Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Walking Dead - Welcome to my nightmare

I feasted my eyes on a lovely show called The Walking Dead. No, I did NOT watch it on Halloween night. No, I did not watch it the day after or even the week after. I just watched the first episode on Sunday. Morning. At 9am. After sunrise. Why did I put it off for so long? Oh, you know...because a zombie apocalypse is what fuels my nightmares and keeps me awake at night.
It's true. I had a dream about 12 years ago that was almost too real. And what did it involve? Zombies. It was fucked up. I worked at a day care at the time and the kinds kept trying to show me their new talent: biting people. But it was wrong! Biting was wrong! There wasn't a song yet but we all knew biting was wrong! Except for that day. Biting was okay that day. Why? They were undead! They wanted brains. My brains! And this one kid showed me his cool talent: he tilted his head and his brain fell out. And he laughed. When I got to work, I was swarmed by children - just like in my dream! But the only cool tricks they showed me were tying their shoes or how they learned to draw robots. Phew.
After that, I was never the same. It could come at any moment - some super secret government thing gone awry. Something along the lines of Cabin Fever but instead of a flesh eating virus - the hunger...for brains! 28 Days Later! Dead Alive! 28 Weeks Later! Zombieland! They're all nightmare fuel - plus many, many more. And my old man should know - he should be considered an "expert" in the ways of the zombie. But he can't answer this simple question: Why do they want brains?
There have been many times my friend and I have tried to figure it out. My old man joined in on the debate and it seems as though they want our brains for the electrical impulses. At least, that's what we came up with. But why? They're the walking dead. What do they care about the electrical impulses in our brains? If they need them, does that give them some kind of expiration date/time? Like, if they don't have brains after a certain amount of time, do they die (again)? Do they need the electrical impulses to feed their dead bodies? Would that even matter at that point? Why the brains? Why the flesh? Because it scares us? To shock us? Who knows. So, we turned to more research and ended up reading up on zombie powder. It's Voodoo related, so I had to stop. That's where I draw the line. But that's also how you know it's possible. The research has been made. The evidence is there. And it's fucking scary.
So why would i be so amped to watch The Walking Dead? Well............not only does it take place in Atlanta (w00t!) but I had my 4th "is it real or fake when I wake up" zombie dream. They don't happen often but when they do, it's scary as shit. So I figured why not face my fear and watch a show about the things I dream of? Why not, right? Face my fear. So, we watched it. My old man was so happy that I was watching it, btw. And guess what? I was still scared. With as awesome as the show is and how the safest place (kinda) was Atlanta, I was still scared out of my mind. Could I handle the graphic novel? NO WAY. The whole time I was watching the show, I kept bracing myself for the worst. Zombified kids? Check. Zombies coming out of nowhere? It didn't happen as often as I kept thinking it would but still. Check. Swarms of zombies? HOLY MOTHER OF GOD CHECK TIMES INFINITY. And that was enough for me. Good thing that was the end of episode 1. I don't think I could've handled more than that. My soul feels heavy and dirty. I'd love to watch the show - especially since our lead character is on the hunt for his wife and child and we end up knowing where they are and it's a FUCKED UP situation. But my soul can't take that kind of beating on a weekly basis. I can't watch my nightmare come to life in the city I live in on a weekly basis. I'm not strong enough. Who in their right mind would still ride their horse into a city when it looks all fucked up? Who???

I know it's typical Atlanta traffic and all but still - it's going AWAY from the city... (bad joke)
Anyways - it's a great show. Too bad I can't watch it. One day, I won't be so scared of zombies. I hope that day will be before the zombie apocalypse and I'll be prepared (hopefully). Until then, I'll do more research...

Sweet dreams

PS - I've also thought about possibly looking into being an extra for season 2 (if it's still in Atlanta). Maybe I could face my fear that way? Or maybe that would be the worst day ever since I'll be in the middle of my nightmare. Still a possibility. I could look into it...