Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend Adventures + Signs

Gainesville Fair Bethany Cemetery Cardinal Ace of Cups The Sun Seven of Swords

Saturday, the old man and I ventured up to Gainesville, GA for a birthday cookout with his family and I swear it was a time vortex!  We lost track of time going up there and we lost track of time while we were there.  It wasn't anything major, we just didn't know where the time had gone...

On the way home, we stopped by a fair.  It felt a little sketchy, so we didn't stop but I managed to snap a photo of the ferris wheel while waiting for the light to change.

Sunday, we went on a bit of a wild goose chase for this angel statue my Mom had told me about.  The details were vague: it was a beautiful angel at the top of a hill on one of her "famous" backroad shortcuts to one of her first jobs in Georgia.  Armed with that (and Google Maps), the old man and I set out on a mini adventure and found 2 historical cemeteries located inside...neighborhoods?

Yes, neighborhoods!  I wasn't dressed for adventuring, so I treaded very lightly and only managed to get the above shot of a tombstone of a thirty year old woman who passed on in 1890.  I also learned what Poison Ivy and Poison Oak look like!  Luckily, I didn't have any close encounters with them :)

Later that afternoon, I went over to W and B's house where we talked about signs and synchronicity and our own intuition.  W told me she could see her aura and I helped her (as best as I could) interpret what it meant to her, which spiraled into a wonderful explosion of creativity!  W called up her friend and we had him narrate over some footage W had filmed and let him be our voice to get our sadness out so we can let more love in!  It was awesome!

Okay - so where do the signs come in?  On Saturday, I was listening to my favorite YouTube channels and on the way to Gainesville (between short naps) I scrolled through Instagram and saw this beautiful post by my favorite inspirational lady, Xanthia Pink.  I don't usually comment (because I'm afraid that more popular users will scroll on by and only reply to their friends) but I felt so compelled to tell her how much that post meant to me at that moment and guess what???  She replied!  It was so uplifting and so wonderful that I had to keep the momentum going.  So - Sunday, W and I had the beginnings of a breakthrough and then yesterday, I had just grounded myself and a few minutes later, my old man came home and told me there was the most beautiful bird perched on the bush near where I had grounded.  Then, I was on the phone with Lauren in my back yard and there was a loud chirping.  Lauren could hear it clear as day and wanted to know what it was.  I looked around and in the tree tops, it was a Cardinal!  Why is that a big deal?  That's her spirit animal!  (maybe it was trying to tell her something!)

Then, I went inside (because of the mosquitoes) and attempted something I had done in a while: I pulled a tarot card to represent a person.  The last time I did that, I pulled a card for a very special person in my life and got the Ace of Cups - which scared me a little because I pulled this card for this person on their birthday and the emotions expressed were pretty spot-on.  So, I shuffled my deck until I was ready to pull and I got The Sun for a particular person.  It freaked me out a little but I liked the message it was giving me so I pulled another for another person and I got the Seven of Swords.

I know I'm being the Mayor of Vague Town but it makes sense to me.  The fact that I've stumbled back on this path through these YouTube channels and the rediscovery of my intuition...something feels so right but I need to do more spirit work.  I was listening to Caroline, a recent YT discovery of mine, on my way to work and it just clicked!  Now, all I have to do is take that first step!  Exciting and scary but it will be worth it!

Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday!