Monday, May 24, 2010

"The Others" + "The Sixth Sense" + J.J. Abrams = "LOST" series finale

Last night, Lost ended in a 2 1/2 hour journey through a typical Lost episode: WTF.
There was crying (not by me, though)
There was confusion (definitely by me)
And there were laughs

Here's a backstory about me and Lost:
In 2004, my old man kept telling me about this show about an island. At the time, my TV watching was limited to what my co-workers wanted to watch when I used to work nights at a home shopping channel. Needless to say, I didn't know what the fuck Lost was. Then it happened. I suffered a horrible bout with the flu. I was on quarantined lock down (by decree of my old man) and exiled to the couch. But my old man felt sorry for me and brought me the first season of Lost to keep me company while I fought off the flu.
At first, I was really confused. I had a high fever and the whole first season felt like a fever dream. Polar bears. On a tropical island? A plane crash with a preggers chick? That dude from Lord of the Rings as a drug addict? That guy from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet with a kid and a dog (that liked to run away). Okay, okay. It makes sense. I'm an X Files fan. There's something more to it than this. Cool. I can dig it.
Then, I tried watching season 2. At first, I was a little upset because there hadn't been a casualty at all and then they kill off the hottest guy on the damn show at the end of season 1 and I didn't want to give it another try but I did. Enter the "lost" Lost jokes. I was lost trying to watch Lost. (And those jokes never ended, btw).
My old man and I have been talking about getting all the seasons up till now (this was said at the start of the final season), catching up and getting wrapped up in the finale. But that didn't happen. We didn't really have a strong desire to get all caught up with Lost. Especially not after our new favourite show started airing: Fringe (also the brainchild of J.J. Abrams). So, what were we to do?
Of course we didn't watch any part of Lost leading up to the series finale but I couldn't help myself. Fox was showing Something Something Something Dark Side by Family Guy and I'd already seen it too many times so, I flipped on over to ABC and couldn't stop.
Who were these new people? Who was Ben Linus? Who was Desmond? Who the fuck was Juliet? Where was Michael and Walt and their damn dog? The flashbacks didn't phase me either - since that's what the show was based around anyway. But what struck me as odd was the double flashbacks. After about the third one, that's when I knew what was wrong with everyone. That's when I knew they were all dead. And M. Fox trying to avoid having flashbacks made it even more obvious.
But why 2 1/2 hours? I guess it would have made more sense if I had followed the show from beginning to end but even the internet crowd was divided. Half the people I follow on Tumblr (my safe place to "live blog" shows), were just as confused - which leads me to the same conclusion: it would make way more sense if I had kept up (I hope).
Okay, okay. Snowglobe theory: sort of correct. The Others theory: Check. Sixth Sense: Check. I've seen enough horror and suspense movies to see that coming a mile away (which kinda sucks because a lot of plots have been ruined because of that [see Community's season finale with Jeff and Annie]) but it makes me wonder about my other J.J. Abrams love: Fringe.
We know there's an alternate universe on Fringe. And we know that BizarrOlivia and regular Olivia switched places at the end of this season. Snowglobe theory again? Possibly. But both worlds are aware of each other. Well, at least both Fringe Divisions anyway. So...where could this go?
J.J. Abrams is a creative, sci-fi reimaginer. If anyone could take it beyond our realm of understanding and open our minds to even more possiblities, Abrams can. I'm ready for the mindfuck that is Fringe to get bigger, better and more other worldly.

Bring it on.