Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fun with Sharon Needles (merch)

I did it.  I don't know why it took me so long but I finally did it.

Maybe it's because I didn't know they were out yet.

Maybe it's because I'm lazy.

Maybe it's because I don't keep up with social media like I should.

It could be a lot of things.

Either way, I did it.

It started with Googling Sharon Needles and Alaska.  I couldn't remember Alaska's full name!  And as soon as I saw it, how could I forget?!  Alaska Thunderfuck.  Of course!

The reason I was Googling those two was because RuPaul asked Sharon about Alaska on the finale of Drag Race and I guess I was feeling kinda bummed out for Sharon for thinking that Alaska would get all jealous because Sharon made it to the show and she didn't.  But with a name like Thunderfuck, I'm guessing there were some reservations about having her on the show.  
I've never seen Alaska perform but I LOVE her website.  And she's GORGEOUS!!  I'd love to see her come through Atlanta and perform!  That would be so great!

So - after I was fawning over Sharon and Alaska together, I remembered something: wasn't Sharon supposed to have some "I ran into Sharon Needles at Party City" shirts available or something?  I remember seeing something in March on her Facebook page...I guess I never really remembered to check - UNTIL NOW.


Yes, they're for sale HERE and yes, I ordered one.  Of course I did!  If I had thought about it before, I would've had it here in time for Monday's reunion show where the winner will be revealed!  I'm already tweeting my little heart out in Sharon's defense.  Are you?! 

Let's hope she gets crowned and that the Drag Race Tour will hit up Atlanta very VERY soon!

This Week's 366

 I found these cute candies at Super H Mart on Sunday.
Super H Mart, you always have the wackiest things

Pot o' gold

A pretty bouquet

Wearing my @fashionology_nl quartz necklace!
I finally received my quartz necklace and ring (not pictured) from Fashionology!





I saw that yesterday on my way home from work. In case you can't really tell, the Sylvester toy is dressed in a devil costume. Um...WHAT???  Yeah, I was definitely caught off guard with that one...
I hope I get some really interesting things this weekend.  Honestly, I don't think it can get any more random than this though!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday Night TV

Since Monday is our Game of Thrones day, I noticed something last night.  Renley Baratheon is the total hipster king.  I mean, look at that beard!


Don't get me wrong - he's dreamy and all (in a Brandon Flowers kinda way) but what makes him cuter? His boyfriend

Precious!  If you didn't know that about Renley, sorry!  It was a major surprise to us too since we don't read the books (yet).  But since there's been a whole lotta boobs coming out this season, I'm hoping there's a whole lotta Renley and his BF for us ladies who like that kind of thing...You know - two cute boys making out.  GET IT.

And since TV was full of repeats last night, I decided to start my super ultra mega catch up on RuPaul's Drag Race since it's down to the final 3.  And while I LOVE Sharon Needles, Michelle Visage is my style icon.   Girl.  GURL.  GURRRRRL

DAMN.  Her boobs are always on point and she ALWAYS looks good.  Case in point: her outfit during the "Frock the Vote" judging panel.  GIRL.

LOVE!!  I hope to be able to be all titties out (against Joanna Coles' wishes) by the time summer comes around that way I  can say "I'm bringing Michelle Visage realness" when I wear my pink jeans and these shoes

And get my hair to behave like this

And I hope I can get my boobies to behave like hers.  Not gonna lie - I'm sure there's a whole lotta padding and tape involved to get that kind of perfection.
I'll just say it - I want to be just like Mama Visage.  There.  That was easy.

But that means I really need to find myself a Drag Mother to help me out in the makeup department.  I mean, I'm no stranger around the makeup case but I really need help in the falsies and the contouring department.  Yes, I'm terrible at applying falsies on my own but I always seem to get them on right if I'm doing makeup around other ladies (mainly my sisters)

Example 1: The Mermaid Parade last year (with my step-sister in New York)
Example 2: Pride last year (I applied my makeup at Oni's place before we headed to Piedmont Park):

And wouldn't you believe it - it's the same pair of lashes both times! HA!

I was able to do a Barbie pair a few years back on Valentine's but that was under the strict supervision of Lady LaLa and Oni.  I don't know what it is but when I tried to apply my Barbie lashes for my Mom's birthday dinner, I had the WORST time.  I'll get the hang of it soon enough.  Practice makes perfect!

