Monday, April 25, 2011

The Killing and Twin Peaks

I have recently been caught up in a little show on AMC called The Killing. It first came to my attention during an extended re-viewing even for the first episode and I noticed that one of my favorite sister wives from Big Love is the main star: Mireille Enos. It's weird to watch her outside of the compound in normal clothes and as a cop because I'm so used to her as Kathy and Jodeen from Big Love but I have to say - The Killing is pretty great. It also features my favorite maenad from True Blood: Maryanne, played by Michelle Forbes.
The story starts with a murder. There's a pretty straight-laced detective (Enos) and a thugged out beat cop (played very convincingly by Joel Kinneman) investigating this girls' life and what led up to her untimely death. Nothing is what it seems in rainy Seattle and more strange things keep turning up as the story of this poor girl keeps unfolding. Who was she, really? Who did she hang out with? Why was she involved in this brutal killing? Sound familiar? It should - it sounds like another crime drama known as Twin Peaks.
The reason why the comparison is so fresh in my mind is because I've recently begun re-watching Twin Peaks thanks to my trusty Netflix Instant queue. While I was watching, I couldn't help but think some of the same things I saw on The Killing mirrored what I was seeing on Twin Peaks. Granted, there are very distinct differences between the two shows, but I can't help to point out similarities between the two.
They both start with the peculiar murder of a young girl. They both have a good cop, weird cop happening - Kyle MacLachlans's eccentric Agent Copper VS Joel Kinneman's thugged out Stephen Holder. They both have the slain girl mixing with the wrong crowd...but I've just finished episode 4 of Twin Peaks and so far, they're on the hunt for a one-armed man. If Sarah Linden starts talking about dreams she has with backwards-talking little people, we have a problem. So far, though, I think we're okay.
Both shows are very well-done and I can definitely see why my Mom didn't want us watching Twin Peaks while we were growing up but times have changed and I hate to say it but, compared to what's on TV now, Twin Peaks is a little tame. Granted, it was very ahead of its time and had a more soap opera feel but I'd say it was definitely a "gateway show" for many other TV shows on right now.
I'm pretty sure the similarities stop with the murder of a high school girl mixing with the wrong crowd in the Pacific Northwest but I can't help thinking about one show while watching the other. I'm sure that will end soon, though. Agent Cooper has been introduced to the Bookhouse Boys and I think things will start to get supernatural...
Either way, I love both shows. I'm a sucker for Mr. MacLachlan AND I really like the chemistry between Enos and Kinneman. I'll try to be a little more discerning while watching both shows...
Love and kisses,

PS - This is my first post using the Blogsy App for the iPad.  It took a little time for the app and my account to sync up but other than that, it's a pretty nice app.  We'll see how it handles photos and videos in future posts...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It has been Tweeted!

@AppliedScience was nice enough to Tweet Mr. Kors and ask him what the hell was up with Project Runway and M.Kors was nice enough to tweet him back with a response (which Nina Garcia retweeted and maybe Heidi Klum will confirm to complete the Project Runway Trifecta). And since they're filming this summer, we will *hopefully* have something to look forward to this fall! What a glorious day for all!

Love and kisses,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Date night - ruined

A few years ago, my old man and I used to go to the movies. A LOT. Like, at least 3 times a month (which is a lot for me). In my constant quest for spontaneity, I suggested we go to the movies. Yeah, real spontaneous, I know...but it counted as something slightly different for us on a Saturday night.
We visited our old friend - the movie theater dubbed "The Purple Monster" by our friend Courtney, and saw Your Highness. Yes, full of stoner jokes and as much Danny McBride as you can shake a stick at, Your Highness would probably have been better if we were high. Natalie Portman's lack of clothing at some parts surprised me (especially coming from her) but I'm pretty sure a majority of those shots were filled in by a body double (no surprise there). James Franco was particularly dreamy as Fabious, his long locks flowing in the wind and rippling muscles straining against his costumes...he was pretty hot. Justin Theroux was a nice surprise as well. I had no idea he was in the movie until I saw his name in the (well-executed) opening credits and let out a girlish squeal.
The movie was quite entertaining but there was one thing I didn't particularly enjoy at this theater...
The old man and I got to the theater quite early (for the 10pm show) and took our seats. We were the only ones in the entire theater for about 20 minutes, then a few couples trickled in here and there but they sat pretty far away from us - we like to sit dead center (just like most everyone does) and no one was really in our way. Until one final couple showed up and sat right behind us. No big deal, right? WRONG. Not only were these Ed Hardy wearing jerks noisy (they had really loud buckles on their clothes for some reason), but they decided it would be all right to put their feet up on the chairs next to me and my old man. Normally, I like to put my feet up on the chairs in front of me at the movies but only if there's no one in them or around them because that is just plain rude but I turned to face my old man and right next to his ear were a pair of douchey Ed Hardy slip-ons. I hesitated to turn my head to see what was awaiting me on my side but I turned anyway to see fucking BARE FEET. GROSS. WHAT THE FUCK? Have manners just completely gone out the window? What makes it okay to fucking do that? I wanted to say something but I figured my old man would do it. Avoiding confrontation the way he does, he didn't. Irritated, I took the passive aggressive approach (since the direct approach always gets us into trouble and usually embarrasses my old man) and squirmed to the point of leaning over to where her feet were and she took them down. But not for too long. The second time she put her feet up, I glared back at her and mouthed the words "What the fuck" but she didn't care. My old man and I hadn't been to the movies in forever and I didn't want to ruin it even more than it already had been by exchaning words with the inconsiderate couple. Who knows, maybe the guy in that relationship would've stepped in to squash the argument between me and his lady friend but I know my old man doesn't really have a confrontational bone in his body. It could've turned ugly quick - which is sad because we're adults and we need to respect each other - especially if we're trying to watch a movie and don't like the smell of feet next to us. Thankfully they left the movie 10 minutes early. If I had opened the box of Skittles in my purse, I would've thrown some at the inconsiderate couple. OR I would've taken a page out of Jonah's playbook. Jonah was a kid I knew for a brief period of time in high school. He was kind of a dick but I think he was trying to be like his even bigger dick of a brother. One night, Jonah was taking me and another friend home when he asked for some gum. I gave him some, watched him chew it and then throw it into a Jeep Wrangler. I thought that was the end of it but I was wrong. He took another piece and threw it into the Jeep again. Normally, I would've enjoyed a little stunt like that but this time, I was pissed off since the guy driving the Jeep decided to follow us to MY house.
Aaaaaaanyways...what I'm getting at is that if I was in the mood for a fight and if I had known the inconsiderate couple was leaving early, I would've chewed some gum and thrown it into the chick's rat's nest of hair. Oh well. Missed opportunities. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.
Maybe next time I'll say something - fight or no fight. I'm tired of all this passive aggression when people aren't trying to make the effort to respect each other. It makes me very upset.

Love and kisses,