Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ashley: Top Chef of My Heart

Although I agree with guest blogger W. Motta that this season of Top Chef is the genderless season, I will admit that I'm girl-crushing hardcore on Ashley.
She was in danger of going home a few episodes ago and she has totally redeemed herself to the Top Chef Gods and proved that there is a definite reason for her to be there and possibly end up in the coveted Final 3.
I don't know what it is about Ashley that is drawing me to her - she's not a party girl like my other Ashley, she likes the ladies, she got all upset when they did the Bachelor/Bachelorette party because gay marriage isn't legal in all states yet (cute!) and she looks a little like a boy (see wonder twins of androgyny) - but there's something about her that I adore and I don't care what you say, world! I love Ashley and I know she'll take it all the way to winning Top Chef: Las Vegas and if she doesn't, she'll always Top Chef of my heart. Awwww!