Thursday, March 26, 2015

Viva Las Vegas! Part 2: Red Rock Canyon


Closer to the end of the trip, we decided to veer off of The Strip and venture into nature.  At first we wanted to visit the Grand Canyon but we didn't have that much time.  My boyfriend's Geology professor recommended we check out Red Rock and I'm so glad we did.  My boyfriend needed all that fresh air and I needed to feel some sort of nature.  Being around all that casino energy can get noisy and hectic.

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For each element, they had a segment where they talked about how each element affected the area.  For example, in Air, they talked about dust devils, wind and erosion.  For water, they also talked about erosion and how dry the desert is and how it affects plant life.  For Fire, they talked about wildfires and how they are great and terrible for the environment.  Circle of life, y'all.  For Earth, they talked about what creatures and plant life inhabit the area and all that fun stuff.  We actually learned a lot and I'm sure my boyfriend would've spent all day here if we didn't have an agenda.  Oh well - another reason to go back!

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While we drive around the Scenic Route, I kept imagining what it would be like to live and work in Las Vegas or the surrounding area.  Imagine seeing a beautiful mountain range like Red Rocks.  Would you love it and appreciate it everyday or would you start taking it for granted eventually?
I took a photo of a tourist standing on the rock because I wanted to show the scale of everything.  In photos, it just looks like a bunch of rocks and dirt.  While you're there, it's amazing to see just how big and beautiful everything is.  The ancient handprints were beautiful to see, too.  I felt like I was in an episode of Ancient Aliens.

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The day was cloudy but not rainy, which was good because I think if the sun had been out, my poor boyfriend would've been burnt to a crisp!  The cloudiness helped slow us down.  The entire trip had been all lights and this and that and "it's Las Vegas, we should be partying all the time" and we just needed some time to slow down and appreciate everything.  It helped walking around.  If my boyfriend had been feeling better, we probably would've walked around more but, like I said, it's all the more reason to come back.

Red rock got me thinking: we have these kinds of things here in Georgia, why don't we check them out?  Because of that, my boyfriend and I vowed to go out on more adventures in our neck of the woods.  I guess we both realized that we have been in Georgia for so long, we don't even realize what's around us.  Once Summer hits, we'll be adventuring and taking in all the nature we can...shake a stick at?  Ha!

Do you have any plans for Summer?  I hope your week is going well!