How was your Monday?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's Birthday Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was a whirlwind!  Well...what weekend isn't?  It was my Mom's birthday weekend and I realized after I put my outfit together that I like to get extra fashionista for her birthday.  Why?  I have no idea.  I also realized that it's been a year since I dyed my hair back to black...
Last weekend, I kindly called my aunt to see if she could sneak a peek at my Mom's shoe size in Converse sneakers so I could get her a very special pair she said she wanted and my aunt had me on speaker phone when I asked the very specific question!  Oops.  My Mom heard everything (of course) so I knew that she knew what her present was going to be so I had to dress it up MAJOR.  Enter this cute bag from good ol' Target

My mom's birthday present! ✨

AND a tiara and scepter!  I picked up the metallic grey and black from the wedding section and the tiara and scepter from the kids section.  Cute!  But what was lurking under all that tissue paper?
My mom's birthday gift revealed: Wonder Woman Converse! ✨
My Mom had off-handedly mentioned she wanted these shoes and somehow, I remembered to get them for her even though they're not too comfortable for her but I'm sure she'll wear them out anyway.  Cute!

I was in a "makin'" kinda mood this weekend since my old man recovered my spikes for me.  Here's what I started with:

Just finished this spiky lil bracelet too! *high five*

I took this pink belt (that came with a black dress) that wasn't really doing anything for me and I started poking holes in it by the buckle. After arranging my spikes and cutting the belt to the right length, I had a hot pink spiky bracelet!  So I had to make another - with snap buttons for the closures this time.  I was able to successfully use the mini anorak snaps I've had in my craft drawer FOREVER!  Sweet!
And after all that sweet anorak snap action, I finally got down to the most important craft - my shoes.  I had the second pair purchased.  I found the spikes.  All I needed was the awl.  Done.
After LOTS of poking and a few Real Housewives of New Jersey episodes, I did it. I had my dream shoes.
My favorite shoes just got a little dangerous

And you KNOW I wore them to my Mom's birthday dinner - which happened to be at the Bone Garden Cantina.  
Bone Garden Cantina   Live nudes
I think the best part about that place (besides the drink menu) is the decor.

My old man pointed out to me that my outfit matched my Mom's present:
Pattern   #armparty and yes, those are my pink pants in the background ;)
The background for the bracelets is actually my new pair of pink pants! And the geometic print belongs to my shirt.  So yes, I kept it in the pink, black and white family but I liked my outfit!  Funny coincidence!

How was your weekend?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Project 366 going stong!

I feel like I sound as if I've abandoned my 366 project since I haven't been posting weekly photos!  Worry not - I haven't abandoned it, I've just fallen behind on posting weekly round-ups!  Oops!
To make up for it, here is a mini round-up of some photos that you haven't seen (unless you've been to my set)

76/366: Paint swatch 1



Holiday house!


Signal strength



I've been noticing I'm shooting with the iPhone camera a lot more than the Hipstamatic app (because it's faster to load) and because of that, I'm using the Cross Process app a lot more.  I've also been playing around with other apps but I keep that mostly to my mash-ups - which I've fallen a little behind on because now that I have NMSbB's #4 and #5, I'm trying to shoot my shots accordingly. 
But I'm remaining diligent on my 366 project even though I haven't really been finding too many crazy things.  That just gives me all the more reason to go on more trips!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saturday Night Glee-ver

How great was Glee last night?!  I was already freaking out about it because Double D sent me this lovely gem

I thought it was funny and spooky because I had JUST been looking for cheap Bee Gees greatest hits albums to download. To tell you the truth, I wasn't too jazzed about this particular episode because I thought it was going to be campy (which it still was) and corny (Finchel = BARF) but there's something about Darren Criss performing You Should Be Dancing and wearing that white suit at the end.

How fabs was Mercedes?!

WERK. But as fabs as Mercedes was, Unique tore that shit up

Unique's whole storyline had me all choked up, to be honest.  I was practically in tears every time Unique was talking about her gender identity issues.  Girl, I totally understand.  And I'm glad she came out all decked out in her sparklies and Jesse St. Jerkface looked like a total asshole.  DO IT!!  I was like a proud mama watching Boogie Shoes and gave my very own standing ovation in my living room.

Finn and Rachel had me puking with their seemingly increasing sappy, sugary relationship drama but I'm glad Finn got his act together in the end.  But can they please STOP talking about their damn wedding.  Ugh.  So lame.  Can we get more Sam and Mercedes time?  I LOVE them together and I was so happy to see that Sam wasn't really perving out to Mercedes when he was getting that video of her for YouTube.  They belong together and I hope she sees that.  And I can't handle another serenade like this

My heart can't take it!  Just be with Sam!

Kurt and Blaine were precious, as always, and I was happy to see that wardrobe is back on track with Kurt.  He had been in some questionable outfits until now and I'm hoping that phase is OVER.

What was your favourite performance from last night?

