Monday, October 25, 2010

For our viewing pleasure...


The old man and I were tired of waiting for Netflix to send us the final season so we ended up borrowing it from the library. It was like, we'd go the mailbox and get every other movie/show DVD from our queue EXCEPT for LOST and it got to the point where we had waited long enough. There was too large a gap between Season 5 and 6.
When we started watching it, we were only slightly lost (zing!) but we got back on track fairly quickly. I particularly like how Ricardo is all, "We're in Hell! We're already dead!" - which makes Ab Aeterno one of my favourite episodes so far. I've been waiting forever to figure out Ricardo's story since he's immortal and all. And of course his story would involve a woman. BUT - if his wife died and he was so desperate to be with her, why did he want to live forever? Wouldn't he want to die so he could be with his wife in the afterlife/spirit realm?
I'm a little concerned about Sideways World too. I mean, WTF? I'm glad my faves (Boone, Charlie) have come back - in a way - but what's up with that? Is it what could have been? Is it what was supposed to happen without Jacob interfereing? Is it what was supposed to happen instead of crashing (and dying) on the island?!
My fave part about Bizarro World - James as a hot cop. Meeeeeooowww. Too bad Charlotte was there. Can you tell I don't like her? Meh. At least she's less annoying than Juliet. But I'm also wondering - is Faraday coming back? One can only hope...
We're only 9 episodes in and I know it's only going to get weirder. Good thing I've already seen the finale! And The Final Journey (where they pretty much admitted they were making it up as they went along). I'm just waiting for the pieces to fall together and right now, I'm agreeing with Ricardo - they're dead and they're in Hell. I'm preeettty sure that's what it is.
The countdown is on...
LAX: Parts 1 & 2
What Kate Does
The Substitute
Dr. Linus
Ab Aeterno
The Package

Happily Ever After
Everybody Loves Hugo
The Last Recruit
The Candidate
Across the Sea
What They Died For
The End

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