Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick Day

Sunday, I was sick. Very sick. Well more like sick to my stomach I suppose, but I was feeling very ill. All day Sunday, the BF and I rearranged The Blue Room to reorganize my crafting area so that I could start crafting again and it was making me anxious.
*Stomach problem #1 (of the day): Anxiety: I hate to say it but I'm a bit of a pack rat. I love keeping things that remind me of people or certain times in my life and I don't care if I never use them again - it's the thought that counts, right?
After awhile of moving stuff around and throwing stuff away, I became all panicky and defensive. My BF played it cool and didn't pressure me and I think I ended up throwing more stuff away. The more I cleaned, the better I felt - sort of. I kept looking over at some poison pellets that we left out for the mouse that invaded our house the other night. It started making me paranoid.
**Stomach problem #2 (of the day): Paranoia: I was freaked out about that damn mouse. I thought it was going to jump out at me while I was taking things off shelves so I was in a constant state of panic and fear.
After the room was to where the BF liked it, we decided to get some food from a Chinese spot that does Vegan items in our area. We usually go to the one in Gwinnett but this one is way, way closer.
I got what I usually get - Tangerine Chicken. It's a little spicy and always good. Or so I thought.
***Stomach problem #3 (of the day): Tangerine Chicken: It tasted great. I skipped over the peppers because I can only handle so much spicy food but I ate most of it and was looking forward to eating it the next day.
We ate our dinner and moved our mattress back upstairs (we were sleeping downstairs to avoid the mouse since its last known whereabouts was upstairs) and we got ready for bed.
****Stomach problem #4: Paranoia (again): I kept hearing sounds. Sounds that the mouse had made when it was scratching at the base board of our sink, sounds that sounded like it was running around our bedroom, mocking us. It freaked me out so I moved downstairs.
While I was downstairs, I kept hearing noises like the mouse was walking around, clicking its claws on our floor. That's one sound that freaks me out more than anything. I tried to doze off, telling myself that the mouse - if it was downstairs - would find something else to do. And then it hit me. The Tangerine Chicken. It came rushing out of me. It burned too. Okay, okay - too much detail about the return of the Tangerine Chicken...
So I waited it out but my stomach was burning and churning all angry. I watched the Travel Channel and tried to sleep. I emailed my boss and told her I wouldn't be coming in on Monday at around 2am and I tried to go back to sleep.
I eventually fell asleep at around 3:30am but I woke up at around 6:30am when my BF was leaving for work. I couldn't go back to sleep until around 10am and I slept till 2:30pm.
I had a dream about the bakery we passed on the way to get Chinese food. I kept reading they had the best NY style pizza in all of Alpharetta on Urban Spoon. So I went. And took photos of course! I probably shouldn't have had the pizza (because of my stomach) but I did. The pizza was meh. I wouldn't say "best" NY style pizza... I also go 2 mini cannolis. I had half of one and it was okay. I really want the Key Lime Pie though. I love Key Lime Pie more than anything.
It was an interesting day I will say. I'm just glad I was able to sleep finally. And I was glad I was able to sleep last night too - with limited paranoia.
Enjoy the bakery photos! I love them! And I'd love to go back, or to another bakery, for more photos.

Love and kisses,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adventures in sleep

