Thursday, May 26, 2011

What am I supposed to do during the summer now that Glee is over???

Glee's season finale was a great unicorn chaser after last week's Funeral episode - which had me crying as hard as Kurt's I Wanna Hold Your Hand performance. Let's talk about the good and the bad.

First off: The Good (and ridiculously adorable).
- Rachel's That Girl moment. Ah-dorable. I was trying to figure out why it looked so familiar to me and my fellow Gleek at work just reminded me about it this morning. He also said that the finale might've been the gayest episode of Glee so far - and that's saying something because he's the resident gay.
- Kurt and Rachel's Breakfast at Tiffany's. OMG. How precious!! They were perfectly put together and endlessly adorable! It was almost too much cute! But there's no such thing as that in Glee Land.
- Kurt and Rachel's trip to the Wicked set. Freaking adorable!
- Sam and Mercedes! Finally! How cute! I remember hearing that rumor going around when Chord Overstreet was added to the cast but it sort of fizzled out. I'm so happy Mercedes is finally getting the love she totally deserves but it kind of came out of nowhere. Yes, it was set up during the prom episode and tiny little hint was shown in the episode where we find out about Sam's financial situation but it still seemed to come from nowhere. Either way, I love it. They're super cute together.
- Blaine and Kurt exchanged "I love you"s. *GASP* I let out a loud "Awwwwwwww!" and squealed as though Blaine had just told me that he loved me. It's no surprise that Kurt and Blaine are my most favorite couple of all time and this just sealed the deal for their relationship status: In love. Awwww. I told my fellow Gleek that maybe at the end of season 3 Kurt and Blaine run away to NYC (with Rachel) and have a Civil Union. We both agree that that would be magnificent!
- Mercedes might have given away a key plot point for season 3 when she said, "See you guys in class" to Kurt and Blaine at the coffee shop. Yes, there is a possibility she was talking to Sam and Kurt, not Kurt and Blaine but the rumor mill is buzzing with Blaine possibly auditioning for New Directions (which would mean he would have to transfer to McKinley High)...We'll see...

Now the bad.
- Mr. Schue, don't kill your broadway dreams! You can still coach the kids through Nationals and the rest of the school year but what will you do during the summer? What???!!!
- What the fuck was up with Quinn's "I want someone to love me" freak out in the hotel room? I did not understand that at all. It felt like it was hastily put together to show how Quinn's haircut really came about but other than that, what the fuck was it? Quinn knew that as soon as she picked Glee Club over the Cheerios that she would be an outcast. The fact that no one thought to vote for her for Prom Queen only exaggerated the fact that she's not Queen Bee anymore. And Santana and Brittany know this. I know they do. But my fellow Gleek brought up a good point. He said that with Quinn being a mixed up 17/18 year old, still in high school, she would still want to hang on to some part of her still being the popular one - especially after she got over the whole Lucy Caboosey thing. She's still trying to hang on to the whole "Head cheerleader always gets the guy" thing. I get it. But still - it was cray cray.
- Rachel and Finn. Yes, it's bad. I love Rachel and Finn separately but I wasn't crazy about Finn chasing after her. I did enjoy their little date out on the town and their on-stage kiss at Nationals was cute (and a great dig at Jesse) but I'm kind of over them. I agree that Rachel is too big for Lima. She belongs in NYC while Finn kinda feels like he should be in Quinn's idea of their life together where Finn would take over Kurt's Dad's shop. I guess we'll have to see where season 3 takes us as far as those 2 are concerned. For now, I could do with a little less Finchel and A LOT more Klaine!!

I can't wait to see what kind of adventures Ryan Murphy and the gang take us on for season 3. All I know is that it will feel like an eternity until Glee comes back...until then, all I can do is daydream about Klaine and Samcedes (not too crazy about that one) and possibly Brittana (who I adore almost as much as Klaine). It's gonna be a long summer. Oh well. At least I have Darren Criss' GQ photos to ogle!

Love and kisses to my fellow Gleeks,