Thursday, March 28, 2013

Short Update

Month 3 is almost over on my weight loss journey (!!) and I'm still sticking to it.  Well...kinda sorta.  In Asheville, I didn't exactly keep up with my calorie counts via Lose It like I normally do but because I had started that new habit, both the old man and I were way more aware of how much we were eating - which helped us make way better decisions.  But since we were on vacation, there were a few exceptions (of course!).
Like this:
This is about to happen...

That's right, I had the Juicy Lucy milkshake of the month and I HAD to have it with a burger that complimented the bacon flavor, right? Of course. I didn't really count it as "cheating" because I was plateauing and I felt like this could maybe break up my routine. Nah, who am I kidding - I just really wanted it. But you know what? I hardly gained anything while we were gone but I think all of our climbing and walking helped.  And honestly, the more I think about it, I think regularly breaking up the same old routine with things like hamburgers and onion rings (The Varsity's please!) helps keep my body from plateauing.

Seriously.  My weight loss has been slow and steady and I'm enjoying it!  I've lost...wait for it...
25 POUNDS already!!  I'm so pleased with myself because I've made it this far and I'm sticking with it!  And on top of all that - I need new clothes.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.

The good thing about that is that I get to go shopping at places I couldn't shop at before.  Hooray!  The bad thing is that I have a lot of articles that I LOVE and I don't think the hoarder in me can get rid of them so easily.  And I don't exactly have tons of money to be throwing at new clothes right about now but NOTHING fits.  My bras, my jeans, my shirts...NOTHING fits.  The plus will be that the things that I can and will part with will be going to the Goodwill.  I wouldn't throw all that stuff away!

Anyway - I hope you guys are having a good week.  I'm still all sad panda about the MCR breakup but there's something sweet on the horizon: The new Wavves album!  I pre-ordered it (with the hopes of getting the limited edition vinyl!!) and it should be arriving any day now!  AND Mr. Williams and Co. will be performing here in about 2 weeks!  Can't wait!!  It's been way too long!

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