Last night, I tried to go to sleep at a decent hour. I tried really hard but I got sucked into watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. After that, I closed my eyes and went off to dreamland. Then I heard someone whispering my name. It was my BF. He was standing by our TV with an awkward look on his face. He continued to whisper: "Promise me you won't get scared, okay?" Ummm...not exactly what a girl wants to hear when she's woken up. "If you see something, don't yell." Where is this going? Is there someone downstairs? Did someone break into our house? "It's probably more afraid of you than you are of it." Okay. Is there a spider in the bed? Should I jump out of bed or stay in it? Should I have my phone ready?
I got a little scared and pulled the covers up, trying to make some sort of cocoon. "What is it?" "I think it's a chipmunk." A chipmunk? WTF?! In our room? We've had a mouse before (downstairs though) but never a chipmunk. "I saw it's tiny tail run that way," my BF tells me, pointing to his closet. Of course I'm a little freaked out but thankful it's only a chipmunk. The worst part is how my BF found out about the chipmunk.
I was asleep already and he was just drifting off to sleep when he felt something on his legs. Thinking it was me, he turned over to find me facign away from him. There it was again. So he turned on the lights, threw off the covers and saw a tiny tail darting towards his slightly cracked closet door. It was on our bed. Ugh!
So we close the closet door and stuff a towel under our sink where a panel is missing and try to go back to sleep. Then I feel something on my leg.
I throw off the covers and turn on the light. We didn't see anything but we heard something coming from the closet area.
Around 4am: We try to go back to sleep again but then we hear the sound of something falling over. I turn the light on and look. My BF starts moving stuff around in his closet and sees something dart from our bedroom door back to the closet - finally confriming that it is, infact, a chipmunk. I get up to see what has fallen over and it turns out to be my lotion and lemon balm. Was it on the fucking sink?! Ugh!
We decide to stuff the bottom of the closet door with another towel to prevent it from coming out of the closet again and we're finally able to get some sleep. Some sleep. Uneasy sleep.
Too bad this wasn't a singing, computer animated chipmunk instead of a real one. I would have prefered that.

Love and kisses,

NOT a chipmunk

These kids today...

Sunday morning, I woke up on my couch with a head-pounding hangover. The night before was filled with 3 pitchers of margaritas, drag queens, good friends and food - including a fried Snickers bar (OMG awesomenss). The reason I woke up on the couch is because I normally take a shower if I've come home from places that allow smoking (my BF hates the smell) but I didn't feel like showering so to avoid comments from the peanut gallery, I slept downstairs.
When I drink as much as I drank that night, I usually sleep for a few hours and then sleep-wallk my way through the next day and that's exactly what I did. And since I had the TV to myself, the hard part was trying to figure out what to watch.
I flipped around and around trying to find something interesting or something that could possibly put me back to sleep but instead I found nothing but infomercials and crap. So what do I do? Put it on MTV before realizing what was on and I flip over to try and go back to sleep. But I can't. Why? Because there's this bratty girl yelling at her mom about how hard it is to have a social life after you've had a kid. I turn around and there she is, yelling at her mother like she's the worst parent in the world. What in the cuss am I watching? Oh, it must be Teen Mom. And yes, I got sucked in.
That brat's name is Farrah. She yells at her mom for reminding her that she's a mother now and that she shouldn't party so much and it was making me so mad. What do you expect, Farrah? You have a fucking kid now! Your social life is practically dead until they're old enough to take care of themselves. Don't treat your parents like shit just because they won't let you go out with your friends.
The whole time, I kept thinking "If I was Farrah's mom, I'd strangle her!" And lo and behold: Farrah's mom - My hero Debra - got arrested on Saturday for allegedly choking Farrah! My fucking hero! Or should I say she-ro! It's about damn time she stood up to her own disrespectful daughter! If I was acting all disrespectful to my mom like that at her age, I would've had a fat lip and been locked in my room for a LONG TIME. If I had a fucking kid at her age, I couldn't even imagine what my mom would do. She certainly would NOT let me go out and party whenever I felt like. I know that for sure.
And what's up with Amber and Gary? Their relationship is like a trainwreck. And I don't even know the point of having Catelynn on the show when she gave her kid up for adoption. I mean, I understand the stress that happens when you willingly give up your child and all but all the focus is on her boyfriend's redneck parents. Well, redneck dad, I suppose.
I think it's safe to say that I don't think I'll be watching that show ever again because it got me so angry at the attitudes of teenagers today. Call me old school but you've got to respect your parents and parents, you have to command the respect from your kids. You're the boss until they move out. Me, I'm such a push-over with my nieces it's not even funny. But I try not to let it get out of hand. They still recognize that I'm a boss too. These kids today...
I'll stay away from Teen Mom - just let me have my Jersey Shore!

Love and kisses,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Katzi's Project 365

After wandering around various Flickr groups and seeing what sets my new contacts have, I noticed a lot of them have or have had 365 projects. Naturally, I thought to do it since I'm trying things I never did before - like NaNoWriMo last year. NaNoWriMo was a great experience and even though I didn't finish, I'm totally going to do it again this year! So, why not take the leap into Project 365?
And since it was my first ever trip to Fox Bros (!), why not feature their fabulous fried dill pickle chips as the first photo to kick off Project 365?!

