Monday, December 27, 2010

Skins: Vol. 2 - WENT there.

I wrapped up Vol. 2 of Skins over the holiday break. Wow. Just wow. Here's a quick rundown...

Ep. 1: Tony and Maxxie:
Tony is recovering (see Vol. 1) and Maxxie wants to be a dancer. Maxxie also feels like he's being watched. By who? We don't know yet. That's pretty much all I can say without giving too much away - if you haven't seen Vol. 1.

Ep. 2: Sketch:

Maxxie's suspicions were right - he WAS being watched by this cute but very strange girl named Sketch. She desperately tries to get his attention but he won't even notice her. She stays in her apartment taking after her disabled Mom so she's kind of lacking in social skills. Poor girl. I started liking her but she's kind of WAY out there...
Meanwhile, "Osama: The Musical" is getting underway - yes, it's about 9/11 - and let's just say that Maxxie, Michelle and Sketch have a "run-in" of sorts....

Ep. 3: Sid:
We learn more about Sid's home life. His mother left him and his father - which was quite traumatic - and his father has these ridiculously high expectations for him and we never really understand why until his grandfather comes to visit, bringing Sid's uncle and two cousins. The cousins are a terror but no one really sees that except Sid and his father but there's one problem: Sid's dad is so scared of letting his own father down that he won't stand up for himself. This includes not telling him that he and his wife split up - which results in an outburst, and accident and Sid's dad finally standing up for himself. While you feel really happy that Sid's dad has finally stood up for himself and seems to ease up on Sid, the worst thing ever happens - of course...

Ep. 4: Michelle:
Michelle's having a birthday. And her new step-sister has invited herself. Yes, her mother has remarried AGAIN. It's starting to drive me crazy! Anyways, Michelle is having a hard time coping with Tony and Sid is having a hard time coping with his dilemma...will they seek comfort in each other's arms? I don't know, maybe. The whole gang (plus the step-sis) go to a beach on a camping trip for Michell's birthday and the whole time, I was wondering about Chris and Jal. What is going on with them? They're like the Liberty and JT of Skins. Would my Degrassi dreams come true on Skins???

Ep. 5: Chris:
Chris is expelled! What?! Why? Could it be his partying? His drugs? His adventurous outlook on life? Yes, yes and yes. What does that mean for Chris? Oh, you know, being kicked out on the street and looking for work. Luckily, he finds work and a place to stay with Cassie (who is back! and out on the streets) but not without some trouble.
But while all this is happening, Jal has struck up a sort of contest with Chris - his outlook on life can no longer be "Fuck it" but in return, Jal has to say "Yes" to a lot more things.

The result? The JT and Liberty of Skins! Finally! I just love these 2 together!!

Ep. 6: Tony:
He's lost. He's confused. He's not himself. And everyone is having a hard time with it. Tony embarks on a trip to check out another school - which tuns into a super awesome adventure of rediscovery (with the aid of a mysterious girl, of course)...

Ep. 7: Effy:
Poor Effy. She's so young and yet, here she is - taking care of her severely depressed mother. We get it, Stonem family, Tony had a horrible trauma and he's not the same but that doesn't mean Effy has to take care of everyone. She's having a hard time as it is going to raves and selling drugs and whatnot. Cut her a break. I sound like I'm being a jerk about Effy but I really do love her character. She might not say much but she can sure get the point across.

Ep. 8: Jal:
Jal and Chris? Jal and college? Jal and Chris and baby? ZOMG - JUST LIKE JT AND LIBERTY!!! Aaaaaanyways - Jal is trying to figure out how to tell Chris about the bun in the oven but just when you think she might - we all realize it may be too late. Cassie was going on and on about secrets and how people shouldn't have them but I wasn't quite sure where she was taking it - until Chris had to go to the hospital! WHAT?!!!! I've said too much...

The end of the season deals with what's up with Chris. I can't say too much except IT GOES THERE. Oh, and I shed some tears. Yes. Call me a sap but whatever. After this season, you really fall in love with these kids (especially since they may or may not remind you of certain Canadian kids...). I started watching Vol. 3 but I'm having a bit of a time with it. I've only gotten through the assembly where the kid reveals his tattoo to everyone but that's where I've stopped. Maybe I'll get back into it during my New Year's break.

Also - does wanting to see the MTV version make me a bad person? I'm kind of jazzed about it...

Skins (US) airs on MTV on Monday, January 17 at 10pm. I know I'll be tuned in...
Love and kisses,