Monday, March 16, 2009

There is no reason to watch Rock of Love Bus now...

I ♥ my VH1 "Celebreality" shows:
Rock of Love Bus
Tool Academy
The Pick Up Artist
Tough Love
The list could go on (and it totally does) but I was all about my Rock of Love Bus! And my Rock of Love Bus girls! My faves were: Brittanya, Gia (whose too hot for TV antics were THE BEST but they were also why she only lasted the first episode), Marcia, Farrah, and Mindy. But my fave girl of all was Ashley!!!!!!!! (And I'm not the only one...)
She had the best sound bites in EVERY promo for the show. I feel like she would have the best time out with me and the girls if she ever came to Atlanta to party!
Ashley rules my face off! Everything about her is awesome! She's the absolute best! But, sadly, she got the axe last night along with my girl Brittanya as shown on the elimination/challenge status flow chart here. I will say that it was totally unnecessary of Bret to f*cking throw her pass to the ground! WTF was up with that?! I guess he was upset because he really liked her. I know I would have been but I understand that she has many unresolved emotional issues with her baby daddy.
Now I have no reason to watch the rest of the show at all. None. I was Team Ashley all the way but...Team Mindy? I guess. Oh well.