Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Resolutions...The Weight Game

We are well into 2013 and - SURPRISE - one of my resolutions is to lose weight (like most people at the beginning of each new year).
I've tried diets and exercising and all that and I really enjoy the Lose It app but I haven't seen any results.
So what's different this time?  The old man is joining me and we are super serious about getting this weight loss thing going.
And there's already a problem.  I hate - HATE - measuring food out but I'm doing it like a good kid and eve though it makes me cringe, I am portioning out EVERYTHING.  Believe me when I say my measuring spoons and cups are getting a major workout.  LOL.  I kid.
But seriously - I'm measuring out every single thing I put in my mouth.  I've gotten over that Dragon Lady stage of being hungry all the time and I've now come to accept the hunger pangs until my body readjusts but I've GAINED weight since I started losing it!
I was on a slow and steady losing streak all last week (which was our first full week) and then I weighed myself last night and, to my surprise, I'm almost back to the weight I STARTED at.  Bummer.
I've even doing the things I hate.  Along with measuring every freaking thing, I'm looking at fitspo blogs for motivation, following fitspo people on Tumblr AND Instagram and cooking more with recipes from Hungry Girl and Skinnytaste.  I'm even running (with my Nike+ GPS app) - and I HATE running. I'm freakin' running at my old high school track - which I avoided like the plague when I was a student there.

I used to avoid the track when I went to high school here. Never thought I'd ever choose to run it on my own Announcer booth

The first two are both from Saturday. I ran the track a few times and then ran the stairs for about 10 minutes and cooled off with one full lap around. I was getting ready to leave when my iPod played a few songs that I was like, "Awww hell naw - I HAVE to run to this!" and then I ran a couple more laps. 
 The second track is from yesterday. Not as many laps on the stairs but I went ALL OUT on those steps!  I was a sweaty mess afterwards that I walked the rest of the time we were there.

So that got me thinking - what if the weight gain is purely muscle? After all, on my two track running days (Saturday and Sunday), I ran the stadium steps too, so...why not, right?  It only makes sense.  And my legs feel like cannons!  They haven't felt this solid since I was weight training ages ago.  Why did I stop?  Because of a lower back injury that still hurts me.  I've consulted with the fitness folks at work about it and they all say the same thing: Katzi, you're just too top-heavy.  I don't expect my coworkers to feel the pains of a large-breasted woman...but they're usually pretty nice about it and I've cooled off on the weights.

But now I'm like: What do I do???  I don't need to get discouraged.  On my Saturday early morning TV watching, I saw a bunch of infomercials for Tapout XT or whatever and diet pill after diet pill but the one that stuck out the most for me was the NV commercial with Tami Roman.

I don't watch Basketball Wives or anything but I enjoy this commercial because even though she kept popping out and interrupting this fake conversation

She does say something helpful: "Tell her the first two weeks of weight loss can be the hardest."  Okay - something helpful to keep me on track...But how much longer can I take?!  I think once I get settled in, I'll be able to get it together and maybe, just maybe, start seeing results.  After all, the first two weeks are the hardest, right?  And I'm on day 13.  Oh dear...  Maybe she meant the first month???

Why is my weight loss a big deal?  I will share those two reasons soon...

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