately, Austin's aesthetic is older and he caters to the suburban moms with money and it shows big time.  I think his 1st and 5th looks were his attempt to be more youthful but they didn't work with the rest of his pieces.

Michael C took us on a Gretchen-styled adventure.  Yeah, I said it.  Watching his stuff come down the runway AND hearing all the critiques about it made it feel like the Mondo / Gretchen showdown of season 8.  I was a little scared for a minute there.  Thankfully Michael spared us the granny panties and he showed some out-of-his-comfort (draping)-zone pieces.

Not gonna lie - the models in looks 1, 5 and 6 look FIERCE.  I'll even go as far as saying the model in look 5 looks like she could be a tan version of Diane von Furstenberg.  Lovely.  I will also admit that I LOVE the dress in look 6 without that damn vest.  And Lauren and I decided that Michael's best piece was look 2 because of the structure and angles and guess what - that's the one April helped him out on.  No surprise there.  The rest of the collection was too commercial-y I think.  Like he wanted to show them what he could do for the Neiman Marcus collection but that's not exactly what they wanted.  Well, maybe that's what not-Heidi and Tommy H were expecting but I think they forgot how the show actually worked.  Not a terrible collection, though.

On to the night's winner Mondo!  First of all, I love that he finally won and I'm kind of glad that he didn't win season 8 because these prizes are better.  I think Neiman Marcus and Marie Claire will both benefit from having him because his point of view is so young and fresh and modern.  He's a great choice not only because of his playful youthfulness but he's thoughtful about each piece and he really knows how to manipulate patterns to make his own.  Very clever.

While I always love everything Mondo does, I wasn't crazy about look 3 because it very distinctly has Mila's influence.  Ugh.  BUT it didn't hurt the collection, thankfully.  The inkblots were gorgeous and I was so happy to finally see them!  We just kept getting glimpses of them and I think the only full one we saw was the one in look 4 but the dress in look 5 is stunning and I would love to have that.  Ken Downing called the first piece a "wow piece" and then Tommy (I think) kept saying the buttons on look 2 were comically large - which I thought was wrong because I thought the proportions worked with the polka dots, the large buttons and the circular pockets.  It wouldn't have hurt to have made the pockets a little smaller though but at that point, they'd be purely for decoration and they'd have to question his motives on that one.  The rest of the pieces (save for look 3) was very Mondo though.  His point of view came across very well and I think the fact that he made the textiles for looks 4 and 5 with the inkblots might have sealed the deal for him. 

And can I just point out that last night, Lauren pointed it out to me that Angela was giving Georgina bitch face about her wanting Mondo over Michael C and ultimately, it was Angela's forced smile and "eat shit" bitch face look that gave it away before they even started talking to Michael that it was clear that Mondo won.  Re-watch it and you'll see it too.  There was no cutting around that Stinky McStinkface.

I want to congratulate all the contestants on Project Runway All-Stars this season because they were all great sports for coming back and they all did a great job with their newfound points of view.  This season of All-Stars kind of made up for the shitty seasons of Project Runway, I think.  But I feel like maybe season 10 will end up like season 8 and 9 where you get bitches like Anya and Gretchen taking the wins away from more deserving contestants.  We'll see how that goes.

I hope to see you again on the runway for season 10 and I hope it doesn't disappoint!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars: The Finale Part 2

Tonight's the night!

Sorry for the lack of updates!  I've been busy reading The Hunger Games Trilogy and I'm HOOKED.  But I can put my books down for the Project Runway All-Stars finale, of course!
The Three Amigos are head to head TONIGHT and I'm so excited I can't stand it!

Photo credit: The super awesome Lauren

After last week, I'm just ready for Mondo to take it on home this time!  If he doesn't I might have to write off PR forever.  I know, I know - I've been saying that every season since Mondo lost buuuuuuutttt...THIS IS IT (maybe).  And secretly, I kinda want to see the wedding dress Austin was working on.  Will it end up being a wedding dress with all the time constraints or will he transform it to something else?  Hmmmm.  We'll know in just a few hours!

Join us for all the live-blogging fun!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Favourite Perfume

Even though this past weekend was terrible, there was one silver lining that showed itself. I went with my Mom to the mall on Saturday afternoon and while we were checking out at Sephora, I started smelling perfumes. Nothing really can't my attention - until I smelled Kat Von D's Sinner. At first, I was a little skeptical but my Mom liked it so I bought the little perfume roller. I mean, at $18 for the roller, it was a steal, right?! I'm being sarcastic, of course. But I decided to splurge and bought it anyways.
After I applied it, I was in love. I've been putting it on non-stop since I bought it. I can't stop smelling my wrists! I know I probably look like a maniac but I just LOVE the scent! The last perfume I loved like this was my Gucci Eau de Parfum II - which I reserve for very special occasions.  So what am I to do?!  I love them both and they're too expensive for everyday use, I think, right?  Meh - I think I'll live.  Sinner is just too good.  Let's hope they don't discontinue it!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Unlucky Adventures...

