Monday, May 6, 2013

In anticipation of "The Great Gatsby"...

In anticipation of the release of The Great Gatsby, I've been streaming the entire soundtrack via NPR all day today!  (I even pre-ordered it - no surprise there...)

I can't wait for this film to come out!  It's got everything: a bangin' soundtrack (obvs), Leonardo DiCaprio (um...YES PLEASE), Prada costumes (hell yeah) and the man behind the vision: Baz Lurhman.

I'm going into a Gatsby frenzy listening to this soundtrack. Baz Lurhman knows how to do a killer movie / soundtrack combo - Romeo + Juliet was an amazing movie with an even more amazing soundtrack (the teenager in me still loves it to death) and Moulin Rouge! was such a fantastic film with a flawless soundtrack.  You can't deny that.

So get your flapper dresses, your bejeweled headbands and your tuxes out.  Have them all dry cleaned for Friday because you know you'll be rockin' that 1920's look at the theater for your date with Jay Gatsby.

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