Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Adventures!

I've got this song stuck in my head right now. Maybe this will take it out? lower case thank you These kinds of things are good to know Untitled Dear Alex... A family sentiment <3 Instructions! Moulin Rouge! Making Milagros because I wanna

1.  The chorus from "Back To You" by The Riverdales.  It was stuck in my head at the time // 2. A thank you to Mark, who taught an awesome Ride class at the office // 3. A message to the old man about dinner // 4. Something I need to do... // 5-7. I assembled a little care package for my brother in Canada! // 8.  My favorite quote from "Moulin Rouge!" trying a technique where I watered down the ink a little  // 9. This little milagro came out from another design but I'll write more about that later...

I got LOTS of calligraphy practicing done this weekend! Can you tell? :)  I even did some watercolor experimentation, too!  It was a really fun and very creative weekend for sure!  I sent out Marisa's Summer Swap package and a little care package from my brother!  I hope they like them!!

I took the old man, my dad and his lady to Indie Craft Experience, where I got the cutest shirt made right in front of me!!  It was great!

Inking Inking Thanks for the shirt @nooshstudios! In action! In action! T-Shirt Printing

Thanks to Chris Neuenschwander for having such cute designs and making it a really fun process to watch!  I haven't done block printing in FOREVER, so it was a thrill to watch my t-shirt be made using that process!  The only downside: it has to cutely hang to dry completely for a few days!  I don't want to wait that long to wear it!  It's so cute!!!  I get it, though...I know...I'm really impatient...BUT I'm pretty sure it will be ready for me to wear on the Fourth!

Do you guys have plans for the holiday?

Have a great week!

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