Friday, September 17, 2010

Project Runway: Rough Day On The Runway - the day after

Hello all! Another successful live-blog of Project Runway has been completed! Lots of fun and laughs and the possible addition of a drinking game? We'll see...

For last night's episode, we were promised a "blood bath". I'm sorry Lifetime producers but it was anything but a blood bath. Gretchen (known during the live-blogs as Wretched) is still her same old bully self and Ivy is still cold-hearted, which makes me think "What could be so bad at this point"? We've seen the worst of the Wretched/Ivy nightmare team and Michael C is still taking the high road. Surprisingly, Michael D was being very diplomatic and not participating in the smack-talking that was happening. Who was participating in the smack talk? None other than my very own squeaky-voiced, "We can do it!" Valerie. *GASP* WTF??!?!?! Valerie?
Yes, Valerie. She was not only praising Ivy for her wonderful look (No!!!!!!) but she was also in on the Michael C trash talk. What?! I expected more from you! You're so cute and so determined and so...Valgal and this is making me upset! In the words of Master Gunn, "This worries me". I hope Valerie returns to her normal, upbeat, adorbs self or else she will break my heart.
Mondo's design last night was really head-turning - in a good way. As Tim said, he found a houndstooth print in "Mondo" - large print in white, black and purple. And he made it work!

Congrats Mondo! Keep being cute ^_^
And you can check out all the looks at Rate the Runway!

Next week looks like it will be cray-cray! Valgal looks like she loses it and the runway definitely looks like it will be wacky beyond belief! I hope it's all true and NOT clever editing from the producers.

Until next are the rules for our drinking game:
  1. Take a shot when Heidi (or anyone, for that matter) says "Under the bus"
  2. Take a shot when the lovely Nina Garcia looks constipated
  3. Take a shot when someone says something looks like a "train wreck" (looking at you Nina!)
  4. Take a shot when Tim says, "Make it work"
And more to come later...I'm sure!
Be sure to join us next week for more runway fun!
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!
Love and kisses,

Bonus: My all-time most fave Project Runway-related video. Enjoy!!