Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Horror Story - A (short) recap of the crazy

Can we please talk about the craziness that is American Horror Story?
Let's start with the beginning.
I was afraid that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk had lost their "crazy" after Nip/Tuck was over and Glee began.  There was no room on Glee for the level of crazy that was Nip/Tuck.  Enter: American Horror Story.

Thank goodness!  I was afraid that with all that pent up crazy they were holding in, Glee would have that one "very special episode" about a Columbine-esque murder and the entire cast would go down in flames - but no - they spared us and used all their saved up crazy for AHS.

**If you haven't seen the show, I urge you to stop right here!  Don't spoil it for yourself!

You had to be a total fool to not know that, at some point, the whole Harmon Family was going to die in that house.  I saw it coming in the first episode.  But how they were going to die was going to be the fun part.

I will say that Violet's death was particularly upsetting for me since I had been enjoying her ghost boy/living girl romance with Tate.  I mean, who doesn't like Tate?

He reminds me of the type of kids I hung out with when I was in high school - which just so happens to be around the same time as Tate is in high school.  I love that he's, like, this weird Kurt Cobain-ish kinda guy who wears over-sized sweaters and has shaggy hair and has a glimmer in his eye that is just so 90's.

Yeah - what of it?

His romance with Violet was just what every teenage girl wants.  Well, I guess I can only speak for myself at this point about that.  But who knew that this would be Violet's demise?

It was such a twisted romantic moment when Violet took all those pills and Tate dragged her to the bathtub to make her puke it out.  I thought she had made it but I was sadly mistaken.  Those two episodes shook me up BAD.  Especially when the one when Violet found out she was dead.  Such a sad, sad episode.

Wife/mom Vivien died during the birth of her demon children.

She was preggers with twins!  Wait - not twins but two babies!  With different fathers!  There's the Murphy/Falchuk signature crazy I know and love!  Who were the fathers?  Why, Tate (yes, he raped her in a gimp outfit - which was kinda hot - the outfit, not the rape) and her husband Ben.  Ben's baby was stillborn while Tate's baby...well, he killed his baby sitter at the end of the season finale so...ya know...

Creepiest kid EVER

There was a small part of me that wanted Ben to be the last one living at the end of the season.  You know - here's this therapist making himself crazy by staying in the house where his family died.  I thought that's what was going to happen at the start of the season finale but that's not how Ryan and Brad play.  Ben was killed by ghosts (after a suicide attempt).  And he was killed in the craziest way possible!

Yes, that's the demon baby you see. Vivien and Violet were urging Ben to take the baby and leave the house to escape the crazy and on his way out, here comes his crazy mistress and the murder-reenactors to kill him once and for all.  It's a lot to explain but it's wild and I was not expecting this at all!  I was half expecting Ben to die a spectacular death in the season two opener but I guess not...

What will come of season two?  Obviously they're going to scare tenants out of the Murder House for seasons to come.  Or is this it for the Murder House since it's up for sale IRL?  Meh - that doesn't mean anything.  You know this show has got to on for a little while.  We love it too much!