Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project Runway: There's a Pattern Here; The Live Blogging

Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Night's Recap and Our New Project Runway Drinking Game (as dictated by last night's live-blog)

Another successful live-blog last night with Lauren and Geoff! Good times were had by all! Especially because one half of the "Evil Queens" was Auf'd! Goodbye Ivy! But that leaves a burning question: Who will compliment Gretchen now??? My guess is Valerie - since she was safe (phew!) and she and Ivy were BFFs somehow. I thought Val was better than that!

Anyways...the big winner? You guessed it: MONDO!!

Here are his winning looks:

Great job, as always Mondo. These two looks are very Sweeny Todd to me - but I love it! When he said "Kaleidoscope" when the challenge was announced, I was already in love. Mondo always has such a great eye for prints and colour combinations. Even with his failed Resort Wear look. Yes, I liked it:

I can't wait until next week!! Although I have to say that I'm still waiting for my Runway Bloodbath that Lifetime promised us a few weeks ago...Maybe it will happen during Fashion Week?? One can only hope. And I'm sure the Bringer of Smack Talk (Gretchen, y'all) will be the center of it. She should really take this saying to heart: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Why? Because every time she's not in the top 3, she hates life. Last night, for some weird reason, she was in the top 3 for the first time in a long time. I don't know how. Her outfits were terrible.

I will say this about Gretchen's choices: I really like the jewelry she styles with. Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed the head chain she styled with last night:

It was very Childlike Empress and if there's one thing I love more than anything, it's The Neverending Story. Aaaaaand - at some point last year I designed head chains for Body Politik (modeled by the always lovely Lauren):

My, how things change...

But I digress.

I haven't even told you the Drinking Game rules!!
As decreed by us last night, you must take a shot when the follwing happens:

  1. When someones says "Under the bus"
  2. When Nina looks constipated
  3. When something is deemed a "train wreck"
  4. When Tim says "Thank you Mood", "Make it work", "gather round", or "Can I have your attention"
  5. Michael Kors has to make some sort of crotch comment
Sound good? I'm sure there will be more revisions next week. One can only hope!
And just so you know, there's a planned finale party in the works. STAY TUNED!!!

Until next time, get more Project Runway loving here and be sure to join us next week!

Love and kisses,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project Runway: Race to the Finish; The Live Blogging

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glee's back! *There are some SPOILERS*

And you know what that means, right?! Kurt's fashion! Am I the only person who gets all worked up over Kurt's clothing? I think not. I'm sure plenty of other people out there enjoy Kurt's fierceness as much as I do. And for the season 2 premiere, I was NOT disappointed.

In case you didn't know, Kurt Hummel (played by the ever-so-talented Chris Colfer) is the most fabulous member (in my opinion) of the William McKinley High School Glee Club. His fashion sense is quite amazing. He can go from channeling his inner Chuck Bass in well-tailored coats and pants to a more casual yet still fashionable look.

Last night's season premiere (Audition) was wonderful! I've been anxiously waiting the return of Glee all summer and it's finally here! Although some of the songs weren't great, the episode was off to a great start. There is a new football coach: Coach Bieste. She's awesome! Her snappy one-liners could rival Sue's - if only they made proper sense. Poor, sweet, misunderstood Coach Bieste endures quite the bullying from *gasp* Sue and Will. What?! Sue and Will teamed up to get rid of the coach who wants to cut the Cheerio's and Glee Club's budget by 10% to help boost the football team to bring more money back into the school. What it was to me was a Grover Goes to School episode. And we all know how I feel about that...though I didn't cry in this episode because I just knew Will would come around.

Kurt's fashion was amazing. He was his usual fabulous self but I think he might kick it up a notch. I can feel it. Here are some highlights from last night's fashion show:

Can I just say that I'm IN LOVE with the chain from his tie to his jacket?! LOVE IT!!

Loving the colour of this jacket and his sweet, sweet arm candy Mercedes.

I LOVED this scene. When asked if he was wearing a girl's sweater he replied."Fashion knows no gender". LOVES IT! And the sweater looks fabs!

I'm not quite sure what was happening here. I LOVE his Civil War style hats but I'm not sure if the "bondage" straps, reminiscent of The Fifth Element, were a winning combination. I love them both separately but maybe not together. Still, he WORKED IT.

I'm thinking about starting a Kurt Hummel fashion Tumblr but I'm not sure if I'd have the time to run it properly. Oh well. Until then, I'll just keep screen-capping from Hulu and squeal with joy at all the fashion adventures yet to come for season 2!

Watch the season 2 premiere, if you haven't already or if you just have to see it again, HERE

Love and kisses,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Project Runway: Rough Day On The Runway - the day after

Hello all! Another successful live-blog of Project Runway has been completed! Lots of fun and laughs and the possible addition of a drinking game? We'll see...

