Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010!

I had never been to Dragon*Con. Ever. I had always seen pictures and heard stories but I had never experienced it. I was always afraid that you needed a pass just to see the patrons in costumes but last year, my sister proved it wrong. She obtained press passes and embarked on a journey that sounded so fun, I had to get in on it this year. And so I did.
No press passes for us, though. We entered the Dragon*Con journey at the perfect place to start: Friday night at Trader Vic's, a Hawaiian themed bar residing under the Hilton. What a madhouse! I wasn't expecting so much awesomeness! I mean, I guess I was but I didn't know what to do with myself. And the worst part was: I forgot my camera.
Once we had a few drinks in us and after I ran into an old high school friend (fun times!), we were off. I was running around in a drunken haze of my childhood heroes in real life. Everywhere we went, I threw my phone at my old man and demanded he take a photo of me and whoever I was able to track down. Everyone was great on Friday! Great costumes, great attitudes, great everything! The crowd wasn't that big - which was a bonus. Saturday was different story.
Saturday was crazy! I had forgotten that they were trying to break the World Record for the most costumed people in one place at the same time, so you know it was crowded! But I got more attitude Saturday night when I asked for photos :( Oh well. If I had been in costume, I would've loved posing! Which makes me wonder what I should do for next year...
I was also on sort of a scavenger hunt. Since I forgot my regular camera on Friday night and was only able to obtain blurry, low lit photos with my phone, I wanted to see if I could find the same-ish costumes on Saturday night. What a task! The not-so-hard ones: Halo (MANDATORY), Steampunk anything and Waldo. The ones I really needed were Sailor Moon - which was one of the FIRST costumes I saw (!!!!), The Comedian (from Watchmen) - the BEST Comedian was on Friday, Cloud from "Final Fantasy" and a few others I can't remember. And those that I couldn't remember prompted me to come up with a great idea: get a group together in teams of 2 or 4 and go on a "Pics or it didn't happen" scavenger hunt! Each team has the same sheet and their task is to go on which ever day they choose - Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday or all days - and get photos of the characters on the sheet. Bonus points awarded for not so well-known characters. Example: we kept seeing cheerleaders Saturday night but only I recognized them as Cheerios (the cheeleaders in Glee) and other smaller characters - like the Samurai Pizza Cats or something not a whole lot of people know... We'll see how the list comes together.
Until the, check out my Flickr set from Dragon*Con and be sure to check out more groups for more photos!!

Dragon*Con pool
Dragon*Con 2010 pool

Enjoy! And see you next year, Dragon*Con!
Love and Kisses,

HaloSailor Moon
Shera & Co.