Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jack Huston Appreciation Post

You know me - I love me some Boardwalk Empire but because I watch it through the HBO GO app on our Roku, I'm a little late to the viewing party. Most of the time, I don't know when the new season is starting until I start seeing spoiler Tumblr posts - which doesn't even upset me because by the time I've convinced the old man to pick it back up, I've already forgotten the spoiler post.

But I digress.

I'm writing this post because I have a very important declaration to make (which I already made on Tumblr).

I had felt it before when Richard Harrow first made his appearance on Boardwalk next to one Jimmy Darmody (another swoon-worthy fella) but my heart strings didn't tug until we heard that raspy voice and saw his handsome face.

This gentle creature scared the living shit out of Margaret's kids but stole my heart in a major way at the same time. And Margaret was gentle and kind to this masked man, calling him the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz in order to calm her children's fears.

But it wasn't at that point that I made my declaration. Oh no, not yet. It was on Saturday that this realization clicked in my heart.

Sunday would've been Nate's 31st birthday and even though we usually celebrate on the day, we moved it to the more convenient Saturday. Robert suggested Taco Mac - an extremely different choice from last year but the choice of Taco Mac turned out to have more sentimental value than I thought.

I arrived early - like I usually do - and sat under the glow of the many MANY flat screens that filled the spaces above the booths. Most of them were on "Movie Mode" or whatever mode it is to make HD look like the 24 frames/sec of film but there were a few HDTVs that had that 30 frames/sec look - which drives me up the wall. On one of those 30fps HDTVs, I saw this lovely commercial - which, I should add, I've seen before...


Mind you, I've seen some of Jack Huston's non-Richard Harrow photos from various Tumblrs that I started to follow immediately after seeing him for the first time and I'll have to admit - I love the Johnny Depp-like charm that oozes from him.


Handsome man is HANDSOME.  And he's just that handsome to make me declare my love for him.

Jack Huston deserves more face time (no pun intended) especially with the way he skillfully plays Richard Harrow on Boardwalk.  He has proven he's a major player and I feel like he should definitely have more major roles thrown his way.  I'll be first in line at the theater, please.

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