Friday, August 12, 2011

Project Runway - Go Big Or Go Home: The Recap

For all the readers that joined us last night, I'm really sorry for all the technical difficulties that we were experiencing on Cover It Live. It was terrible! My posts were delayed or not even posting at all and I'm guessing that was Lauren and Geoff's problem as well because some comments seemed a little delayed. So, I do sincerely apologize for that. Hopefully Cover It Live has their act together next week.

On to the recap!

Team Challenge night and oh what a night it was! The models were on stilts!

Can I just say that I'm totally in LOVE with Joshua M? He's HAIRlarious (as Lauren said last night) and his idea of bedazzling is AMAZING. Michael Kors was hating on the bedazzling but I think it worked for Team Joshua/Julie's "romantic matador" look.

As much as I love that look I will say this - the one sleeve thing is killing me!
Case in point: Team Kimberly/Becky

First of all, this model looked like she was walking on "borrowed stilts" (I think I remember hearing that on the show) and she was NOT working it at all. BUT I will agree with Heidi that the whole outfit was cohesive and looked like a well thought out look.

Team Cecilia/Danielle - What the fudge popsicles?

What is this? This weird ass abomination was in the TOP 3. Top 3. What?! What kind of bizarro night was last night? It sounded like they got props for working with difficult material - which, you know, counts for something - but come on?! This Grandma outfit? WHAAAAT??!?! No. Stop it. The hair is gross, the colours are OLD and the poor girl looks matronly. Hmmmm...sounds familiar from last season - except all the matronly outfits were in the BOTTOM, not the top. But the bizarro didn't stop there...

Team Viktor/Bert was where it got catty.
Bert is a whiny, know-it-all old person who was like "It's an Elizabethan collar. Geez, read a book Viktor." Then, he picked out all this curtain fabric to make a dress that wouldn't even make it on The Tudors and in his final act of proving to be the biggest asshole on the show, he throws Viktor under zee bus during judgment and the worst part is that the judges say that Viktor should take the blame for the whole outfit. WHAT??? Viktor was trying to put his input in but Bert kept shutting him down. Why didn't they watch that before judging? Ugh. I felt sorry for Bert before but now, I don't really care for him. His designs are boring (see last week when his lucky ass was saved by having immunity) and this week, he really amped up the shittyness by dicking Viktor over and making this


Team Olivier/Anya - the battle of the accents. Their outfit was meh. It was good enough to be safe

Poor Team Fallene/Bryce. What the hell?
The idea started out strong but Fallene (aka Failene)'s skills for cutting on the grain (serious business, people) proved to be a problem for freshly-out-of-school Bryce. I don't think I've ever heard that debate come up on Project Runway before. Not in recent seasons, at least. And if it has, I don't remember it. But nevertheless that was the outfit's downfall. Failene is self-taught which sounded like it was annoying Bryce since he had just been to school for fashion and maybe he thought Failene was cheapening the whole competition with her non-skills? Who knows. At least her Fascinator was HOT.

And finally, the winning team: Team Anthony Ryan/Lauren.
This outfit was strong and the movement was dreamy.  The feathers were a beautiful touch but that red was a little too much for me.  It worked, though, and the judges were totally wowed by Barbie's vision that she has immunity for next week.

Dark Ballerina lost, so Failene went home - which is a shame since she became part of our drinking game. Oh well. Here's our updated list:
  • If someone cries - Drink
  • If The Button Bag of Tricks is there - Drink
  • Tim says "Thank you Mood" - Drink
  • Tim says "Make it work" - Drink
  • If we see Swatch at Mood - Drink
  • If someone makes a Jetsons reference - Drink
  • If Joshua wears something other than a tank top - Drink
  • If Michael Kors says something about a "crazy crotch" - Drink
  • When Heidi says "Under zee bus" - Drink
And many, many more...stay tuned for the updated rules next week since...

...the designers get to design for Nina Garcia which should prove to be VERY exciting. In all the previews, she all "No. I hate that. No. No. No. No. No." I can't wait!

See you in the work room next week!