Monday, December 12, 2011

How a day around Atlanta turned into a newfound inspiration

In October my friend, and fellow Videographer, Jeremiah and I rode around Atlanta to gather some footage for a top secret music video project.  The results were quite amazing and we just so happened to shoot on the same day as the Little 5 Points Halloween parade and we took a chance at going to the Belt Line Skate Park.
We had never heard of the skate park and I had only heard it mentioned once by my old man's friend - who was visiting from Colorado.  So we thought, why not?
While there, there were quite a few people skating around - including some little kids.  We wanted to try and use the crane Jeremiah had acquired - which we did - but it was better to shoot most of this type of action all hand-held.
There was one guy who stood out of the crowd of skaters not only because he didn't really care that our lens was pointed at him but because he was good.  He asked us what we were shooting for and we told him it was going to be for a music video but I butted in and promised a skate video of just his footage - to go along with the photos I had already sent him.
A few months went by and I finally was able to get to his footage.  It all fell into place, really.  The first song I picked just happened to be a Wavves song (surprise, surprise) and it fit.  "So Bored" fit the lazy last days of Summer vibe I was trying to channel.  I was afraid our talent would get offended at the song choice but I think he liked it.  Every other song I tried didn't quite fit...

Anyways - here is the video in all its glory:

Let me tell you, it was crazy fun to edit and I hope that we all get together soon to collab on some sweet footage because I have discovered that our skater friend has other talents that I would LOVE to get footage of. No, I won't tell you what they are because I want them to be a surprise!  I think I might have found my newest inspiration to get me out of my rut and start start creating again!
Thank you my dear friend!


PS - check out the photos from that day here!