Monday, August 22, 2011

Project Runway - All About Nina: The Recap

On this episode of Project Runway, Becky (New Peach) was right about Anya because Anya has no sewing skills, no fashion skills and basically no tailoring skills and she's just kind of flying by with whoever will help her.  Viktor was right about her because there's going to come a challenge where she's not going to get any help from anybody and she's going struggle and her "fast learner" skills won't be able to help her.  I feel like someone should have pointed out that she had received help from the other contestants.  I know it's been done in the past - our designers helping each other out and all - but this time, it was like straight up "Let me show you how to do this since you have no idea".  I think it's worse than having pattern books stashed under your bed - but that's just me.  And I can't believe she's in the lead for fan favorite!  WTF??!?!?!?

Enough about what I think about Anya, let's talk about Nina! 

Nina was the princess of this episode!  Awwww!  Too bad she hated pretty much everything.  Nah, I'm just kidding - she hated mostly everything, not everything everything.
Let's see how our fair contestants held up...

First up: Anthony Ryan

Remember, these poor contestants didn't have much to work with - Nina likes basics, she doesn't like a lot of colour or texture.  So basically, she likes it simple.  But simple isn't always easy.  I think Anthony Ryan did a good job with his colour/fabric choices even though Nina said she didn't want a sea of black and grey on the runway.  Job well done, Anthony Ryan!

On to "fast learner" Anya

First off, she picks a yellow printed fabric Nina hates and what does she do? She gets AR's help to dye it. Sweet, sweet AR. He helped her dye the fabric and Barbie helped her sew it. NO ONE said anything about that at judging and guess what? This bitch is in the top 3 without so much as a thank you to the people who helped her. Gross.

On to Bert

Dammit Bert - I want to like you, I really do, but you're an insane asshole.  You talk shit to everyone about their designs and you come up with the MOST BORING LBD of the night.  Mr. I've-Worked-For-Halston, I expect A LOT more from you.  I'm over you, Bert.  You are not impressing me one bit.

Next up: Bryce

Interesting take on a dress for Nina but keep in mind that she's always bitching about skirts being too short.  This might be a little to short for Nina's tastes (and the hem is awful) but nice job anyway.  Still boring, though.

Next up: Becky

I don't know if the actual runway show was like this but Anthony Ryan showed first, then Becky - the dreaded use of the same fabric was back to back!  Yikes!  But you know what, they both worked in their own ways and I kinda like this look.  Not for Nina but for someone else.  Good job, New Peach!  And New Peach had the advantage of having the most gorgeous model of the bunch.  Meeeeowww!

Up next: Cecilia

Everything in the world is wrong with this.  Everything - including Cecilia's bad attitude.  She obviously gave up.  Barbie even told her to go back to the runway and tell the judges she has given up.  But what does she do?  She stays.  Ugh.  Why punish us with her bad attitude?

Next is Danielle:

This looks like an outfit Nicole Kidman would wear in one of her period women-wearing-pants movies.  Michael Kors put it this way: Joan Crawford St. Patty's Day Party.  As great as that sounds, I don't think MK meant that as a compliment.  Too bad, because that sound fun...

Oh, Olivier

How bland.  How boring.  How are you still even there?  Do you have some kind of pixie magic?  I thought I would like you but ever since the pet store upset, I'm really not impressed.  You stole your win from Anthony Ryan that day and I must say that I an very upset with you.  Good day, sir.


I don't think Lady Gaga-esque square shoulder pads are quite up Nina's alley but way to step it up after the drapery mess you had to deal with last week...

Laura obviously has a thing for sheer, Judy Jetson-style skirts.

The arm ribbons are a nice touch but what on Earth makes you think Nina would wear this?  Especially when there's a slight chance her ass would be hanging out at some point during the day.  It's a cute outfit but it's not for Nina.

Let me pause right here and say something: Nina made it very clear about what she wanted and all of these designs (including the winning one) were not really up Nina's alley, I thought.  But I don't know Nina personally so I'm not really a good judge of style for her but I think Ive seen enough episodes of Project Runway through the years to know what she will and won't wear...

Moving onto Julie

This should not have gotten her sent home. Sure, it's frumpy and not very Nina but at least she didn't give up - unlike some other people (*cough*Cecilia*cough*).  Too bad Julie is gone because now, we won't get to hear Joshua's lovely voice say, "Oh Julie, Julie Julie" anymore.

Speaking of Joshua...

That orange would not be my first colour choice but I love this.  Of course I do.  I love everything Joshua makes.  It's not very Nina but I think it would look like a dream on Heidi.  Just sayin'...

And now for the winner of this challenge...

In her consult with Nina, Kimberly expressed she didn't want to make her signature pants that everyone knows and loves but Nina insisted (which turned into a hilarious drinking game) and look - she has the winning outfit!  It was a beautiful outfit, yes, but it didn't have quite the same pizazz as it did when Nina wore it.  (Sorry Nina!)

So there you have it. Princess Nina's episode. Awww. I wonder when they'll do a Michael Kor's Menswear challenge. I think that might acutally kill the designers! But they're crazy enough to actually do, I'm sure.

Until next time, here's a Joshua's Eyebrows Appreciation photo

I'm experiencing such major brow envy that I actually went and had my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever this past weekend (even though I tweeze them myself). The lady just shaped them up for me but I think I'm going to go to an actual brow sculptor next time because, girrrrrl, I want these eyebrows.