Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sick day photos PLUS a warm winter drink

Some snapshots from my sick days

Guess where I am... Multi-exposure test Flowers Rice milk foams up all crazy-like Percolating Angel

And finally - here's my documented second attempt at making a Hot Toddy. It was Lauren's idea and I had to try it since I remember the one at Trader Vic's being quite amazing. My first attempt was all eye ball guessing measurements since I guess I thought I had been gifted with the power of eye-balling measurements correctly since I had watched Food Network for most of my sick days. Turns out, it was a complete fail and even I couldn't handle the extreme boozy-ness of it. LOLWUT. So, I sucked it up and found some directions via the interwebz and actually measured out my ingredients which yielded a pretty darn good cocktail. I don't think my meds agreed with the booze but it made my chest feel a lot better (and warmer).

How to make a Hot Toddy

Here's the recipe I used:
1 oz brandy, whiskey, or rum 
1 Tbsp honey 
1/4 lemon 
1 cup hot water 
1 tea bag 
Super simple!  And non-threatening!  And let me tell you - tea was the key!  I used hot water in my first attempt and it felt like it was missing something.  Lo and behold, it was tea.  

What's your favourite Winter drink - sick or not sick?

PS - Photo #4 looks like soap suds in a coffee mug, right?  Wrong!  It's actually warmed vanilla Rice Dream that has been blended with my immersion blender for my first homemade cappuccino in forever!  I'm not a big milk or soy fan so Rice Dream is perfect for me!  And because it's already flavoured with vanilla, it needs minimal sweetening with coffee.  Try it!