My old man hasn't always had the greatest luck. No matter how hard I try to get him to change his attitude and way of thinking, he always seems to have the worst luck. And that was definitely amplified today - which is a shame because today just so happens to be his birthday. Yes, his birthday is the day after St. Patrick's Day and I think that's why he has such terrible luck on this day because everyone is hungover and feeling shitty and blah blah blah. And today was very extremely terrible.
It started off on the right foot in the morning - until he left the receipt we needed to do an exchange at Ikea. I'm convinced Ikea's colour psychology is designed to bring out the absolute worst in people. Why? Because every time we go, I feel like we're cows being herded through the store with that narrow walk way and the arrows on the floor telling us to walk through the entire store just so we can find that one thing (that usually ends up being downstairs anyway). And all we hear is couples fighting over design aesthetics or colours or models. Whether it's new couples moving in together, married couples redecorating, couples having their first child or college students moving out for the first time, they're ALWAYS arguing. Us included. All we wanted to do was exchange the table/counter top to our kitchen add-on. How long did that take us? Um...10 minutes under 3 HOURS. Yes, 3 hours. And we still went home empty-handed. But the bad mojo didn't start there, it started at Radial.
The last time we went to Radial, it was our very first time ever going there. I was getting over my sinus infection and I was just starting to get my taste back so I ordered a hamburger. When it came out, the waiter had forgotten the bacon add-on, so I had to wait for my bacon. I ended up eating the first half without bacon and it was pretty bland. After my two strips came out, I added them to the second half of my burger and it added some flavour but not much. I had heard so many good things about this place but I wasn't seeing it. Our waiter was slow and it took forever to get drink refills and our check. I get it - it's packed. I understand it's busy but when I looked around, other tables were getting better service. Today was no different. Why? We had the same fucking server. And yes, he was slow. And yes, he had forgotten my side item AGAIN only this time it wasn't bacon, it was my side of fruit. And guess what? My pancakes were cold. Ugh. And it took FOREVER to get the check.
After that, we headed off to our 3 hour Ikea adventure. I don't even want to talk about how terrible it was anymore. Blech. But I will say this: my old man has recognized that his birthday is cursed and I'm hoping that by next year, his luck will have turned around. I can only hope...

Friday, March 16, 2012

OMG Shoes

After seeing these Starla sandals on Refinery 29's Instagram feed yesterday, I knew I was in love! I went on a frantic search all over the interwebz to find them.
Initially I thought they just came in gold

Which is fine by me because I'm trying to break away from the black-goes-with-errrything accessory rule I've given myself but sweet, sweet baby Jesus - they come in black!

At $175, they might sound like a steal to some but for me, that's quite a lot for some sandals but I might dip into my secret allowance stash for these babies because they are FIERCE.

- OR -

I could save my allowance $$$ for what I TRULY want: RuPaul's Drag Race for Iron Fist shoes!!



I could totally see Lady LaLa in these!


And there are many MANY more to come because Jiggly wore some for her Dragazine shoot that aren't featured in the Comming Soon section of the site.  I can't wait to see the whole collection because you know it's going to be sickening!  Decisions decisions!

Project Runway All-Stars: Finale Part 1 - A Look Back at the Top 3

Since there was really nothing to recap from last night's episode, I think I'm going to reflect on the top three designer's favourite three looks from this season of All-Stars.
I'll start with Austin.

Austin has been all over the place for me.  I love him.  I can't stand him.  And sometimes, he's just okay.  Personally, none of his looks really wowed me this season but then again, I'm not that much of an Austin fan to begin with.  Sorry folks!  Anyways - here are my top 3 Austin looks

Although it wasn't my absolute favourite, I did like the way the black tulle worked with the gold in the Opera challenge.
For the street wear challenge, Austin picked the best muse out of all the kids and turned out this really fierce look that his muse would kill for.
And even though the flag challenge wasn't the best, I really enjoy the movement of the fabrics.  The front could've been executed better at the bust but the dress is still pretty.

Michael C is another one I'm all manic about.  I love him.  I can't stand his drama and sometimes, he really turns it out

I couldn't do this entry without talking about my most favourite dress all season: Michael C's Opera dress. Holy Mother! It's gorgeous! You can't sit there and say you hate it because YOU DON'T. You know you secretly want this dress. I know I do. DAMN!
The skirt for the Godspell challenge was gorgeous.  I wasn't a big fan of the overall look BUT I do love the shoe / skirt combo.  Lovely.
The gelato challenge wasn't the greatest either but I think this is a good example of his drapery.  He's so skilled and it moves beautifully with his model.  If I could, I'd try to commission him for a draped piece.  It's like liquid.

On to my most favourite designer is the entire Universe: Mondo!
Mondo has really turned out some amazing stuff this season and I'm really proud!  What I'm kind of afraid of is his moodiness.  Those Geminis have that split personality thing going on and sometimes it's good but Mondo kinda scared me last night with his extreme self loathing.  But you know what?  All that self loathing just means his collection will be tight and right.

For the Godspell challenge, Mondo used his greatest skill to his advantage: successfully mixing prints.  I was a little worried because alone, each print was a bit much but together, they were just the right amount of eccentric and that led him to a win!
The Opera dress was GORGEOUS.  I mean, the cape, the collar cutout, the silver flecks...everything about this look was glam-o-rama and so totally Mondo.  Beautiful!
Even though the judges gave Mondo such shit for his Summer challenge, I loved it.  I love the polka dots on the shirt with the weave pattern on the shorts.  I love the neon pops of colour and I love the Barbie look of his model's hair.  Everything about it was great and fun and Summery but the judges didn't think so.  Oh well. 

This I just had to share - while I was taking a look back at the past looks of this season, I was looking at Mondo's street style challenge and I realized something: his model kinda looks like Willam from Drag Race season 4.  Ha!!

LOL  Frizzy hair and all!  Wowzers!

Aaaaanyways - I hope Mondo finds himself in his therapy-themed collection and wins the whole thing (like he should).  The inkblots he made were awesome and I can't wait to see his final looks!

Who are you rooting for?