Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowmageddeon 2011

What can I say, it's been a weird week! My Mom (and meteorologists) kept saying it would start snowing on Sunday night and, to be honest, I didn't believe them. I didn't think it was going to get SUPER ULTRA SNOWY for Georgia in January! But it did and I was taken by surprise. I think we all were.
Photos started pouring in on Sunday night in my Facebook feed of snow coming down in Atlanta. It made me a little jealous, at first, since I live above Atlanta and we didn't have any snow at the time. But not too long after, we had snow at my house! And boy, was it coming down fast!
Snowed In

Thus began my adventures in being Snowed In.

The first day wasn't bad - I layered on the clothes and ran out to take pictures! Lots and lots of pictures! And videos! Lots of videos with my new 8mm app and my "still borrowed" Flip camera. I should probably return it to it's rightful owner...

Day 2 wasn't so bad. But I was antsy. And still shutter crazy so I took more photos and videos.

But a girl can only do so much within walking distance from her house.

What's that? Cabin fever, is that you?

Oh hey cabin fever! I'm so glad you could meet me on Day 3! since I was experiencing light cabin fever on Wednesday, I spazzed out and started shoveling my driveway - which is funny because I have a shared driveway with two other houses. Yeah, 2 whole households that have at least 1 adult in them to help me shovel OUR driveway. But did any adults come out and help me? FUCK NO. So I did what I could do and broke up the ice to reveal: more snow and a 1/2" thick layer of ice. It was driving me crazy! But I had broken up the ice well enough for me and my old man to leave and get some de-icer. At least one of us got the de-icer because when we came back, one of the ladies who we share the driveway with was de-icing her walkway (what a stretch there lady - thanks for the effort) with Morton's table salt. Yes, table salt. *FACEPALM*
No one has said "Thank you" to us for getting de-icer either. Um, in case my neighbours forgot, we don't live in New York, or downtown Atlanta for that matter, so I'm not expecting the city of Alpharetta to get their snowplows out to our subdivision. It's not going to happen. We're going to have to handle our own driveways and pathways. That's what happens when you're a homeowner...*sigh* I guess I'll stop trying to do the responsible thing and let the sun do it's job instead of tiring myself out and making myself sore.

What's the next best thing? Going to work, of course? What? Yes, going to work. I was so happy that I was finally able to leave home on Thursday morning to go into work. Usually, I'm not too jazzed but this time, I was so stoked! It was a white knuckle drive the whole way there and back but it was worth it, I guess. I mean, I was out of the that's a step up, no? Bright side: it's a very short work week. Although I had to do minor things Monday through Wednesday that were work related, I still worked so not all my hours have been lost to the snow. That's a plus.

Let's hope this is the worst it will get for Bad Winter Weather 2011...
Be careful out there!

Love and kisses,