For last night's episode, we were promised a "blood bath". I'm sorry Lifetime producers but it was anything but a blood bath. Gretchen (known during the live-blogs as Wretched) is still her same old bully self and Ivy is still cold-hearted, which makes me think "What could be so bad at this point"? We've seen the worst of the Wretched/Ivy nightmare team and Michael C is still taking the high road. Surprisingly, Michael D was being very diplomatic and not participating in the smack-talking that was happening. Who was participating in the smack talk? None other than my very own squeaky-voiced, "We can do it!" Valerie. *GASP* WTF??!?!?! Valerie?
Yes, Valerie. She was not only praising Ivy for her wonderful look (No!!!!!!) but she was also in on the Michael C trash talk. What?! I expected more from you! You're so cute and so determined and so...Valgal and this is making me upset! In the words of Master Gunn, "This worries me". I hope Valerie returns to her normal, upbeat, adorbs self or else she will break my heart.
Mondo's design last night was really head-turning - in a good way. As Tim said, he found a houndstooth print in "Mondo" - large print in white, black and purple. And he made it work!

Congrats Mondo! Keep being cute ^_^
And you can check out all the looks at Rate the Runway!

Next week looks like it will be cray-cray! Valgal looks like she loses it and the runway definitely looks like it will be wacky beyond belief! I hope it's all true and NOT clever editing from the producers.

Until next are the rules for our drinking game:
  1. Take a shot when Heidi (or anyone, for that matter) says "Under the bus"
  2. Take a shot when the lovely Nina Garcia looks constipated
  3. Take a shot when someone says something looks like a "train wreck" (looking at you Nina!)
  4. Take a shot when Tim says, "Make it work"
And more to come later...I'm sure!
Be sure to join us next week for more runway fun!
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!
Love and kisses,

Bonus: My all-time most fave Project Runway-related video. Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Project Runway: A Rough Day on the Runway; The Live Blogging

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours; The Live Blogging

Dragon*Con 2010!

I had never been to Dragon*Con. Ever. I had always seen pictures and heard stories but I had never experienced it. I was always afraid that you needed a pass just to see the patrons in costumes but last year, my sister proved it wrong. She obtained press passes and embarked on a journey that sounded so fun, I had to get in on it this year. And so I did.
No press passes for us, though. We entered the Dragon*Con journey at the perfect place to start: Friday night at Trader Vic's, a Hawaiian themed bar residing under the Hilton. What a madhouse! I wasn't expecting so much awesomeness! I mean, I guess I was but I didn't know what to do with myself. And the worst part was: I forgot my camera.
Once we had a few drinks in us and after I ran into an old high school friend (fun times!), we were off. I was running around in a drunken haze of my childhood heroes in real life. Everywhere we went, I threw my phone at my old man and demanded he take a photo of me and whoever I was able to track down. Everyone was great on Friday! Great costumes, great attitudes, great everything! The crowd wasn't that big - which was a bonus. Saturday was different story.
Saturday was crazy! I had forgotten that they were trying to break the World Record for the most costumed people in one place at the same time, so you know it was crowded! But I got more attitude Saturday night when I asked for photos :( Oh well. If I had been in costume, I would've loved posing! Which makes me wonder what I should do for next year...
I was also on sort of a scavenger hunt. Since I forgot my regular camera on Friday night and was only able to obtain blurry, low lit photos with my phone, I wanted to see if I could find the same-ish costumes on Saturday night. What a task! The not-so-hard ones: Halo (MANDATORY), Steampunk anything and Waldo. The ones I really needed were Sailor Moon - which was one of the FIRST costumes I saw (!!!!), The Comedian (from Watchmen) - the BEST Comedian was on Friday, Cloud from "Final Fantasy" and a few others I can't remember. And those that I couldn't remember prompted me to come up with a great idea: get a group together in teams of 2 or 4 and go on a "Pics or it didn't happen" scavenger hunt! Each team has the same sheet and their task is to go on which ever day they choose - Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday or all days - and get photos of the characters on the sheet. Bonus points awarded for not so well-known characters. Example: we kept seeing cheerleaders Saturday night but only I recognized them as Cheerios (the cheeleaders in Glee) and other smaller characters - like the Samurai Pizza Cats or something not a whole lot of people know... We'll see how the list comes together.
Until the, check out my Flickr set from Dragon*Con and be sure to check out more groups for more photos!!

Dragon*Con pool
Dragon*Con 2010 pool

Enjoy! And see you next year, Dragon*Con!
Love and Kisses,

HaloSailor Moon
Shera & Co.