Monday, May 24, 2010

Pizza Time!

Saturday, April 24, I started something I never dreamed of starting: a diet.
Yep. I started a freakin' diet. It's been a tough month but I've been powering through it. I'm trying to stay positive and upbeat about the whole thing but it's hard. It's like quitting cold turkey - I'm an emotional wreck. I'm hungry a lot. Whenever I see food, I get overwhelmed with sadness and longing for it. When I indulge (I try to at least once a week but I don't go overboard), I feel guilty. It's a love/hate thing that's really taking its toll on me but in the end, I will benefit and it will be worth it.
While I was at the grocery store, I had to buy the Cooking Light magazine pizza issue. I mean, I love pizza more than anything and the fact that I had been without it this long (except the "diet approved" pizza) was driving me crazy. So I declared that we would make pizza on Sunday.
It started with the sauce.
Making sauce
The recipe came straight from the magazine and was easier than I would have ever imagined. One major upside to this whole diet thing is that I'm not afraid to cook anymore. I used to watch Food Network all day, every day and I had all the cooking techniques down but I was afraid to apply them in my every day life. This has all changed AND I can apply everything I have learned watching Food Network to my food. Including making this very basic but really delicious sauce.
Then came time for the dough.
My old man has a book called Vegan With A Vengeance where we usually take our pizza dough recipe from but this time, we followed the magazine's recipe. Only we missed one major step: the dough needed to sit in the fridge for 24 hours. WTF??!!! I can't wait that long! Vegan With A Vengeance has a shorter prep time with only 1 hour of wait time for the dough to rise but we didn't make it because it calls for sugar in the recipe. Sweet baby Jeebus! What are we to do??? After pulling and stretching the dough, it was still too sticky. I was ready to give up until we decided that since Publix sells pizza dough, we should just get that and let our original batch go back to the fridge. All was not lost!
Raw dough
Then came the topping.
My original idea was to make a Pizza Margherita but we forgot the basil. Why, oh why?! I got the damn fresh mozzarella but I left the basil! Now it would just be a basic cheese pizza. Meh. That's okay.
Dough with homemade sauce Raw pizza

Into the oven with you, little pizza! You look good, you smell good and now...the moment of truth. What will you look like when you come out? What will you taste like?
131/365: Homemade pizza

Success! The pizza was amazing! Although we had a little "dough disaster", it was still pretty awesome. I'll definitely have to try it again and maybe get all fancy with it and see how it goes.

To more PizzAdventures!