Workplace Hero

This past Monday the resident super-fast runner at the office, Tara, ran in the Boston Marathon!  I managed to keep my enthusiasm down - even  when we found out she was running it at her bridal shower, I was ecstatic!  I was so excited when I found out we could track her on the website too!  Too bad work got in the way and I ended up being so busy I could only pull up her finishing stats.  I ended up missing the entire race!  Oh well.  There were other co-workers that were able to multitask tracking her and working better than I could so they gave me a breakdown afterwards.  I was still very overcome with joy at the fact that she actually did it that I started asking her boss if she was going to do anything for her, like make a poster or decorate her desk or something.  It turns out she was going to decorate Tara's desk but she liked the poster / banner idea.  I told her to email me what she wanted the poster to say and I would take care of the rest.
After the banner was signed off on, I printed it on our plotting printer and as I was pulling it off, Heather said that we should probably all sign it.  I was all "Damn girl, why you gonna write all over my Photoshoppin'".  Just kidding.  We all signed it and it looked amazing!  And after some decorating, Tara's cube was ready for her triumphant return!

Congrats to Tara who ran in the Boston Marathon on Monday!
If I were here, I would've stayed home and rested the rest of the week after a race like that but she came in with her medal for us to admire.
Tara's race medal
How bad ass is that?! It has a freaking UNICORN on it!! Maybe I should train for the Boston Marathon so that I can have a unicorn medal too! HA! I've never even dreamed of doing even a 5K... so I'll just have to settle for an Oscar®.

Congratulations Tara!  You really are my hero and you keep giving me push I need to keep with my own *secret* training (but that's another story).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A little Wavves for your afternoon enjoyment

Since I'm in a Summer mood, I'd like to share that with you all by posting this video of Wavves performing King of the Beach at the Drunken Unicorn on September 30, 2010.  You'll have to fast-forward to around 3:06 or feel free to watch the first song as well!

September 2010, huh? That's an awful long absence from Mr. Williams in the ATL. I wish I had the chance to see him on the Weezer Cruise but I had to miss it because of work. I also won't get a chance to see him at the Primavera Festival (for geographical and monetary reasons) but I'm hoping that Nathan decides to come back soon and rock our faces off. I'm dying to hear Poor Lenore live!!  And maybe by then I'll have Poor Lenore all finished up to *possibly* bring with me in a feeble attempt to try and show or give it to him, maybe.  We'll see.  I don't want to look like a total fangirl / tool...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey there, stud

It wasn't all just fun and games when I put on The Neverending Story yesterday. I was on a mission.
Shizz just got REAL #NeverendingStory

When I ordered the stars for my Rodarte project, I ordered a batch of 100 silver 1/2" studs. For what? I don't know. I think I had my Killjoys vest in mind but I wanted to spruce some other stuff up too. Like, maybe some shorts like the ones I've been seeing on Instagram via the #Coachella tag or some accessories like some purses, shoes or bracelets and belts.

I liked the purse route so we hit up the mall. I found this cute small one at H&M for around $12.

Not bad, not bad. Once we returned home, the old man disappeared upstairs, I put on my favourite movie and got to work.
Hey there, stud

After some light-hearted Instagramming of the movie, I focused back on my purse and here's how it turned out!
Stud bag

I love it! I took it out today and it's the perfect small bag! Now I'm looking at other bags (at other stores and in my own closet) to see what I can put studs on next!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Draw Something!

Like most of the world's population, I've started playing Draw Something.  I held off from joining because I already play Charadium but by comparison, Charadium isn't as fun....Sorry!  I like Charadium's layout better but Draw Something is more accessible, I guess because of the FB Connect feature.  And on the Ping Pong feature on Charadium, I've been getting a lot of creeps lately.  Not good.  With Draw Something at least I know I'm playing with my friends.  And because I'm playing on my iPad, I feel like I have quite the advantage.  I don't think I could ever play on my phone!  That's way too small for my fat fingers!  And I have an extra advantage of playing using my stylus.  Double win.
I'm not the greatest artist.  I left that to my brother (who I would LOVE to play with but he doesn't have the app).  But over the course of playing, I feel as though I'm getting a little better each time!  That depends on the word of course.  Sometimes I get shitty words and have to settle.  Other times I luck out and get great words.  Here are some of my "best" works:


My Twilight section, apparently

Not gonna lie, this is where I started feeling a little more confident with my abilities.  I mean, my Aladdin and Jasmine are pretty on point < sarcasm / >
I was really proud of the Woody I drew for my old man (yeah, that sounds terrible) but he guessed it before I even started drawing the details of the hat!  Lame.  But it is kind of boring to sit through the whole process if you already know what it is, right?  I guess.  I'm definitely not as good as the people featured here but I'm not as terrible as I was!

Are you on Draw Something?  Send me your username!