Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fantasy Casting My Short Film

The other night, I was trying to keep myself entertained while I waited on some plans that ended up not happening.  No big deal because in that time, I came up with a wonderful idea:
What if I started dedicating Tumblr posts to try and convince Ryan Gosling to be the male lead in the horror short film I've just finished?!??  You can read them here, here, here, and here.

Why is this so important?  Why not?  He's taking an acting break and this wouldn't really be considered acting - it's a win-win for all.  I also think that the reality doc is great idea.

But why Ryan Gosling?  Why not some cute ATLien willing to be on camera for free booze (probably) and nothing to lose, really?  Because this one time I went to the ATL Film Festival and saw this pretty neat short starring one Josh Harnett.  Now I know what you're thinking: "Josh Harnett?  How totally 90's amirite?!!"  You're wrong!  I was such an anti-Josh Hartnett fan until I saw him in that short.  I don't really remember what it was about but he was in a car for most of it and there were messenger windows popping up all over the place (totes 90's-00's!).

EDITOR'S NOTE: The short was called Member (lol).

Anyways - After his appearance in Member, I was totally a fan!  Granted, he probably did it as a favor to a friend or it started out as a joke or something - either way, it was a pretty neat little short and I felt like it had given Josh Harnett some indie points.

Now, 12 years later, I'm convinced that actors still like doing those weird, one-off things - like short films.  Case in point: James Franco.  Remember when he was on General Hospital for a spell?  And as I'm trolling through his IMDb, I see he's got a lot of credits in short films.  Hmmm...makes me rethink my choice for male lead...

JUST KIDDING!!  Unless he's totally into it.  He probably would be!  He seems like a happy-go-lucky guy and open to anything!  Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, seems like maybe he'd have some reservations about certain projects - which I totally understand BUT it would still be nice if he would be in my film.  Actually, if I could make this short film relatively easily with the male lead of my dreams, I'd have two versions of the film - one with Ryan and one with James.  Dilemma solved.  Now, who wants to make my dreams come true?

It would be a good place for James Franco to declare his love for Ryan Gosling. *Sigh* I hope this dream comes true...

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