Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Most Colorful Street in St. Pete

...technically it's an alleyway but still - it's the prettiest alleyway in St. Petersburg, FL.

Snake Woman Secret Alleyway Desserts Sloth

Our alley adventure started with this mural:

Full View

We kept passing it on the one-way to the highway and then we slowly started to notice more.  One day, the old man kept the car running while I ran from piece to piece down the alley as I discovered more and more pieces hidden - if you're not looking!

One of my favorite sections was this lovely collection:

Colorful Alleyway

Twiggy Sun Face

Upon further investigation, I link-hopped from here to here and started uncovering some of the artists behind the wonderful pieces of work.  Recognize Twiggy from my Instagram?  Her portrait and the Sun Face piece (my favorite!) were done by the folks at the design studio Bluelucy.

So many great finds are tucked away in the alley north of Central Avenue between Sixth and Seventh streets.  If you're in St. Petersburg, I highly recommend you check it out before it gets painted over - that's if it gets painted over - which I hope it doesn't!  I made the mistake of missing out on the Clever Girl piece that I saw on San Smith's Instagram.  She was lurking at the Krog Street tunnel, which changes so much.  I snoozed and lost.  Oh well...

Check out more of my photos of the St. Pete mural alleyway in this set!

Here are the artists that I know of that contributed to this great little alley:  
Pale Horse x Tes One collab
Pale Horse x BASK collab
Derek Donnelly of Saint Paint Arts and Apparel
Alex Gluek
Christian Thomas

*If I left anybody off, please let me know in the comments! :)

Hope you're having an awesome Thursday!