Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update! Update! Update!

I'm not even going to scold myself about being a glad blogger because I've already done that over here. Believe me - I've been busy.  Like, super busy, but I've been posting to my other individual, specialized I guess you could say, blogs.  Not to say that that means this little gal is getting the axe - because she's not!  I've just been really particular with my postings and I thought it would be appropriate for them to be at their respective blog places.  Would you like some highlights?  That is, in case you don't follow me at the other places...

I recently made my version of the Hambo from Victory and it was awesome!  Not as good as the original, of course, but still tasty!

My recipe / Victory Sandwich Bar

I updated my Adobe Creative Cloud info and "unlocked" the Cineware update!  Well...technically, I didn't unlock anything - I installed it but "unlocked" sounds so much cooler!  What does that mean?  GIFs, GIFs and MORE GIFs of my intro to 3D adventures!

Yes, you can tell I was bored with animating my name so I did a little blurb for my brother. Check out his artwork!!!

Speaking of GIFs, we recently went to B and B Roastery and were taken on a super-awesome coffee journey! You know I went photo crazy with my iPhone.  I had to try my new HipstaPak, ya know!  And because I went photo crazy, I had enough to make this neat little GIF!

After years and years of this tape eluding me, I FINALLY met up with John and got The Art of Making a Tape to rip it out of its analog shell and put it in WAV form for all of us to enjoy - courtesy of my audio guru Paul.  It has only been 12 years since that tape was made...and quite some time since I last heard it.  Transferring it was hilarious, noisy fun!  Thanks Paul!

 So, there you go - you're all updated!  I'll try to be more on top of everything, I promise!