Check out my Project 365 set on Flickr and make sure to keep checking back for more photos daily!

Love and kisses,

Monday, January 11, 2010

How the flower photos came to be

I think my career as a flower photographer with my iPhone has only just begun!
It started with a trip to Whole Foods where I shot some really pretty orchids that looked animalistic. They turned out okay but I wasn't really thinking about shooting more flowers. Well, I was but we were on a schedule - we didn't want to be late for Sherlock Holmes! Sadly, the other flowers were forgotten. Whole Foods always has such beautiful flowers!
Then, on one of our many trips to Target, my BF and I split up and I ended up in the flower section. Lucky for me! That was when I shot my first set of flowers and they came out amazing, if I do say so myself! So much so that I joined a bunch of flower groups on Flickr AND I also joined a bunch of groups dedicated to the wonderful world of iPhoneography and the most wonderful app in the world: the Hipstamatic (but you already knew that).
I've been checking my Flickr like crazy to see how well people are responding to the flowers and it seems like everyone likes them a lot. The comment on this photo made me so happy today! I truly appreciate all comments like that and when people "favorite" my photos! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - like I'm doing something people enjoy and appreciate. It's always nice to feel validated with something you're doing.
Now, that may make me sound like I feel a little neglected but that's not the case at all. Truth is that I've always been wanting to put my work up online but I've been afraid of it attracting negative comments. I bit the bullet posting these photos as a way for my friends to find them and nothing bad happened. No negative comments, no nothing. So I started posting more and more and I'm still on the hunt for more of my friends from the 1999 era of band photos specifically. But along the way, I've taken a slight detour - especially since I got my iPhone.
But that did open a can of worms - in a good way.
I've also recently started a Vimeo page. So I guess the realm of the internet isn't that bad. Maybe I'm just too shy...

And maybe I'll start an iPhone 365 project, like say...today! Huzzah! We'll see...

Love and kisses,

Monday, January 4, 2010

An Ode to iPhone Camera Apps

It all started with an article on the Kidrobot Kronikle. The Hipstamatic, eh? What is all this then? $2? Sure, why not. Why not, indeed.
I use the Hipstamatic camera for everything. EVERYTHING. Passing by some flowers? Hipstamatic. Strawberries and champagne? Hipstamatic. Kidrobot toys? You guessed it. Hipstamatic!
It has replaced my regular iPhone camera for all photos. I have a set dedicated to all the Hipstamatic photos I've taken on my Flickr. It's great! It fooled one of Oni's friends, too. He had asked me about my Holga and when I told him it was an app for the iPhone, he got a little sad. Well, did you ever think something so digital could look so analog? (Hipstamatic's slogan: Digital Photography Never Looked So Analog) I didn't really think so unless it had some Photoshop mastery behind it, which made me a little sad because I had taken so many other photos with my regular iPhone camera that should have been taken with the Hipstamatic. But not to worry!
After joining a few Flickr pools dedicated to iPhone photography, I stumbled upon a user who used both Camerabag and Lo-Mob with her Hipstamatic photos. I had seen Camerabag and wasn't too sure of it but I did like what was happening with her photos using both Camerabag and Lo-Mob, so I downloaded them as well and spent most of last night treating my older photos with Lo-Mob. And I think I love Lo-Mob as much as I love Hipstamatic! It's so much fun!
I was never really one to experiment with photography much since I got out of school but now, it's great! I'm sure I sound like a freakin' iPhone app commercial or something but they really are great, especially for a photo novice like me. Well maybe "kind of novice" I guess. I'm not exactly the Photoshop master but I get by and I don't have to pay for my film to get developed - which is a MAJOR plus. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I'd like to thank the teams who brought these apps to life (and the many more I haven't discovered yet) to do all the "arty" work for us. Thank you developers!

Here's a taste:

(PS - I shot those flowers at my local Target. That's right, Target)

Go to my Hipstamatic set on Flickr here!

I hope this year you find something that inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing! Don't stop believing!
Love and kisses,