Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cheat Day!

Okay, so this weight loss thing is going pretty well.  I haven't fallen off the wagon or anything - I've been staying the course!  We've been eating healthy at home and pretty much everywhere we go.  I've been exercising like a crazy person and I've let go of the whole weight gain thing that had bummed me out last weekend.  My old man declared we needed some proper food and, man oh man, what a choice!
We used to visit Bone Garden Cantina every Saturday but lately, there started being a wait.  And the atmosphere had gotten really crappy.  Why?  Parents and their kids.  Damn.  We were to the point where we were like, "Bone Garden is OVER".

But we can't! We love BG so much! So today we made it a point to get there right when they opened and it was bliss.  There were no kids in sight and there was no terrible wait!  Hooray!  What a way to kick off Cheat Day!  And, oh, what a cheat day it was!


I skimped on the margarita (because I'm def getting one tonight) and indulged in some pork goodness!  And when we got home, I decided why not try making a mocha.  *Shrug*  Why not?

Warming Shaved chocolate Chocolate milk Press Pouring Trying something new

Yum! Not as good as the one I had at Rev Coffee yesterday morning (which was PHENOMENAL) but it was pretty darn good.  I hope the rest of the weekend continues to be this fun!

Have a lovely weekend!