Sunday, March 15, 2015

#SPSH2015 Reveal Day!

Hey everyone! I know I have been neglecting the blog boyfriend and I have been in Vegas!  I'll do a separate post on that but I'm glad to say we survived - even though my boyfriend came back with an upper respiratory infection.  Ouch.  More on that later, though, because it's Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt Reveal Day!

I had a wonderful art blogged named Lorraine (who you can find here) and she is insanely talented! Here's the spread I sent to her:

The final spread

Check out more after the ol' jump!

A gift for my recipientBad Day Survival Kit

City Explorer's Kit: Marietta Edition Soemthing with their monogram Something oddly-shaped Something that represents me
1: The full spread // 2: A gift for her - she has a quote from the movie Serendipity on her blog so I felt like I'd write it out all pretty on a blank canvas for her so she can decorate it however she'd like.  Her journal pages are AMAZING // 3: Bad Day Survival Kit - teas, heart confetti and art journaling supplies // 4: City Explorer's Kit: Marietta Edition - I took some Instax Minis of landmarks around my new digs // 5: Something Monogrammed - since she had posted about Pysankas on her Instagram so I decided I'd attempt it for her but I couldn't find a nice egg shape so I just made a little one on a small piece of watercolor paper // 6: Something Oddly-shaped - some cogs, watches and watch hands for her art journaling // 7: Something that Represents Me - Creepy Hearts Club hearts, my favorite Mother Teresa quote, a handmade snail mail pin, an Evil Eye bracelet and some cute stickers!

I hope she likes it as much as I had fun assembling it!

And now for what I received!  The package I received was from a wonderful Instagrammer named Melina!

01_Incoming_Package 02_Incoming_Package
Here's my new P.O. Box address!


I freaked when I saw the brush pen!  I had been looking at getting one or two and trying my hand at brush lettering.  Melina was in my brain! :)

CityExplorersKit_Texas_1 CityExplorersKit_Texas_2

Melina is from Houston, Texas so seeing all these wonderful Texas-related items was so awesome!  I freaked out over the Texas map because...I want to visit Texas!  It's perfect!

LittleBaggie_1 LittleBaggie_2

I loved this tiny easel with 3 tiny canvases!  Perfect for practicing more monograms (in the style at the bottom of this post)!


Cute monogrammed items!

OddlyShaped_1 OddlyShaped_2

Super cute pencil case with Melina's own pompoms!  Check them out here!

SomethingToRead_1 SomethingToRead_2

Such a cute little book about love!

RepresentsMelina_1 RepresentsMelina_2

Something that represents her: a pompom, weekly list, cute pink things (!!), a golden unicorn (!!), a cupcake eraser, the cutest lipstick pen, and the perler bead mushroom from Super Mario Bros!  So cute!

I had an absolute blast putting together my package and receiving all these cute goodies!  Thanks to Fab for hosting this again!  I'm so happy I was able to participate again!  I can't wait to see what everyone else sent and received!

I hope you're having a great weekend!

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