Monday, March 15, 2010

Trying to explain why I need a Jean-Paul Gaultier for Target garment to the old man is pointless

My bf and I made our usual weekend trip to Target. We hadn't been in awhile so it was only natural to wander off by ourselves and enjoy the new stuff.
Our first trip to Target (yes, there was another later on) took us to the new Super Target by our house. I browsed through the awesome Liberty of London printed dresses and tops and made my way to the home section. Our quest is to find black and white items for our newly redone bathroom. I found some really awesome birds for the walls and, to my surprise, the old man agreed!
I immediately put them up in the bathroom but it felt a little off, so we went on another quest for more birds!
For our second trip, we ended up at the Target by the mall. We looked for more birds but couldn't find any so we separated and I ended up in the clothing - of course. I browsed through the awesome Liberty of London printed dresses and tops (again) and meandered through the bathing suits (that will never fit me) and so on until I made my way back to the old man. Where was he? In the electronics section, of course! I looked up at one of the many TVs and there was Jean-Paul Gaultier. But what was he doing on Target TVs? He was talking about his Jean-Paul Gaultier for Target collection.

Wait - what?!

I walked right by it and didn't even notice?! What kind of person am I?! Of course I run back to see if it was featured at this Target and there it was - the Jean-Paul Gaultier for Target display. My eyes literally watered with joy. The last time I had anything Gaultier was when I was, like, 14 or 15 and didn't even know who that was (until Ab Fab) and I grew out of it. When was the next time I could ever own a Gaultier?! NOW. The time is NOW! So I rummage through the small collection and find 2 things: a striped shirt with an anchor cut and tied into it (which wasn't really me but I could totally make it me) and a striped dress. I showed them to the old man and (surprise, surprise) he HATED both of them. Actually, he hated the whole JPG collection but he especially hated the anchor shirt. I told him to pick the "lesser of two evils" and he refused. He kept asking why I had to have some ugly clothing but he's a guy. He wouldn't understand.
He would never understand why the 14 y/o in me wants something by Gaultier and why the 29 y/o actual me NEEDS something by Gualtier. It's mother fucking Jean-Paul Gaultier. At Target for Christ's sake!! When would I ever be able to afford anything by Jean-Paul Gaultier?!
So there it was. I picked the dress. Of course I wore it out when we went to the grocery store. And the funniest part - the old man is utterly confused by the sash. He hates it even more because of the sash. I love it. It makes it interesting. Which is fashion. But he's a guy. And he would never get it.

Here's me, the birds and the dress:

Me, my birds + my Gaultier dress

So hurry into Target, ladies, and get your Jean-Paul Gaultier!!

Love and kisses,