Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Runway: Off the Track - The Recap

Now that the craziness of the Summit is over, I can return to Project Runway Land. I have to say: this was a very emotional judging for me. I admit it - I cried.
It could've been exhaustion from the crazy work weekend. It could've been because Bert was a ginormous asshole. But I have to say that I was actually scared that Anthony Ryan was going home!
What is wrong with Heidi? He makes ONE bad outfit, meanwhile Danielle is scraping by with multiple terrible outfits - where's the justice?! Oh, and remember senile old Bert being confronted by Anthony Ryan and Laura about what they were going to say on the runway and Bert calling AR a fucking liar to his face in front of EVERYONE - that, my friends, was really LOW. But I guess I shouldn't expect anything else from Bert the Jerk.
Cecelia finally kicked herself off (thank God) and in a shocking twist *gasp* they brought Joshua C back!  The Joshuas are together again!!  But Joshua C broke the curse of coming back and being re-eliminated in the same episode by really turning it out this challenge - I was impressed!

The challenge was to design clothes that could be worn with Heidi's shoes for New Balance.  The winning outfit would be sold exclusively on Amazon.com.  Wowee zowee!  Let's see how the contestants did...

Anthony Ryan had been consistent with great clothing all season long and this one look almost sent him packing (which would've been extremely unfair but thank God he's still here)


Becky (and her super gorgeous model)




Joshua C

Joshua M





In another shocking twist, Viktor's outfit with the super hot to trot motorcycle jacket AND Joshua M's maxi dress both won the challenge - which was great because Joshua M really proved himself as a team leader. Yeah, his tactics were a little mean but you know what - he made it work. Love it!  The tank tops are flowing now! 

Now, I must sadly return to work and focus on a very important article of clothing: my costume for Dragon*Con this Friday! ATLiens, I hope to see some of you there!