Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

After putting it out there that I was going to be Marceline, the Put a Bird On It folks or recycling a costume or two from last year...for this year's Halloween, I've been struck by costume gold.
I had seen the trailer already but it came and went like the changing of seasons.
What am I talking about?  The movie GOLD that is THE FP.
Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about?  Educate yourself

That's right - a post apocalyptic Dance Dance Revolution movie. Fuck. Yes.
Yes, I played the game and yes, I like to think I was pretty good but my brother can THROW DOWN just as well as JTRO and the rest of The FP crew.  So?  Mix a little happy hardcore and hard dance from my trusty Digitally Imported app + part of my Killjoys outfit and BOOM - instant FP costume!

This is all I can show...for now. The rest will come later.  We have 2 rehearsals before the little office party starts.
Too bad I didn't share this gem with my coworkers earlier. It would've made an AMAZING group costume.

What are you going to be today?!

This happened

And here's a quick peek at my costume

Major fangirling right now! Too bad I have a 6a call time tomorrow or else I'd go to Lala's party and share in the fun. Oh well. Maybe next year?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick Update!

Sorry for the blog silence the last few days!  This week has kicked me in the face - HARD.  Work is ramping up for our convention in less than two weeks and I have TONS of videos to prepare for that and we're filming on top of that so...let's just say things are pretty hectic and there's no sign of slowing down until AFTER the convention (which will be mid-November).  That means: no energy to watch Project Runway All-Stars (what the?!), barely being awake to watch American Horror Story, not realizing my other fave shows are back like Happy Endings and Modern Family and I don't have my Marceline fangs yet.  Oh well.  I'm too tired for this shizz.
So - in light of all this, I probably won't be updating this blog for a little while but I do regularly post on Instagram, so if you want more antics like this, follow me!

Strawberry cake On my run this morning #wolfgang Coffee talk Hello dino friend!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project Runway: The Finale Part 2 - The Recap!

Okay - so I TOTALLY called Dmitry's win!  Damn, I'm good.  Err - damn, Dmitry is good.  But dammit - Fabio took my breath away!  His collection was EVERYTHING to me.  I loved everything about it!  I loved everyone else's too, don't get me wrong, but when it came down to it, Fabio and Dmitry definitely deserved those Final 2 spots.

But - before I get into my Fabio / Dmitry love-fest, let's talk about mah boo Christopher and his super beautiful pattern.

Personally, I loved this collection. Like I said, I love the print and I think it was a strong statement but I feel like it could've been more.  Either way, I thought it was a wonderful collection - even though he was being Queen Bitch talking shit about Melissa, ripping the tulle out from under the finale gown and pouting the entire time.  Don't worry Christopher, I would be like that too.  That's a lot of pressure and you should be proud of this collection!  Personally, I want looks 2,3,5,6,8,9, and 10.  Actually, you can give me ALL the looks!

On to Melissa's.  First off, I'd like you all to know that she styled her models with MY MOndo Fantasy Hair style and I'm totally jealous!!  The hair is FABS.  Okay, on to the looks.

You could definitely tell she was designing for women like herself and she killed it! Everything was wonderful here - especially that Blood Orange / Red dress. Christopher was cracking us up with, "Blood orange? How pretentious, it's RED". Calm down and put the cat claws away, Christopher. It'll be okay. I think the bathing suit would've worked better if it had been shown next to the shorts but overall, this collection was great. Definitely very commercial. Another one that I would love to own all the looks!  Especially the blood orange / red dress.  That thing is lovely.

On to my Final 2.  Seriously - Fabio KILLED IT.  I LOVED EVERYTHING in his collections.  EVERYTHING.

I remember saying to Lauren that the looks Fabio presented last week were "effortlessly chic" and I almost freaked out when MK said the same thing.  It's true, though.  And Heidi loved everything here as well.  The colours were so light and airy and just the total opposite from what everyone else did.  The hair was on point with those double french braids that turned into a single one down the back and the makeup made the ladies look like beautiful fairy princesses floating on a plane different from our own.  Personally, this was my favourite.  Sorry Dmitry!

Speaking of Dmitry, here's his winning collection.

I thought Heidi was going to jump up and make out with him after she announced he won! Damn! I wonder when we'll be seeing her wearing his clothes on the red carpet somewhere...
Okay - so here's my thing with this collection - I hated that fringe jacket. It looks like a weird flamenco / matador jacket to me and the weirdest part about it is that the judges loved it so much, the all wanted to have babies with it.  The styling with those crazy eyebrows was horrible.  They chatted with him about making his models look too old and those crazy eyebrows certainly did that.  I mean, look at them!  Those poor models look like the evil witch from Hansel and Gretel or something. Or someone from another TV show...

Okay, okay, that might be a little harsh but...I hated those eyebrows. I love me a strong brow and all but DAMMIT those were insane.  The last dress was tight and right though.  I'll give it that.  Even though it was borderline costume, it was still gorgeous.   And the dress before it was lovely too.

Congratulations Dmitry!

I don't think I've ever wanted anyone to win this more since my beloved Mondo.  I hope to be seeing WAY more from you and Fabio and Christopher and Melissa and Gunnar and pretty much everyone from this season in the near future!