Monday, November 29, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta - I'm a Shereé fan!

I don't usually watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta but since it moved to Sundays at 10pm, I find myself watching it more than I usually do. What? No Walking Dead? No thanks...
Last night was the confrontation of Shereé and "Dr" Tiy-E Muhammad. All I want to know is why? Why did Shereé waste her time with that no-good, wannabe fame whore asshole? After last season, I wasn't really that big of a Shereé supporter but now, I feel bad for her because she wasted her precious time with that jerk off. Shereé can do a million times better, so why would she even bat an eyelash at this guy?!
He disgusted me when Shereé was walking up and asked him, "What are you looking at your watch for?" and he replied with a sleazy answer: "Because it's on my wrist and I can". Who the FUCK says that shit?! Then they have the lovely conversation about how he's all Sad Panda because he hasn't met her kids yet. Boo hoo. But he patronizes Shereé with, "Can I finish? You're not letting me finish". I've been there. Being interrupted. It happens ALL THE TIME. But - if you're sitting there talking shit and making up excuses, I'm going to interrupt you and so will anybody else. That's why I'm not even mad that Shereé was interrupting him.
Watch below:

After all that, thank God she cuts him loose because she doesn't need that. One of the things I appreciate about Shereé is that she's independent. She doesn't need a man to feel validated. She doesn't need a man to enjoy the simple things. And even though it's about the money...(come on, who are you kidding here?) I can respect Shereé for setting the bar super high - especially when it concerns her personal life and her family. favourite housewife of them all is still Kandi :D

Love and kisses,